Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 5, 1953
NUMBER 26, PAGE 14-15


Cecil B. Douthitt, P. O. Box 67, Brownwood, Texas, Oct. 2: "One was baptized and three placed membership on the past two Sundays here at Southside in Brownwood, Texas."

Vestal Chaffin, P. O. Box 84, Bruceton, Tennessee, Oct. 28: "During the past two weeks two have been baptized and one restored in our services here."

W. C. Anderson, Rosiclare, Illinois, Oct. 29: "I have preached in six meetings this year. Only ten were immersed with seven of these in the last meeting. We immersed a woman here at home last week."

Joe Morris, 2707 Ky Ave., Paducah, Kentucky, Oct. 26: "Good audiences yesterday at Clements Street. A father was baptized yesterday and three identified last week."

Frank Trayler, Chaplain (Major) USAF, P. O. Box 207, Boerne, Texas, Oct. 26: "Two Airmen were baptized into Christ yesterday, when some thirty four attended our service at 1:00 p.m. in Chapel No. 4, Lackland Air Force Base. One of those baptized will be an officer when he graduates. We average five or six members in each officer's class."

Olen Holderby, Coalinga, California, Oct. 30: "Since the first of September there have been eight additions here: four baptisms, one restored, and three by membership. Ted Bollier of Prescott, Arizona, preached in our recent meeting. He did a splendid job. The meeting was conducted with good attendance and a fine interest was manifested by outsiders. We had worked hard for this effort. We continue to enjoy peace an progress. I recently did the preaching in a short meeting at Needles, California, where Norton Dye is now preaching."

Elvis E. Bozarth, T/Sgt. USMC, Hq. Bn. Special Services, 1st Marine Div., % FPO, San Francisco, California, Oct. 29: "Brother Lem Rogers, an Army corporal, is on his way home from Korea for discharge. Lem was the organizer of the Armed Forces church in Seoul. He has been a tireless worker and is going home with our love, admiration and endorsement. He is perhaps the best qualified man to speak on conditions of the church in Korea, particularly of the work in Seoul. He plans to begin a tour on November 20th to extend through Christmas. On this tour he will speak about the Lord's work in Korea and, where requested, show film slides of Korean Christians and other local scenes connected with the church here. We here in Korea who are trying to assist our brethren are anxious for Lem to travel as widely as possible. He will solicit no funds. His tentative plans are to leave his home in Tampa, Florida, for Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and back home. Churches desiring to have him visit, please write to him as soon as possible at 304 E. Osborne Ave. Tampa, Florida. He plans to defray his own expenses. We would appreciate any financial assistance you may render him for travel and for the work in Korea. He plans to enter Florida Christian College in January. We covet your prayers and interest, and invite your inquiries concerning our work here."

A Two Year Report

L. W. Mayo, 81 N. 8th, San Jose, California: "On November 1st we begin our third year with the congregation here. During these two years we have not made a report to any of the papers. It is firmly believed that some progress has been made during these years of work. Since we came to San Jose there have been 56 baptized and about 50 to confess wrongs. Of course some have come by transfer of membership but no effort on my part has been made to keep a count of these. During the past two years we have had Pat Broaddus, Paul Southern, Peter Wilson, and Jimmie Tolle with us in meetings. During the same time I have engaged in four debates and about ten meetings. I would not say that San Jose has been the hardest work in the land, hut will assert that it has not been the easiest. In many things the work here has been hindered though no outstanding trouble has existed. But, the brethren say the work is in the best shape it has ever been. The attendance is better in the last year than before; more have been baptized than in the same length of time before; the contribution has been better than ever before. It is my opinion that there are bright hopes for the future of the work here."

J, T. Marlin, Sweetwater, Texas: "This week three have been baptized and one restored. Those baptized were from denominations. We are having fine interest in our class-work here at Fourth and Elm."

To Whom It May Concern

Portales, New Mexico, October 23, 1953 We, the undersigned, of the University Drive Church of Christ, East Second Street Church of Christ, West Fourth Street Church of Christ make the following joint statement.

We ask the forgiveness and apologize for any unscriptural words or actions on the part of each, and by this joint action the withdrawal of the seven men, at East Second Street, August 16, 1953, is hereby rescinded and charges made by letter of the University Drive congregation are hereby withdrawn.

We trust that all concerned will accept this statement as evidence of restored fellowship, in accordance with the scriptures, between the three congregations here in Portales, New Mexico.


