Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 25, 1954


H. A. Finger, Jr., 913 S. Church St., East Point, Georgia, February 6: "There were two restorations and seven to identify themselves with the East Point Church during January. Average attendance for Sunday morning worship has been 323 with contributions for the month averaging $565. The budget for the year calls for $30,000. I am to preach in a meeting at Augusta, Georgia, March 15-25. April 1 marks the beginning of my sixth year with the East Point Church."

Wm. H. Parsons, 1120 W. Harris, Odessa, Texas, February 8: "During the month of January there were nineteen additions here at. Parkview. Seven were baptized, two restored, ten placed membership. Our Bible Study attendance averaged 300; our contributions $760.00. Brother Tom Wallace of Hobbs, New Mexico, begins a meeting here on the 28th of this month."

B. G. Hope, 211 E. Twelfth St., Bowling Green, Kentucky, Feb. 12: "Nine have been baptized, two restored, and four placed membership at Twelfth Street since January 1. The work apparently is going along in a good way. Plans are being made to establish another congregation in Bowling Green this year."

T. J. Ruble, 303 E. Third, Belton, Texas, February 10: "There have been five baptisms and three restorations the past two Sundays here at the Belton church."