Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 29, 1954

Another Veteran Passes

John W. Wilson, San Bernardino, California

William Clay (Buddy) Harrison is dead. He was born May 6, 1897, and died June 20, 1954. He was born in Johnson County, Arkansas, and was married to Dona Hamilton, August 3, 1929. To this union was born 8 children, all of which survive with their good mother to mourn his passing. The children range in ages from 6 to 23 years. Buddy obeyed the gospel at Porum, Oklahoma, in 1913, and was baptized by R. H. Johnson. He began preaching the gospel in 1929, in Oklahoma. He prepared early to defend the truth against every foe. Public debates that he entered have been many and with most of the major sects. He has met brethren who have tried to foster hobbies and false teaching and has always fought for the truth within and without. There is no preacher among us with whom I have been more closely associated than Buddy Harrison. I have moderated for him in debates and he has done so for me. He has led singing in meetings where I preached and has taught singing schools where I have labored. The truth has never suffered in his hands to my knowledge. He was one of the best informed preachers in the whole Bible, especially the Old Testament, that it has been my lot to work with in debates. Brother Harrison came to California back in the early thirties and has labored in San Bernardino, Banning, Buena Park, Fullerton, Filmore, Bakersfield, Wasco, Shafter, Pixley and possibly other places. He moved to Cottage Grove, Oregon, three and one half pears past. He left there for Sunnyside, Washington, a few months back. Soon after moving to Washington he suffered a severe heart attack. He was in two different hospitals up there for a long time and had been home for only a short time. He had been preaching a series of sermons on Mormonism and had a number interested. Last Sunday night he spoke for about one hour against this error and walked over and sat down. One of the brethren concluded the service with a prayer and brother Harrison said a-men and just fell back. He was dead almost immediately with another heart attack. He died as he lived — fighting for the truth and upon the day our blessed Lord came up from the dead. He fought the good fight for 25 years. He was just past 57 years of age. About ten days before his passing he completed arrangements for a debate with a Primitive Baptist preacher and signed my name to the propositions. Dates for this discussion are August 16, 17, 18 and 19, in Sunnyside, Washington. Hundreds of loyal brethren will join me in mourning the passing of a great man of God. May the torch of truth which fell from his hand only in death be held high by those of us who remain. I shall personally miss him much and if it please the One with whom we all have to do my choice would be to go as he went — fighting for the blessed truth of His gospel.