Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 22, 1954
NUMBER 11, PAGE 14c-15


Charles Elledge Hill, 2928 Dunford, Fort Worth, Texas, July 1: "We closed a meeting at Mitchell. Boulevard Sunday night with Brother Chester M. Hill doing the preaching. He did a fine job of proclaiming the Word. Much good was done. We had a Vacation Bible School in connection with the meeting. The average attendance was 275. We look forward to a bigger and better school next year. I will teach a class in the Vacation Bible School conducted by the Oaklawn Church of this city from July 5-9. I am interested in doing the preaching in a few more meetings than I have done for the past three years. If I can serve in this way, call me."

Frank Trayler, Ch. (Maj.), 237 Thompson Place, San Antonio, Texas, July 6: "I spent my busiest two weeks in the Air Force the past two. Eight were restored at Lack-land, and two baptized. Four couples were married at Kelly, and two officers there died — one, our base commander, who had a heart attack. Chapel was filled for the funeral. A Captain was killed in a plane crash Friday."

S. Marvin Phillips, 3301 N. Keystone Ave., Indianapolis 18, Indiana: "We had two baptisms last night — a man and wife who had been members of the Nazarene Church."

Willis G. Jernigan, Box 573, Bowie, Texas, July 7, 1964: "The meeting at Cross Roads near Grand Saline closed last night. Three were baptized, including a Baptist and a Methodist. One was restored. The work here is in good condition. The Lord willing I begin with the brethren at Pecan Gap July 19, and with the church at Edgewood August 23. My son, Willis Jernigan, IV, preached here during my recent absence."

W. E. Fortney, 162 Harrison, Clarksburg, West Virginia, July 5: "The meeting at Morris Run, West Virginia, was successful. Eight precious souls responded to the invitation — six for baptism, two for restoration."

Eugene Winter, 2080 N. Lewis Avenue, Waukegan, Illinois, July 7: "The congregation at Waukegan, Illinois, which' meets in the YMCA has just closed an eight day meeting. Johnny Ramsey of Waukesha, Wisconsin, did a very capable job of preaching. This was the first meeting ever conducted by this new congregation in Waukegan. Three were baptized and two restored."

Ernest A. Finley, 713 W. Fox St., Carlsbad, New Mexico: "James Willeford recently conducted a fine meeting here at Fox and Lake in which 27 responded to the invitation. The church was strengthened by his teaching. The prospects are bright for a pleasant and profitable period of labor with this congregation. My last meeting was with the church at Durant, Oklahoma in which eleven were baptized and two made confession of wrongs. Most of those baptized came during the Vacation Bible School conducted in connection with the meeting. Meetings: Weiland, Texas, July 19-30; Hillsboro, Oregon, August 15-25."

Choice L. Bryant, 165 S. 15th Street, Salem, Oregon, June 19: "It has been some time since I have reported. Brother Floyd Thompson was with us in a protracted meeting in April this year and did a splendid job. There have been five baptisms over the past two or three months. Brother John IL Beebe, formerly of Van Nuys, California, begins work as resident evangelist in Salem Sunday, June 20. I closed my responsibility as resident evangelist serving the Salem congregation locally Sunday, June 13. My family and I shall continue to live in Salem, and I shall continue to serve under the direction of the Salem congregation, but my work will be in the form of protracted meetings, singing-schools, establishing new congregations, assisting weak and struggling congregations to "get on their feet" so-to-speak, and other such mission work. Though possibly most of my work will be concentrated within the Northwestern section of the U. S., yet I may also be available for efforts in other sections of our country. Right at this moment I am engaged in a protracted meeting in Vancouver,B. C., Canada, which is scheduled to close Sunday night, June 27. There is a possibility that I shall remain another two weeks in a "mission meeting" in a suburban area to Vancouver, B. C., before I leave to return to the States. If there should be a "missionary minded" congregation of the Lord's church whose leaders may read this report, and if said brethren desire to learn of a place to do some very good work, I can surely answer your desire. Not only is the Northwestern section of our own United States a very fertile and fruitful place for such work, but also is this Southwestern section of Canada equally, or maybe even more so, as deserving and needy! Perchance you feel you must get out of the United States to really be doing mission work, then please allow me to suggest our neighbors to the North, the great country of Canada! If you can still understand that there are still sections in our own United States in which there is a dire need for "mission work," and you have the disposition to do it, let me suggest the Northwestern section of that country! Truly, the need is great, the field vast, and the laborers are few! Who and how many can and will answer the challenge to enter into this great work?"

