Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 3, 1955

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

"People's Padre" Reduced

We make correction of a mistake in our recent ad concerning "People's Padre." Price of the book has been reduced from $3.95 to $2.95. Our ad quoting the higher figure was in error. This book continues to enjoy a phenomenal sale; it promises to be a perennial favorite. We carry it in stock, and will be happy to supply all you may need at 2.95 per copy.

Any Connection?

This page is being written in California, where the editor is engaged in a gospel meeting (Anaheim). Brethren out here solemnly declare that this incident is true, and did actually happen not long ago in a church in southern California: Due to an oversight on the part of the one preparing the communion, the fruit of the vine had been allowed to ferment to such a degree that a look of astonishment suddenly appeared on the faces of nearly all who partook of it. The contribution that day skyrocketed to more than double the normal figure!


We continue to remind you that the Holt-Totty-Watson debate held in Indianapolis last October will be published. We are right now in the process of setting it in type. It should be ready for distribution within ninety days. Pre-publication price is $3.00. Price of the book once it is published will be $3.50. This is a book that should be in the hands of every gospel preacher in the land. Subjects discussed were: Church contributions to Christian colleges; institutional orphan homes; centralized arrangements for evangelism (such as Herald of Truth and others). The book will be approximately 300 pages in length, bound in cloth.

Gospel Broadcast Expires

Brother Eugene Smith has announced that his connection with Gospel Broadcast has ended. This probably means the cessation of the paper. As Eugene explained it in his last issue (December 23) his attitudes and ideas have undergone a considerable change within the past ten years toward a more liberal("soft") attitude in the direction of denominationalism. He has written many editorials of late months looking in that direction. Meanwhile, when he has been out of town, some of his own family have gone back to past years and selected editorials from his pen for republishing which were directly contrary to his present ideas and attitudes. Gene says this has made him look like a fool, and has finally become intolerable. We have no sympathy for Brother Smith's softness and liberalism; but we grieve that he now stands in danger of losing his soul. Cannot some one who is close to him counsel with him, and perhaps save him from eternal ruin?

Where Was Brewer?

"My attention was called today to your article in the 'Overflow' on `Where was Brewer?' May I answer: He was astride his well-worn fence where he has been as best I can learn for well over half a century. Brother Brewer fully agreed before more than twenty Memphis preachers that Brother Key was and is in error. He further agreed to sign the statement which appeared in the Advocate. However when the article was carried to him to sign he preferred to write an 'Individual Statement' trying to explain why he was on BOTH sides of the issue!" This comes to us in a letter from one of the Memphis preachers who did sign the statement. Is Brother Brewer as blind to the dangers of modernism as he is to the Romish concept of centralized earthly control of church work? These past few years have shown considerably more than a "hint" of modernism in some of the Gospel Advocate literature and writers. There's more here than meets the eye!

The Battle Is Ended

The heart-rending battle has drawn to its inevitable conclusion. On January 10 at 4:30 a.m. Sister W. Curtis Porter left her wasted and pain ridden body to be tenderly laid to rest and took her departure to a better world. Through long months of agony she had gradually approached this final moment, cared for and tended in every possible way by Brother Porter. We grieve with him at the loss; but we know he will bear it as the true soldier of Christ that he is. On the very day of her death, we received this word from Brother Porter, written five days earlier, "It seems almost impossible for me to reconcile myself to the fact that she must soon leave me and that I must face life without her presence and encouragement. I need the prayers of brethren everywhere through this dark hour as it slowly approaches the tragic end. But over yonder I hope to meet her again in a glorified body that is not riddled with cancer nor racked with pain. Brotherly and broken-hearted, Curtis." The expense of Sister Porter's long illness has been terrific. Surely this is the time for friends in every place to come to Brother Porter's assistance with their prayers, their sympathy, and their money. His need is great indeed. His address: Box 195, Monette, Arkansas.

Vacation Bible Schools

It is not too early to be making plans for your Vacation Bible School next summer. Some congregations are already ordering sample kits (returnable for credit) of the material we carry — the Marian White series. This is material which has been used for several years in hundreds of churches. It is growing in favor, and those who use it are high in their praises of it. It is preeminently adapted for teaching the Bible — which surely is the primary aim in any "Bible" school.

Upset Stomachs

Some of the "one-cup" brethren insist that the "cup" means both the contents and the container. That being so, when one partakes of "the cup," he must not only drink of the contents, but must also swallow a little bit of the glass or crockery of the container. Which led one thoughtful brother to remark, "Maybe that explains why the one-cup' brethren are always griping about something."

We Are Hopeful

Nearly every mail brings us letters saying that Brother Harper will NOT debate the Herald of Truth issue in Abilene, and that we might as well dismiss any idea of such. We have assurance from Brother Harper that he WILL debate the issue, and he has signed the propositions on it. As of now this writer and Brother Harper seem to be about the only ones who think the debate will take place. We are making plans with the full expectation of having the debate, both in Lufkin and in Abilene.