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February 3, 1955

Pressing Need In Oregon

The church in Hillsboro, Oregon had its beginning in June of 1950. For a short time meetings were held in the home of Brother and Sister It. C. Humble, but were soon moved to the Grange Hall, where the church has continued to meet until the present.

In August of 1952 Brother C. B. Shropshire was asked to preach for the congregation and assist in planning a program whereby the church might be able to carry on an effective program of evangelism, and at the same time provide a building suitable to the needs of the area.

At the time Brother Shropshire came to work with the congregation, the membership numbered sixteen. It was therefore necessary for him to engage in secular employment to provide the necessities of life for his family.

On March 1, 1954 the churches at Twenty-First and Eisenhower in Odessa, Texas; Peak and East Side, Dallas; Weiland, Greenville, Texas; and Penwell, Texas accepted the responsibility of supplementing Brother Shropshire's support so that he could give his full attention to the work in Hillsboro. His support is not adequate for his needs, but he has willingly agreed to see the program through.

During the past two years 20 have been baptized and the membership now numbers 53.

In May of 1953 the church bought a building site 154 x 180 feet at a cost of $8,000. Two thousand was raised among members of the congregation and a loan of $6,000 was secured. Two thousand more has been paid on the loan leaving a balance of $4,000. The church has on hand approximately $2,000 with which to begin construction on the new building. With most of the labor being done by members of the congregation the building which will have a seating capacity of 250 and facilities for eight classes will be built for $20,000. This will be a saving of $8,000 when compared with contractors prices.

A building and loan association has promised the church a loan of $19,000 on the completed building. Counting the loan and the $2,000 the church has raised there is a deficit of $3,000 which must be on hand by March 15 in order to retire the mortgage on the ground so the building and loan association can be given a mortgage for the $19,000 loan.

Brother Shropshire's support has been assured for 1955. If the necessary $3,000 can be secured immediately the church will be able to carry the monthly payments on the loan, and by January 1, 1956, the Lord willing, be able to assume the full support of the preacher.

Send your contribution to Hillsboro Church of Christ, R. C. Humble, Treasurer, P. O. Box 356, Hillsboro, Oregon.

Note: The Hillsboro Church is now paying $75 per month rent for Hall where they are meeting. This is admittedly an extravagant rent to pay, but is the only alternative until the building can be completed.