Death Notice

Tant Williams, 71, departed this life June 24, 1954. Obeyed the gospel at age of 70, burial in Old Town Cemetery at Mt. Calm, Texas.

— Tant Williams, Jr., S. Houston, Texas Austin Varner, Eastland, Texas, July 1: "The meeting at Eastland, Texas came to a close last evening with nine baptisms and three to confess wrongs. Brother Roy L. Foutz of Nacogdoches, who held our meeting last year, did another very good job of presenting the gospel of Christ in the well attended services. Brother Jimmy Jackson, who begins a special work this month with the Harris Avenue and Irvin congregation in San Angelo did a wonderful work in directing the song services and working with people in the congregation. Including the nine baptized in this meeting we have baptized twenty two here in Eastland since the first of the year."

C. D. Crouch, 2128 W. Earl Drive, Phoenix, Arizona, June 21: "Westside has started a new work here with Brother Calvin Tope preaching regularly each Sunday afternoon in Caine Mack Woman's Club building on Indian School Road at North 38th Street. Attendance there is fair, and Tope is doing some good preaching. There is room in that part of greater Phoenix for a strong congregation. Rent on the building is nominal, too. We have had two baptisms and two restorations recently. One was baptized in the meeting at Springhill, Louisiana, in April, when I was there in a series of meetings. Our attendance and contributions are off some since we gave several members to the new work mentioned above."

Totty - Cox

W. W. Otey, Winfield, Kansas I met Daniel Sommer in 1889. For about twenty-five years I was closely associated with him. It is not an exaggeration to say that during those years I was his most intimate confidant. He opposed what are called Bible Colleges in every particular. He held that the income of a Christian, after taxes were paid, and living for his dependents, belonged to the Lord. To use any part of his "prosperity" for such a school was wrong in the extreme. He denied the right of such schools to exist. So far as Daniel Sommer's position during those years is concerned, 'Totty is wrong. Whether ignorantly or knowingly he seeks to deceive the brethren now as to Sommer's position, only Totty and the Lord can know.

Late in life Daniel Sommer made a trip to Nashville, Freed-Hardeman, Abilene, and other places. I did not see him on that trip, and so do not know what he said. A number of reports have been, and still are, circulated that greatly modified things he had said in his prime. Some of them are hard to believe.

I did not endorse everything that Daniel Sommer said and wrote. I did not endorse everything that David Lipscomb said and wrote. But I regard them both as outstanding men of greatness. They left their impress on religious matters that will live for generations. Differ from either of them on some matters if you must, yes. But for men who are mere pigmies in comparison to try to misrepresent and disparage these two men, in an effort to boost their own names into prominence, is, to use the mildest word, pitiable. Why not let's be men, for once, and affirm what we teach and practice, and defend it by the word of the Lord!

Joe H. Morris, 2707 Ky Ave., Paducah, Kentucky, July 1: "Closed a good meeting with the church in Norwood, Ohio last night with two baptized and one restored. Crowds were good and interest high. Gaston Cogdell preaches there. I begin a meeting at Walnut Grove Church in Marshall County July 12, and at Lowes, Kentucky, in Graves County on July 29. The work goes well here at Clements Street. Milton Waller preached here last Lord's day in my absence."

Floyd A. Decker, 553 Kirby Place, Shreveport, Louisiana, July 1: "Closed my eighth meeting with the East Tallassee, Alabama congregation last Sunday night. There were two baptisms. Will send a full report of the Tallassee work and their accomplishments soon. After a little more than three years work with the Creswell congregation in Shreveport, I am resigning. If any one desires information concerning the work here, or myself, please address the elders of the church at the above address. My plans for the future are not complete."

R. C. Copeland, Jr., 410 S. College Ave., Tahlequah, Oklahoma, July 1: "Brother C. R. Nichol closed meeting here June 30. I was enriched greatly by our association. Brother Lowell Brown did a splendid job of directing the singing. Two responded, one for baptism."

L. L. Applegate, Cottondale, Florida: "Brother Fred Bogle baptized a man and wife at Hosford, Florida, a town some forty five miles south of Marianna, Florida, and prospects are that more will be baptized in the near future. The church meets there each Sunday afternoon at 3:00 o'clock. We hope and pray that the work can be planted there permanently."