Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 31, 1955
NUMBER 46, PAGE 12-13a

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

It was a fine sermon The service had ended. The audience filed slowly past the preacher at the back door, many of them stopping to shake his hand and express appreciation for the sermon. A plump sister with a beatific smile grasped the parson's hand and pumped vigorously. "That was a wonderful sermon," she gushed, "and I was just thinking as you spoke that every single word you uttered fits somebody or other that I know."

The "quarantine" at work What's your score? So far the Gospel Advocate "quarantine" campaign has been successful in getting three meetings cancelled for this writer — each of them with a congregation where we have never been, are unknown to the people, and where the Gospel Guardian does not circulate. One of them was cancelled only a few weeks before starting date. To date not a single church where we have previously preached (we have meetings scheduled in about twenty such) has shown any signs of being taken in by the "quarantine" campaign.

Our nominee If that great "Rutherford style" debate the Gospel Advocate proposes ever comes off, we have our nominee picked out. He is Brother Gayle Oler. His writings in the Boles' Home News convince us that he is generally on scriptural ground in his teaching concerning the proper status of an orphan home, and its relationship to the churches. Now if he will bring his practice into harmony with his teaching, we believe he can meet any argument the "institutional" brethren want to advance and he can get as venomous and sarcastic as even the most pious of them!

Schedule Schedule for this preacher the next few weeks is as follows: Glen Park Church, Gary, Indiana, April 3-10; Tant-Harper Debate, Lufkin, Texas, April 11-14; Thayer Street Church, Akron, Ohio, April 17-24; Richmond, Virginia, May 1-8; Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee, May 15-22; West End Church, San Antonio, Texas, May 29 and June 5; Cedar Springs, Kentucky, June 6-15; Timberland Drive, Lufkin, Texas, June 19 and 26; Tant-Harper Debate, Abilene, Texas, June 20-23; Broaddus, Texas, July 3-10; Vivian, Louisiana, July 11-20. Following this meeting we go to Oregon and California for the rest of July, all of August, and the first part of September.

Brother C. D. Crouch

"My resignation has been submitted to the Westside Church in Phoenix, and I shall be glad to hear from any church that may be needing the services of a mature preacher of the gospel. I shall be available any time up to the end of May. Interested churches may inquire about me of the elders of Westside Church, 1606 W. Indian School Rd., Phoenix, Arizona." Signed: C. D. Crouch, 2128 W. Earl Dr., Phoenix. Here is a faithful veteran of the cross, utterly loyal to the truth, and one whose many years of experience qualify him in a wonderful way to teach the gospel of Christ. He wants to come east (from where he is) rather than go farther west. We commend him to any congregation who may desire to contact him. He knows the truth; loves it; teaches it; and lives it.

"Old Reliable"

Although Benjamin Franklin was a semi-invalid for some years prior to his death, his friends would not hear to his relinquishing his work on the American Christian Review. Christening the paper the "Old Reliable" they insisted that this was the "only hope of saving the Restoration." And now, three-quarters of a century after Franklin's death, it is fairly evident that "Old Reliable" has done as much to hinder the Restoration as perhaps any single factor that could be named.

Deer hunt Now some of the brethren are telling of a well-known New Mexico preacher who wanted to go deer hunting. He went, taking with him the "chief elder" of the congregation as a hunting companion, and being gone over the week-end. Luckily they had a gospel meeting in progress, so the visiting evangelist could do the preaching that Sunday at the congregation. The two deer hunters had a fine hunt. They took along to the mountains a little bottle of wine and a matzos cracker so they could have the Lord's Supper between shots at the elusive bucks.

Missionary Baptist Church of Christ We add another to our collection of bizarre church names. On the road between Quitman and Sulphur Springs, Texas, there is a sign reading: "2 Miles to Myrtle Springs Missionary Baptist Church of Christ." The story behind the sign? When Gene Martin now of Brenham, Texas lived in Quitman a few years ago he was able to convince some of his Baptist friends in Myrtle Springs that if a church is truly "of Christ," it ought to honor him by wearing his name. The Myrtle Springs Baptists were conscientious enough about the idea to take some action. Result: the Myrtle Springs Missionary Baptist Church of Christ.

Dilemma That story reminds us of the old one they tell about a certain denominational church which was raising money for a new building. In keeping with denominational custom, they sent the ladies of the congregation out to beg money from the business men of the town. On being solicited for a donation, one business man replied, "Tell you what I'll do. If you will put a sign on the front of that building, 'This Is A Church of Christ,' I'll give you a hundred dollars." "Oh, no"; gasped the lady solicitor, "we couldn't do that, because it is not a Church of Christ." "Very well," replied the business man, "you put up a sign, 'This Is Not A Church of Christ,' and I'll still give the hundred dollars!" "But you don't understand," cried the lady, "it is a church of Christ, only it is not a church of Christ; that is, you see, in a way of speaking goodbye!"

The sabbath question

"A Discussion On the Sabbath Question between W. T. Boaz, Christian, and W. R. Foulson, Adventist. Price 15 cents per copy; in lots of 25 or more, 10 cents. Order from W. T. Boaz, 372 King Street, West, Toronto, Canada."

Louisville, Kentucky When the church of Christ first began in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1829, it split off from the Baptist Church. George Waller was preacher for the old, orthodox Baptist Church, and Benjamin Allen preached for the new style "Campbellite Baptist Church" as the neighbors called it. However, the new style Baptists called themselves "The First Baptist Church of Jesus Christ, of Louisville, Kentucky." In 1833 they dropped the "Baptist," and called themselves "Church of Christ." It was not until after the Civil War that this congregation introduced instrumental music and began to call itself the "First Christian Church" of Louisville.

Jordan, Ontario One of the very best congregations in Canada is the loyal church at Jordan, Ontario. Well over a hundred years old (Alexander Campbell preached for them in 1842), they have a new, extremely attractive meeting house, and are forging steadily ahead in the work of the Lord. A letter from Brother Art Corbett says they are in need of a preacher. (They had a fine preacher, but when a new congregation was begun in Owen Sound last year through the efforts of Brother Roy Cogdill, Jordan sent their preacher, Keith Thompson, there to assist in that work.) This is a fine opportunity for a man who loves the truth. Write Art Corbett, Jordan, Ontario, Canada.