Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 23, 1954

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

Caught In Their Own Trap

In the most arrogant and highhanded interference in the affairs of another congregation we've seen in many a year, the Fourth Street Church in Portales, New Mexico, withdrew fellowship a few months ago from the University Drive Church in that city, charging among other things that University Drive's property was controlled by trustees, and that therefore elders, when and if appointed, could not have oversight of the church. Later it developed that at the very hour of the withdrawal the property of the Fourth Street Church was also controlled by men who were not elders! The Fourth Street Church with red faces quickly revised their deed, but all over New Mexico and the plains of Texas brethren are chuckling over this poetic justice overtaking the meddling impertinence of the "withdrawers." Incidentally, they have not yet rescinded their withdrawal.

Restrictive Clause

This same Fourth Street congregation is the one we mentioned in this paper not long ago which for some years carried a restrictive clause in their deed (against instrumental music), then in order to borrow some money removed that clause — and a few years later turned around and "withdrew fellowship" from another congregation in Portales, charging them with having a restrictive clause in their deed! Since Fourth Street congregation had removed their restrictive clause, they now charge that a restrictive clause is a "creed in the deed" and is sinful!

Cooperation — And Dishwater

It is little short of amazing how serious some of the brethren can get and with what a straight face they can tell you their "universal church" cooperative efforts are nothing more than simple New Testament cooperation. It reminds us of the old farmer who had come to town with his pockets full of money from the sale of his crops. He walked over to the saloon and gaming house, over the entrance of which was a large sign proclaiming "Billiards." He swaggered up to the bar and ordered: "A glass of them there billiards, please." The bar-keeper took a long and thoughtful look at him, and then disappeared into the kitchen behind the bar. He came back with a large, foamy glass of dark soapy dishwater which he shoved across the counter to his customer. The farmer drank it down in one long draught. Banging the glass back on the counter, he wiped his mouth on his sleeve and smacked his lips. "Waal," he said, "efen I warn't a old and hardened billiard drinker, I'd a said that there was dishwater!"

Modern Adjustments

Did you hear about the famous toy manufacturer who is getting out a new gadget for kids which he believes will sell like the proverbial hot cakes? "It's an educational toy," he says, "designed to adjust a child to live in the world of today — any way he puts it together is wrong."

Churchill And Us

We got a letter the other day pointing out an error or two in our grammar. And it reminded us of the statement attributed to Winston Churchill, "Refusing to end a sentence with a preposition is a bit of silly nonsense up with which I do not intend to put."

The Church In Business

Several of the brethren are now willing their farms, apartment houses and other business establishments to the churches, stipulating that the businesses are to remain intact, be operated by the elders, and the profits used for work of the church. We think every such will ought to have a preamble offering an abject apology to the Digressives for all the criticism gospel preachers have urged against their piddling little ice cream socials, chicken suppers, etc. — small business ventures designed to raise money for the church. They were in business in a small way; now the "loyal" churches are going into it in a big way. How times do change!


We keep getting those renewals and new subscriptions in an increasing volume. Thanks to one and all. Not a bad idea. We have no way of checking, of course, but it would be our guess that the Gospel Guardian goes to more elders and preachers right now than at any time in our past history.

On The Other Hand

It isn't all peaches and cream, however. One of our long time subscribers threatens to cancel if we run any more of Brother E. R. Harper's articles. This subscriber resents the gentle and friendly manner in which Brother Ernest criticizes "ye editor." Shucks, friend, don't let that upset you. Brother Ernie has the subtlety of a meat-cleaver; he has the delicate, airy grace of an upright pachyderm tiptoeing through the tulips. As long as he plays fair with us, and doesn't seek an audience where he knows we cannot answer, we intend to give him whatever space he desires. And, honestly, his criticisms don't bother us too much; we figure their chief value lies in showing readers how weak is the cause that is defended!

You Know The Answer

A recent item in the newspapers tells of the increasing numbers of clergymen who are being treated by psychiatrists and in mental hospitals. Probably we ought not to mention this to our readers, but since we have we pass on the following: "It is a statistical fact," said a woman lecturer, "that there are thirty percent more men in mental hospitals than women." A little man in back row leaped up and yelled, "Okay, okay, but who put them there?!"

Are They Included?

Brother Harper says that Highland Church "has been known for a quarter of a century as one of the most loyal and faithful congregations in the brotherhood, and (her) preachers have been among the number of those, from the beginning, who have fought hardest against digression, denominationalism and worldliness in the church." Right! And does he want to include among Highland's faithful preachers the names of Homer Hailey and Frank B. Shepherd — both of whom are unwavering in their opposition to the unscriptural basis on which Herald of Truth is now operating?

They've Quit

Some of our smoking brethren have been so terrified by reading the horrendous magazine articles tracing the high correlation between cigarette smoking and lung cancer that they have decided to quit reading.