Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 15, 1954

Wisdom Of Men Versus The Power Of God

Luther W. Martin, Rolla, Missouri

The Apostle Paul was not concerned about: (1) Excellency of speech; (2) Enticing words of man's wisdom; (3) Physical weakness; (4) Showing fright or trembling.

The Apostle Paul was concerned about: (1) Testimony of God; (2) Jesus Christ and his crucifixion; (3) Demonstration of Spirit and of power; (4) That their (the Corinthian Christians) faith should stand in the power of God.

It is urged that the reader carefully read the first five verses of the second chapter of 1st Corinthians. Paul therein gives his inspired standard by which he proclaimed the gospel of Christ, which is God's power to save.

Most preachers in this age have simply placed the cart before the horse... that is, all the sectarian preachers, and not a few of so-called gospel preachers! Today many gospel preachers are overly concerned with the very things in which Paul was NOT concerned. Many show great concern for 'excellent speech,' 'enticing words of man's wisdom,' and these men wish to appear physically strong, brave and without showing physical fear.

Psychology, Or 'Sick-Ology'

Many modern gospel preachers are delving into psychology and generously mixing it with the gospel, thus making a sort of 'sick-ology' "So, then because thou art lukewarm . . . . I will spue thee out of my mouth" (Rev. 3:16). From the modern dictionary we learn that PSYCHOLOGY is "That branch of metaphysics which has for its subject the human soul, its nature, properties, and operations; the sum of knowledge concerning the mind and mental operations."

In order to show that I know whereof I speak, I wish to copy, word for word, a newspaper article, sponsored and paid for by the Lord's church located in a certain town in the mid-western part of the United States. The preacher for this church writes the article under the heading "Living With Christ." We give it in its entirety.

"In The Right Spirit"

"Every normal mind has its season of doubt and sometimes despair. It would be dangerous business always to feel secure and satisfied. Doubt makes us think and we must THINK or we stall.

"Even the sun has a daily sinking spell, but it keeps on coming up.

"The point is: Get up every morning smiling through the mist. You have got to run your course in rain and on dark days. Life is not all fair weather.

"Every disappointment endured adds renewed strength to your mental courage. Every storm weathered in the right spirit makes a soul stronger and much more noble."

Now the way in which the foregoing article was set up, it required about six column inches of space .... paid for by the church: So, I ask this question! What business does the Lord's church have in buying newspaper space in which to publish applied METAPHYSICS? That's what psychology is .... METAPHYSICS! Please note that this preacher wrote an article supposedly in behalf of the Lord's church. (1) The article does not mention the church. (2) Even the name and meeting location of the group paying the bill is not mentioned. (3) God, Christ, or heaven are not mentioned in the article itself. (4) The gospel of Christ is not referred to, nor is the Bible or New Testament.

Modernism Versus Paul

Can those responsible for the foregoing article face Paul when he said . . . . "I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified."

In talking with the young preacher who wrote the article, I learned that he was using "applied psychology" in the preparation of his articles. Naturally, it was suggested that he would do better to use the New Testament. But he indicated that his "reading public" would turn aside from his column if he quoted too much scripture. In fact, it was indicated that too much hard preaching had befallen this particular church in the past, and he apparently is trying to overcome the straight (strait) preaching.

I have refrained from specifically identifying this young preacher, with the hope that he will learn, and turn away from his tendency toward 'softness.' However, my prayer to our heavenly Father is, that he may recognize the way that his path is now leading, and that he may repent and turn back to the 'narrow way' that leads to life eternal.