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April 15, 1954

For The Good Of The Cause

A Satirical Letter

JOHN J. BRAINSTORM, Head Preacher I. M. BROKE, Secretary of Treasury

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Digressive, Liberal County, Texas

March 17, 1954 Churches of Christ Everywhere, USA

Dear Brethren :

Since the announcement about the "Band of Hope" sometime ago in the Gospel Guardian we have been the recipients of a brainstorm which we feel should no longer be a mere brainstorm, but should be a work of this zealous congregation. Our plan is for this congregation with our foresighted elders to solicit money from congregations throughout the land to support two or three hundred preachers over the country. There are so many weak places that cannot support a preacher. We will arrange to employ as many preachers as your contributions will allow and these preachers will work under the oversight of the elders of this one congregation. This work will be our work, the work of our congregation. The elders will oversee all phases of the work and all contributions will become the assets of this congregation. We will send preachers into every state in the union, and to assure scriptural teaching we will have them submit at frequent intervals manuscripts of some of their sermons. Oh how efficient this will be! This mother congregation overseeing the work of these preachers throughout the country will enable the church of Christ to work most efficiently. There is no need for the various congregations to send out their own "missionaries" — just send us the money and we will send them out for you! To sidetrack adverse criticism from backward brethren we won't name our work — but it will be on the same order as the Herald of Truth in Abilene, Texas. The only difference between our set-up and theirs is that they deal in radio programs and we will deal with actual on the spot preaching — live instead of canned! Yes the Herald of Truth and the Band of Hope run the brotherhood's radio work, but we will run the brotherhood's missionary work ! So you send us your money, and we will do a great work for you. But remember, this work will be our work — for our elders will oversee it and you will just be helping us to do our work.

Think of it ! We will send preachers into every state in the union and foreign countries too. It will take an enormous amount of money. We will have to have employed secretaries and we must rent or build some office space. One of our elders will be employed full time to act as the central intelligence. Yes, this congregation will be doing a great brotherhood, worldwide work — but it will be our own work.

We invite your questions and would appreciate your cooperation in arranging to put preachers on our payroll, and in helping us contact weak congregations in which to send preachers. Our campaign workers, Willie James and Nicklas Jims, will visit you shortly.

For the good of the Cause, The Board of Elders