Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 11, 1954


John G. Bill s, 4133 Middlesex Dr., San Diego, California, Oct. 22: "We baptized one into Christ last Sunday evening. This one is the head of a house. His wife was baptized several months before. The Linda Vista congregation is in the best condition spiritually in many months."

James O. Wilburn, Box 11, Gruver, Texas, Oct. 20: "Dow Wilson closed a meeting at Gruver Sunday night. Three were baptized and one restored. One was baptized and one restored just before the meeting. Am now laboring in a meeting at Booker, Texas, to close October 31."

Floyd Embree, 610 E. LeDeney Dr., Ontario, California, Oct. 25: "Five have been baptized and one restored in the past two days. All those baptized were adults."

Robert H. Bell, 672 - 19th St., San Diego 2, California, Oct. 29: "Our work with the Central congregation continues in fine shape. October has proved to be a "record breaker" in about all phases of the work. On October 20th another was baptized in to Christ, and last Lord's day morning one was restored to her first love. In cooperation with the Hillcrest congregation, we have signed a fifty-two (52) week contract with radio station KCBQ (1170 on the radio dial) for a fifteen (16) minute broadcast, beginning November 7th. The program will be heard from 8:45 to 9 o'clock each Lord's day morning. Brother Bryan S. Brown, preacher for the Hillcrest Church will share the speaking time with me, and each congregation will pay for their own broadcast time. KCBQ is the ABC station in San Diego and reaches over a million listeners. If you live within listening range, and hear the program, we would appreciate hearing from you."

Joe H. Morris, 2707 Ky Ave., Paducah, Kentucky, Oct. 28: "I closed my last meeting of the season at Heath, Kentucky last Tuesday night. Ten were baptized. Brother W. T. Winn of Mayfield led the singing in his usual fine way. Forty-nine were baptized and six restored in nine meetings this year. Clements Street work prospers. Two hundred sixty five in mid-week Bible study last night. That's right 265. Prospects are very bright for a good fall and winter work here."

Ward Hogland, 1900 Jenny Lind, Fort Smith, Arkansas, Oct. 28: "Roy E. Cogdill did an excellent job during our fall meeting. Eight obeyed the gospel. Many visitors including several preachers attended the meeting. I just closed a meeting with the River Rouge congregation in the Detroit area. I go next to Rogers, Arkansas, beginning November 1st."

F. B. Shepherd, 1732 Keeaumoku. Honolulu, Hawaii, Oct. 23: "The first Lord's day in November we will begin worshipping in the auditorium of the Lincoln Elementary school on the corner of Beretania and Victoria. King Street and Beretania buses stop at the corner. It will probably take four months to get our new and permanent house of worship ready for occupancy. Service people coming to the island and visitors can contact us by dialing 67952 or 999099. Our hours of Lord's day worship will be 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. No Wednesday meeting until we get into our new building. We crave the prayers of all the Saints that we may be financially able to complete this unit and so have a permanent base from which to work at the evangelizing of the whole of Hawaii. We especially solicit donations from our "Ex" members who know the needs and possibilities here. When the house is finished there will be the expense of seating in the auditorium and other equipment. Aloha."

W. E. Fortney, 162 Harrison, Clarksburg, West Virginia, Oct. 25: "The meeting at Bellaire, Ohio was successful. One precious soul was baptized into Christ. Brother Landers and Brother Hartley led the singing in a commendable manner."

T. D. Boston, Sr., 806 E. Pecan St., Victoria, Texas, Oct. 24: "A great day at North and DeLeon. Nine acknowledged their failures in the Lord's work, and a fine young couple baptized into Christ."

Thomas Allen Robertson, 2454 Belle St., San Bernardino, California, Oct. 18: "The work here continues to move forward in a very pleasant way. In the last month there have been six baptisms and seven have been identified with the congregation here. From September 19 through the 26th I was in a meeting with the church in Hemet, California. From October 4th through the 13th I was in a meeting with the 18th and "G" Streets congregation in San Diego, California. This meeting resulted in one baptism and five restorations. Brother Robert H. Bell is the very fine and cooperative preacher at 18th and "G."

Tant Williams, Jr., South Houston, Texas, Nov. 1: "Our meeting with J. B. Lamb resulted in one baptism and five restorations. Excellent preaching. Glen Walker the local preacher. W. Ray Votaw of East London, S. A. reports encouraging news from down under. Among conversions, J. W. Muir of 'Assemblies of Christ,' having been a public servant for that denomination."

William R. Ward, 1021 Termino Ave., Long Beach, California, Oct. 27: "The Tenth and Termino congregation is growing nicely in every respect and the work most enjoyable. During the past several weeks, since the last report, we have had two to be baptized and one to place membership."

Leslie W. Grant, Mentone, Indiana, Oct. 23: "We closed a meeting last Lord's day, October 17th, and Brother Wayne Porter did the preaching. Brother Porter comes from Lancaster, Ohio and I would recommend him to you for meetings. He is able and willing to present the Gospel in a kind and firm manner. No additions during the meeting but over 275 visitors attended with over 200 visitors from the community who were not associated with the church. We praise God for this blessing."

J. Ed Uland, Box 848, Moses Lake, Washington, Oct. 20: "We are now in a Gospel Meeting with the new congregation in Trenton, Missouri. We have 25 members and prospects are bright for continued growth. The house was full on Lord's day evening, and brethren in surrounding congregations are cooperating wonderfully. The greatest needs now are for a regular located evangelist and funds to help in the construction of a nice building. Any congregation or preacher who can help in this matter should contact the brethren at 701 S. Main St., Trenton, Missouri. I go from here to Lawrence, Kansas for a Gospel Meeting, and then hope to be back home in Moses Lake in time to assist Arnold Watson in a Gospel Meeting there. Brethren, the opportunities for saving souls is on every hand, if we will go to work and push the kingdom of Christ throughout the world."

Attention Small Congregations

The radio is one of the best ways to reach people with the Gospel of Christ. This is a proven fact as many of you know. All small congregations interested in doing mission work over the radio are urged to consider the following plan. It is possible for many small congregations to do "independent" mission work by supporting radio programs in New Mexico, South and North Dakota and nearly all of the northwestern states.

Bill Pugh, local evangelist for the Bronte, Texas Church of Christ has offered free time in making radio tapes to be sent to mission fields here in the United States. All programs will be under the supervision of the local elders in each congregation who supports these programs. The cost of one program will be six dollars for tape, wrapping, mailing and correspondence, plus radio time for a weekly program of fifteen minutes.

We would like to urge small and large congregations alike to enter this field in spreading the Gospel of our Savior. Any congregation interested in doing "independent" mission work by supporting a weekly program, please write Bill Pugh, Church of Christ, Bronte, Texas."