Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 15, 1954
NUMBER 48, PAGE 14-15


Joe H. Morris, 2707 Kentucky Aver Paducah, Kentucky, March 29: One baptized and one identified at Clement, Street yesterday. I begin a meeting at Benton, Kentucky, April 5th."

Roy E. Gulley, Merkel. Texas, March 29: "Our spring meeting with Fred Custis preaching closed March 24th with four baptisms and seven restorations. One baptism and one restoration yesterday."

Thetus Pritchard, 1413 South Avenue "C", Portales, New Mexico: "Since coming here January 1, 1954 there have been seven baptisms and several restorations. The University Drive Church of Christ is growing fast. We will soon begin the building of our new church building. We are now in the process of building a minister's home. These brethren are hard workers."

Ira B. Sandusky, 700 West 10th Street, Plainview, Texas March 31: "Our work is going along in good shape and we are having a full house for services. Some thirty three responded to the invitation since we came here in January, 1954. F. F. Conley held a good meeting for us this month and we see increased interest from such efforts. I can hold two or three mission meetings supported by the church here this year. If any place needs such help let us know so we can plan accordingly. I can see a strong tendency to drifting toward the Christian Church in the past twenty years since I left that group. Too many people want to have their way and not the Lord's. We do not need women preachers any more today than in Paul's day — so why have them trying to put on TV shows and radio programs for the teaching of the gospel? Jude 3 is still good admonition for Christians and the church today."

P. L. Manning, Lafayette. Georgia, April 1: "Paul Buchanan of Chattanooga will begin our meeting Sunday, April 4th. Four have been restored and three baptized in recent weeks here. The elders have a good program of work planned for the year. Gardner S. Hall preached for us at the evening service on March 21st."

W. Wallace Layton, Box 10086, Houston, Texas: "On March 31st I closed a meeting at Crane, Texas, with nine responses to the invitation. Four were baptized and five restored. This was my third meeting with this faithful congregation. Brother Jimmy Record is the local preacher and is doing a wonderful work. He and his wife are held in high esteem by all. Since last report we have had 28 additions to our local forces here at Garden Oaks. Three baptisms and four restorations were among this number. Homer Hailey held our last meeting in February."

Thurston B. Kimbrell, Route 2. Box 1298, Bremerton, Washington, March 29: "I began work with the church here the first Sunday in October. Since I have been here the church has grown in number and spiritually also. There have been thirty-five additions during that time — Eighteen by baptism, fifteen to confess wrongs, and two to place membership. The attendance and contribution are at an all time record in the history of the church. The congregation is at peace and working for the Lord. I have time for a meeting or two this year if any congregation would like to use me. When in the northwest visit with us."

Lloyd Connel, 1244 S. Evanston St., Tulsa, Oklahoma, April 2: "The work is progressing nicely here at Tenth and Rockford. All of the services are on an increase and we have had to use chairs a time or two to care for our Sunday night attendance. Even though we are very crowded, there is hardly a Sunday that we do not have some kind of response to the invitation. Due to our crowded condition we are making plans for a new auditorium in the near future. Just this past week we bought the lot north of us, which will give us room for the auditorium and some parking space. Our old building will be converted into class rooms, which we are badly in need of. Brother James D. Willeford begins a gospel meeting with us April 18th to continue through the 28th. Smith Kite of Norwich, Kansas, will direct the singing. I closed a meeting with the church at Mannford, Oklahoma, last Wednesday evening, which resulted in three baptisms and three restored. The church at Mannford is small in number and we feel that this meeting was of great help to them. Brother James Jones, one of our high school boys here at Tenth and Rockford, is preaching for the church at Mannford on Sundays and Wednesdays, and doing them much good. I will be in a meeting with the church at Kingman, Kansas, beginning May 17th."

Sanford Tune, Moran, Texas, April 2: "March 28th was the closing day of a ten-day meeting in which thirty responded to the gospel invitation. Ten were baptized and twenty restored. We are growing and faced with the problem of building a new auditorium which we hope will get under way in the near future. The local preacher did the preaching for this meeting. Ile will be available for a limited number of gospel meetings this summer if any would care to contact him for his services."

O. E. Correll, Kinmundy, Illinois, April 1: "I was with the congregation at Gilmer, Texas, March 28th. Spoke to very fine audiences at both the morning and evening services. This was my first visit with this congregation and I enjoyed being with them very much. Received a very warm welcome by the brethren. I went from there to Italy, Texas, for the Wednesday evening service and spoke for the brethren there. I also enjoyed being with them. I have been with them a few times before. I will be at Marion, Indiana, for morning and evening services there, with the West Side congregation, April 11th, where I was in a meeting last October. I will have time for a few meetings during July and August of this year — would like to do this work in Texas, if I can. There are some new fields there where they need the Gospel.