Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 7, 1954

A Mission Trip To Minnesota

Murray Marshall, Dallas, Texas

July 2-11 I conducted a mission meeting in Pine City, Minnesota, where eleven faithful brethren have been serving the Lord for a few years; they have been in their new, small but comfortable building less than a year. Through their diligent efforts and cooperation we were able to hold a very successful mission meeting there. Immediate results were one baptized and one restored during the meeting. On the Sunday after the meeting closed, two more were baptized, and one member was "re-baptized" being persuaded that her former baptism was lacking. These all had attended the meeting. Visible results during and right after the meeting amount, proportionately, to about thirty six percent of the number of members of the congregation there.

The small group of zealous Christians there are spreading the word. They conducted a successful vacation Bible school this summer — attendance ran some 200 to 300 percent of the membership! And does so on Sunday mornings for Bible classes!

Through the meeting, each member attended almost every service; I recall only one missing, and that so that some of her children, visiting, could attend the meeting, so she kept the grandchildren that night. Think of it, Texas brethren, almost 100 percent attendance on the part of each member at every service.

The average attendance during the meeting was 81. Brethren from other places attended, and non-members from the community were present at almost every service, if not every service. The fine fellowship that prevails between brethren up there is inspiring, the true love, zeal, interest and work on the part of each one.

The young people are no problem in Minnesota, but rather are outstanding in their faithful work and service in the church. Persecution makes Christians stronger, and the young people there reflect the same zeal, love, interest and faithfulness that their parents manifest. Numbers of them came from other congregations, especially from the Twin Cities, some 60 or 70 miles away. The Pine City congregation is made up, more than half now, of young people, from 11 through college age.

I have never seen a field that I believe is more promising for the gospel. My family and I are very thankful that the Oak Lawn Church here in Dallas, assisted by Peak and East Side, sent us to Pine City, Minnesota to conduct this mission meeting. It has been one of the richest experiences in our spiritual lives.

We look forward to further work in the" great state of Minnesota.