Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 28, 1954
NUMBER 37, PAGE 13b-14


Paul Foutz, 111 Avenue "K", Sweetwater, Texas, Jan. 7: "After laboring with the congregation at 800 Lamar since its beginning four years ago we have resigned in order to accept the work in Arlington, Texas. We shall move to our new home March 1st. The years we have spent in Sweetwater have been the happiest we have known and we believe profitable in many ways despite the drought and the loss of over 200 members the last two years. During 1953 we had 55 baptisms, 33 restorations and 28 by membership. Despite severe economic conditions and a decrease in financial power the contributions averaged $510 each Lord's Day, an increase of $120 over 1952."

Frank Trayler, Chaplain (Maj.) USAF, P. O. Box 207, Boerne, Texas, Jan. 10: "One hundred and six attended our 1:00 p.m: service in Chapel No. 4, Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas, today. Four Airmen were restored and three baptized. Two were husband and wife (he Catholic, she United Brethren). They found "unity" in Christ. There are opportunities on every hand, and I am trying to take advantage of my part of them. Pray for me."

S. Marvin Phillips, 3230 N. Tacoma Ave., Indianapolis 18, Jan. 4: "After six months with the North Indianapolis Church we were much encouraged with three baptisms yesterday and one a week ago. Our Sunday school is growing and we feel that the future holds much promise for good. When in Indianapolis worship with us at 960 West 31st Street."

W. S. Wiley, 503 E. Huisache, Kingsville, Texas, Jan. 8: "On the last Lord's day in 1953, I had the good pleasure of preaching in Grapeland, where I began my work as a preacher exactly 21 years before. We began our sixth year with the congregation here in Kingsville last Lord's day. Three have placed membership, two restored, and one baptized here during the last three weeks. I have time for two meetings this year."

Elvis E. Bozarth, T/Sgt. USMC, Jan. 6: "Effective February 7th, the Seoul Armed Forces Church will meet for worship at 1:00 p.m. in the Seoul Military Post Theater. This is on the third floor of the Headquarters Building, and is located about one and one-half blocks from our present meeting place, just a few blocks northwest of the South Korea Capitol Building. This move will enable us to have Bible classes before or after our worship period, and will be quieter and more comfortable. Within a few weeks we have been promised use of the Theater for the entire afternoon. The Army Chaplain in charge at Seoul Military Post has been most helpful and encouraging to us from the very beginning. In many places members of the church are discouraged and hindered in their efforts to conduct separate worship. But here, we have no difficulties, and are most appreciative for the fine relationship that exists between us and the Post Chaplain. Last Sunday we had 24 service personnel and a few Koreans present. Among those who have recently joined our forces, is Brother David Sprague, a former preacher at Lawton, Oklahoma, and now an Army Chaplain stationed in Seoul. Brother Sprague will preach for us on the 10th. Please continue to send us names of members near here, and remember us in your prayers. If you would like to receive our weekly bulletin, please write. We are discussing the possibilities of a monthly to be sent out in the United States."

W. Woodrow Allen, 401 W. 26th St., Kearney, Nebraska, Jan. 6: "A woman past 70 years old was baptized here last Sunday, and her daughter was restored the Sunday before. It was my privilege to attend the first three nights of a debate between Brother Guy N. Woods and James Brown on the subject of instrumental music at Chadron, Nebraska. The debate was held December 15-20. I moderated for Brother Woods the first three nights, and it was indeed a pleasure. Brother Brown, who represented one of the groups using the name "church of Christ" and also using instrumental music in the worship, did not know just what he believed. For a time he argued it was merely an aid, and then when pressed for authority for its use, he said it was "essential," and that it was included in the word "psalm." He vacillated back and forth between these two positions, and attempted to laugh himself out of several glaring contradictions. Brother Woods did a fine job and conducted himself as a Christian gentleman, even when accused of being a "liar," and using the word of God "deceitfully." The sad part of this debate is that Chadron has no preacher. Brother Tommy Peabody, who was supporting himself, has moved to Great Bend, Kansas, to work full time with the church there. There are only six members of the church left in Chadron, but I am sure the debate has caused others to think seriously about their position. Now we need support for a man to move in and take advantage of the situation. We have a man interested, but he needs help. Who will help him go?"

BRETHREN, KEEP THE "FIGHT' GOING ON Will W. Slater, Box 7178, Sylvania Station, Fort Worth 11, Texas: "I have read several fine articles in the Gospel Guardian and other papers, written by Robert C. Welch, Glenn L. Wallace, and others. Some write on one subject, some another, etc. In these articles objections are being made against the method of doing mission work in the foreign fields; some are against orphan homes; the method of conducting Christian colleges, old folks homes, etc. Mighty fine articles indeed. So, keep the "FIGHT" going, for it is an inspiration to us to work a little harder, converting more people, establishing more congregations in the mission fields, feeding, clothing and housing more orphan children. So the harder you "fight," the more work we will accomplish. Jesus said, "Teach all nations," "preach the gospel to every creature." We are striving to do that as fast as we can, and the more opposition we have, the greater our efforts will be. The saddest and most pitiful sight on earth to me, is to see a homeless, helpless orphan child, one that has been made such through no fault of its own. Every child that enters our Homes becomes a member of the church, and many of them become great workers and leaders in the Master's Cause. Among our great preachers of today are two that were helped in many ways in our Arkansas Home now located at Morrilton. One of these is preaching for the largest congregation in Arkansas as local minister. He also does evangelistic work part of the time; cannot fill the calls he receives. I am the man who drove 350 miles to bring him to the Orphan Home so that he could be helped through school and Bible study. Some oppose Christian colleges. I know they are not perfect but I have yet to see a "perfect Christian." I know what influence the Abilene college had on my children, and a man is just "talking through his hat," in fighting the schools, so far as I am concerned. Some are opposing the "Herald of Truth" program. Maybe it should be discontinued, or, perhaps not more than a million people are hearing the gospel through that means. Also, some are finding fault, opposing the encampments that are being conducted by some congregations. Perhaps they, too, should be discontinued. Only 144 were baptized in the encampments conducted by Siloam Springs, Arkansas, church. Not more than half of these came from sectarian homes. Only 17 were baptized in the encampment at Fayetteville, and only from 1200 to 2000 people heard the gospel each night. So, if more than that can't be accomplished, maybe we should disband that work. Yes, you "BIG BOYS" keep up the "FIGHT," for it is a great encouragement to us "little boys" to work a little harder. And, too, in your next article, please tell us how much mission work you have done; how many mission meetings has your congregation conducted; how many new congregations have you established. We surely would like to know. Also, how many orphan children have you cared for? Give us this information, will you? But keep the "FIGHT" going."