Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 4, 1954
NUMBER 38, PAGE 12b-13

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

"Do You Respect Plagiarists?"

Under this caption The Watchtower, official organ of Jehovah's Witnesses last month ran an eleven-column editorial complaint against Brother Eugene S. Smith's Gospel Broadcast for plagiarizing articles from The Watchtower. A box listed some fifteen different articles which had been lifted almost bodily from The Watchtower and reprinted in Brother Smith's paper. They were written by various Jehovah's Witness teachers, but in Gospel Broadcast every one of them was credited to Antonio Ochoa, the Catholic priest in New York who was baptized three or four, years ago. Repeated protests to Brother Smith and Brother Ochoa, said the editorial, had brought no correction, but rather one insulting letter from Smith and one letter from Ochoa promising not to do it anymore. Which promise was not kept. Wow! We've been wondering where Gene got all those "non-controversial" articles he delights to print.

William Wallace's Article

We particularly call attention in this issue to the article by Brother William E. Wallace. It is interesting indeed to see our brethren giving such tremendous emphasis to the establishment of more and more, and bigger and bigger, institutional homes when the whole national trend is in the other direction. The necessity for such institutions is constantly diminishing; their usefulness is increasingly open to question; and the experience of many years (not to mention the Bible) shows that the home provides the training and care that helpless children deserve — a training and care that no institution on earth can duplicate. What shall we say? -"Thirty years too late"?

"By Your Cooperation"

We see where "World Vision Bookstore" last year sent $4,600.00 worth of Bibles, New Testaments, and religious supplies to various missionaries. The magazine says it was done "by your cooperation." A continuation of which is solicited. So instead of a "sponsoring church," you can send your contribution to a "sponsoring bookstore," and let Brother Barney Morehead use it as he sees fit in helping the missionaries. Have our brethren so quickly forgotten Don Carlos Janes?

Earl West's Tract

This is being written even before we have had time to receive a single response from our editorial inquiry of last week as to the desire of our readers for the Earl West articles in tract form. But already just in conversation with various preachers and others to whom we mentioned the matter we have advance orders for well over 1500 of the tracts. We take that as a sure indication that we'll receive sufficient response generally to make their publication certain. But do not delay; write NOW, and tell us how many you can use. These ought to be "required" reading for every elder, preacher, and Bible school teacher in all the land.

"Thought For Things Honorable"

Paul said he took "thought for things honorable" and so arranged matters that no one might blame him in the handling of the monies collected for the poor saints. We respectfully suggest to our brethren at Highland Church in Abilene that they could probably wisely set up TWO funds from the monies they are receiving: (a) one to preach the gospel over the radio, and (b) another made up of the individual contributions sent them "to use as you see fit," from which they may take funds to promote TV programs, publish syndicated newspaper columns, send missionaries to foreign fields, contribute to various institutions, and do other good works. Then there could be no basis for any charge that they were using "radio" money to promote the TV program.

"Mission Fund For Northern California"

Comes now to us a form letter with an urgent appeal that we sign a pledge card (card enclosed) to contribute so much each month to the "Church of Christ Mission Fund For Northern California." We presume the letters (with card enclosed) were sent to as many individuals and congregations as the little congregation at Lodi, California, "sponsors" of the "Church of Christ Mission Fund For Northern California" could find addresses for — or money to buy stamps for. Well, why not ? If the Lubbock brethren can solicit individual contributions from all the congregations for the German work, and the Abilene brethren can solicit from the whole brotherhood for the national radio work, why cannot little Lodi get her slice of pie by soliciting individuals to contribute regularly to her "Church of Christ Mission Fund For Northern California"?

"This Gigantic Vision Of Ours"

Almost in the same mail comes a letter from the Central Seattle Church of Christ asking us to sign a pledge card (card enclosed) to contribute so much each month to send Brother Ira Y. Rice, Jr., to Singapore that he may "evangelize the Other Side of the World For Christ." The Seattle brethren say they are much, much too poor and weak financially "to bring this gigantic vision of ours into effective reality" without loads of outside help. They declare that they are sending $1400.00 per year to the brethren in Abilene to help with the Herald of Truth. Well, turnabout is fair play. Now let us see if Abilene will send them $1400.00 to help send Ira to Singapore!

Cogdill-Jackson Debate

The debate between Roy E. Cogdill and D. N. Jackson has been in print now for about five years. And so far as we've ever been able to see NOT ONE TIME has D. N. Jackson advertised it in his paper! Jackson received about one hundred copies of the debate at the time of publication, and was to have as many as he could sell at a considerable discount. He has never ordered a single book since that first one hundred. That looks like Cogdill must have so completely devastated Baptist arguments that Jackson had rather have the book forgotten! But we can still supply it — $2.50 per copy.

Kentucky Bible College

Our pre-millennial brethren in Louisville are all steamed up over a chance to buy the old Kentucky Wesleyan College property, and really expand in a big way into "Kentucky Bible College" — featuring premillennial teaching of course. They make no bones at all about soliciting churches as well as individuals; and point pridefully to the number of premillennial churches which are contributing to their college. So far as we can see from their publications it isn't even a question of argument among them as to whether the churches should support their college. The acceptance of one error (premillennialism) no doubt makes them doubly susceptible to other error (church support of secular schools). Wonder if that will work in reverse?

Saints In Salonica?

Brother Howard W. Reagan, 2809 Birch Street, Bremerton, Washington, has an appeal from a family in Salonica, Greece, asking for used clothing and other assistance. Many brethren have received similar appeals. We have no information at all about any saints in Salonica. If anybody does have information, will you write Brother Reagan — and us? Thanks.

A Happy Combination

Brother C. D. Crouch has moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where he will work with the Westside congregation. That is a happy combination — a fine church and a faithful gospel preacher. Brother Crouch will add real strength to the cause of Christ in the Salt River Valley. His age and experience will be a most wholesome influence for the several fine young gospel preachers who are working so enthusiastically in the state. His address in Phoenix: 2128 West Earl Drive.