Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 19, 1953


Gus Winter, 113 W. Florence, Casa Grande, Arizona, Nov. 11: "Am now preaching regularly for our fine congregation in Douglas, Arizona. Two responded to the invitation last Lord's day for baptism. Attendance, contribution, and interest is on the upswing. At their urgent invitation my wife and I plan to live and labor with these good brethren after the 1st of January in '54. We ask for an interest in the prayers of our brethren, as we again undertake full time gospel work after being engaged for nearly two and one-half years in secular work."

Robert P. Cooper, 605 Marrtown Road, Parkersburg, West Virginia, Nov. 9: "We had two fine audiences at Marrtown yesterday. A married woman was restored at the evening service. We recently started a children's class and a class for young people at our regular mid-week service. We are having splendid interest in the Bible classes, both on Thursday nights and on Sunday mornings. Prospects are bright for the church here. The congregation is at peace and all seem to be happy in the work of the Lord. We pray that it shall ever continue in this way. We invite you to worship with us when in Parkersburg or vicinity."

Cecil B. Douthitt, P. O. Box 67, Brownwood, Texas, Nov. 9: "Two were baptized yesterday here at Southside n Brownwood, Texas. We are adding new names to our membership list almost every week."

D. C. Lawrence. Lefors, Texas, Nov. 12: "Brother M. C. Cuthbertson of Tucson, Arizona, closed a ten day meeting with the church in Lefors, Texas, November 8th. Good preaching. One was restored, another Wednesday after the meeting. Brother Bob Fish, our regular song leader, directed the singing in his usual fine way. A new building is being planned for the church here."

Quentin A. Dunn, Box 273, Eldorado, Texas, November: "During the past few weeks three have been identified and one restored in our services here. I will have some time after the first of the year that I desire to use for meetings."

Holt - Stracener Debate

Charles A. Holt, Box 607, Mt. Pleasant, Texas: "I will meet Mr. It. R. Stracener, of Gilmer, Texas, in a religious discussion here in Mt. Pleasant, December 7-8, 10-11. The debate will be held in the building of the Southside church of Christ, with services each evening at 7:30 o'clock. Mr. Stracener will affirm the first two nights that "The scriptures teach that a responsible person can be saved without being baptized in water." I will affirm the last two nights that "The scriptures teach that salvation to all responsible people is in the church of Christ only." We are expecting a large crowd for each service. I met Mr. Stracener earlier this year in a debate in Gilmer. Plan to attend. We shall try to provide visitors with a place to stay."

Wm. E. Wallace, Hickory, North Carolina, Nov 8: "Brother Yater Tant held three meetings in North Carolina during October at the Hickory, Corinth, and Abilene congregations. His work as always was excellent. Several were baptized and the congregations were edified and strengthened. He has been of special help to the congregation at Hickory and is well respected and loved here."

Wm. E. Wallace, Hickory, North Carolina, Nov. 8: "The University Drive church in Portales, New Mexico, is a newly formed congregation. At present they are meeting in the American Legion Hut but have purchased lots on which to build a new meeting house. The congregation is made up of energetic, informed and sincere Christians who stand for truth and scriptural activity in every phase of the work of the church. They are in fellowship with the other congregations in town. I preached for them in four services and believe them to be desirous of serving God. They are looking for a sound well settled man to work with them. I will leave Hickory, North Carolina, January 1st to take the work at the Thayer Street congregation in Akron, Ohio."

Glenn L. Shaver, P. O. Box 124, Warren, Arkansas, Nov. 14: "This is to inform those interested that I have moved from Damascus, Arkansas, to work with the church in Warren, Arkansas. I follow Brother Bruce Jackson, graduate of Freed-Hardeman, in the work here. He came here four years ago and was the first gospel preacher to work regularly in this county. He is loved by all for the work done while here. We wish him much success in his new field of labor for the Lord. Since our moving here the 1st of October, we have started a daily radio program over the local radio station in Warren, a city of about 8,000, and it can be heard by over 100,000 people in southeast Arkansas. The church in Warren is Small, only 44 members, with an average contribution of about $125.00 per week. It is the only church in Bradley county. This section of the state is certainly a missionary field. We need not go oversees to look for a field to work in, there are still some left down here in Arkansas. About one-fourth of the people in Warren are of the Baptist persuasion, with four congregations in town. Membership of one is 1,250. We ask for the prayers of the saints that we may go forth to work in this needy field, without being ashamed or made afraid by the strong opposition. This summer I helped in six meetings scattered over northern Arkansas; at Mountain Home, Springfield, Colony community near Damascus, Overcup community near Morrilton, Battle Axe community near Tuckerman, and Palestine community near Pocahontas. In these meetings thirty responded to the invitation of which twenty two were baptized into Christ and eight confessed their sins."

Earl Kimbrough, Donthan, Alabama, Nov. 9: "Brother G. K. Wallace is to meet Mr. D. L. Welch of the United Pentecostal Holiness Church in a four night debate at Vernon, Florida, December 21-24. The discussion will be held in either the school auditorium or the gymnasium and the propositions will deal with the number of persons in the Godhead the first two nights, and Holy Spirit Baptism and attendant signs and miracles the last two nights."