Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 30, 1954

Fast, Furious, And Ungodly

R. C. Copeland, Jr., Tahlequah, Oklahoma

The above describes the age in which we live and see what is happening to womanhood. Women are fast going to the dogs; church attendees are furious over sermons about dancing, drinking, and immoral conduct. Young folk marry young, live fast, and divorce in ungodly attempts at happiness. Preachers are fast getting away from preaching hard sermons because the brethren want the sugar-coated variety. Sermonettes reign supreme where twentieth century Laodiceans are too busy for forty five minutes of sound gospel preaching.

Women are fast exposing their lack of decency by wearing short clothing. They fail to realize that the power of suggestion often is more powerful than the subtlety of exposure. God forbid that they learn any new ways of degradation. They are furious if some ole fogey preacher corrects them for wearing shorts. Their attitude, conduct, and vices are ungodly. Nothing lower than humanity enjoys exposing such lack of decency. Typical of the red-light-districts of years gone by are the things seen on main street USA today. What happened to the Roman Empire, to National Israel, and later to France should awaken those of today. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE AMERICAN HOME WHERE THE BIBLE USED TO BE READ DAILY? WHY DO WOMEN EXPOSE THEMSELVES TO THE GAZE OF BRUTE BEASTS, BLISTER OF THE SUN, AND CHAPPING BY THE WIND? Some have fallen for the barber-shop proverb, "Everybody's doing it, so it's all right." Others have fallen by psychological effect of growing accustomed to sin. Others have never known anything else because they lacked the proper kind of home and raising.

It is later than some think! But it is never too late for gospel preachers and Bible teachers to sound the warning from God's word. It is never too late for Bible elders to discipline those who persist in such immorality. It is a shame and disgrace to the church of Christ when some who claim membership just can't see anything wrong in: (1) dancing, (2) social drinking, (3) wearing short and indecent clothing in public places, (4) mixed bathing or swimming pools, (5) spending more on recreation than is given to the Lord.

People must be very diligent in misunderstanding God's word to come up with such ideas. Darkened hearts and closed minds of ignorance are the only facilities that would conclude that there is nothing wrong in and with sin.

Moral integrity is most needed in Christianity if the church of Christ is to shine as the city that sits on a hill. It is never too late for Christian women to rise in protest and cry aloud against the sins and crime that is engulfing American womanhood. Christians are the only power for God on the face of the earth. If we do not set the high standard of good morals, then the church of tomorrow will be dead while it lives. God gives the perfect way of everyday living in the church. May we continue to be careful that we do not violate it with pollutions of the world.