Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 25, 1954

Otey's Prediction

Wilbur Hunt, Palmetto, Florida

In a letter to me from Brother W. W. Otey is this paragraph:

"There were large numbers who started in to aid the Herald of Truth enterprise before they had carefully considered what it would lead to. I feel sure that it will fold up."

Only time will prove whether Brother Otey is correct or not when it comes to the "Herald of Truth" folding up — folding up like a soiled and torn garment ready to be discarded. When it does "fold up," I am sure that there will also be relief and the clearing away of the clouds of darkness, confusion, and disunity. There will be bitterness, but let us hope that all will work out in the right attitude and motive. If members of the church would just consider more seriously this problem of institutionalism, whether it is the "Herald of Truth" or some other human organization designed to do the work of the local congregation, we would not have all of this jumbled-up mess. Let us strive, brethren, for more unity among ourselves and do the work of the church in the right way.