Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 17, 1953

"Abhor That Which Is Evil"

Loyd L. Smith, Lawton, Oklahoma

The above statement is a part of the command given in Romans 12:9. The comments of Moses E. Lard are timely in our day. Writing almost eighty years ago, he had this to say of this passage: "A most important precept, and much needed in the present day. There are many Christians, and among them many preachers, who oppose evil, it is true, but they do it so faintly as virtually to countenance it. They will not publicly endorse evil; but they will either go quietly home, or get out of its way, and leave it to riot unrebuked. They do not abhor it. Not that they sanction it; for they do not; they merely do not stand in its way. They convert it into a jest, and turn it over to rougher hands to deal with it. These men are not obeying Paul."

It looks like the so-called "soft" preachers of our day have been around a long time, and that there has always been a need for men who would oppose evil. So when the "softies" think they are the latest thing and right up to date, they should remember that their condition is just an old sin that has been around a long time. A man will either stand for God here, or he will not stand at the judgment.