George Calton, Harry L. Delton, Loyd McGee, W. W. McGee, C. C.Starr


L. W. Talley. Henry C. Ingram


R. F. Derengton, Robert L. Allen. W. P. Sikes

Robert C. Copeland, Jr., 410 S. College Ave., Tahlequah, Oklahoma, Oct. 24: "Since moving here from Clarendon, Texas, and starting work here on August 2nd, eight have responded to the invitation — two for baptism, three restored, and three placed membership. All of the old attendance records have been broken on Wednesday nights and our attendance is up for all services. The Church of Christ in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, is growing. This is a friendly church and we welcome visitors to stop and be with us when passing through this old capitol of the Cherokee Nation."

H. F. Sharp, Box 124, Conway, Arkansas, Oct. 27: "C. R. Nichol is to meet D. N. Jackson in debate at Kewanee, Missouri, December 15-18. C. R. Nichol is well prepared to meet any man in debate and D. N. Jackson is a representative man of the Baptists. Plans are being made to publish the debate."

Robert H. Bell, 672 Nineteenth St., San Diego, California: "Our work with the Central congregation, 18th and "0" Streets, continues to be pleasant. Last Lord's Day two Navy boys answered the call of the invitation. One to be baptized, the other to be restored and identified. During the month of October three were baptized, one restored, and one identified. Another Navy man was baptized and his wife restored the latter part of September which was unreported. On November 1st we began a ten-day lecture series on the church. Only local preachers will be used. The Lord willing I will preach in a meeting with the church in Encinitas, California, beginning November 15th. If you have loved ones or friends living here with whom we might visit, please advise."

Gilbert Copeland, 1810 Buchanan, Wichita Falls, Texas, Oct. 28: "Elmer L'Roy of Paris, Texas, closed a good Meeting with the Floral Heights church October 18th. Two were baptized, one restored and two placed membership. In other ways, this was among our very best meetings. It was the best attended meeting in the history of the congregation. Interest was high throughout, and many people who are not members of the church heard the word.

Brother L'Roy did his part in a masterful way, and is appreciated by this congregation."

Joseph W. Baker, 4147 Loma Alta, San Diego, California, October 23: "The congregation at Imperial Beach has been able to acquire a school building which has been moved upon our lot and this building is now in the process of being remodeled into a fine building where the church may meet. We fervently thank God from whom all blessings come, for we believe sincerely that He has answered our prayers, for we needed a building so badly. Within four months, according to our contract, we will have a place of our own in which to meet. Not only will this be a boon to us but it will help to facilitate our work among the people in this community because we will then have adequate classrooms as well as a baptistry and nursery which we do not now have. According to our plans we should have one of the nicest if not the prettiest church buildings in this city. Since last writing we have added nine more by baptism, making 40 that have been added to the church since May. However, we have lost six families within one week recently which diminished our flock by about 15 people. But we feel that those who have moved away from us will carry on in some other place and we intend working harder than ever going from house to house and carrying the glad tidings that many others may come to the Lord. It is interesting to note that this little church which has struggled so valiantly to carry on the Lord's work, overcoming many obstacles and withstanding many trials, has built up almost its entire membership by personal contact from house to house. May God help us always to work and to pray that His cause may be furthered here at this place."

Construction Begins On New Building At Wichita Falls, Texas

Gilbert Copeland Construction on a new building to serve as a meeting place for a new congregation in the southwest part of Wichita Falls, Texas, began on October 19th. The building will be a credit to the church of Christ in this city, and is being built with a vision for growth. The elders of the Floral Heights congregation are taking the responsibility for the construction of this new building, and the Floral Heights church will stand behind this new congregation until it is fully self supporting. The other congregations in the city (located at 10th and Broad, 23rd and Grace, and 909 Lincoln) are cooperating in a financial way in this project, and we have their full weight behind it. It is heartening to see the fine cooperation of the churches of Christ in Wichita Falls in full accord in expanding the borders of the Kingdom of God.

The elders of the Floral Heights church are to be commended for their vision in planning such a beautiful and commodious house of worship for this populous and fast growing section of the city. We prophecy that this new congregation will, within a very few years, be one of the better churches in this section. Already there is about 150 members of the church living in that section of town.

The building will have an auditorium that will seat about 500 people, 16 large classrooms, preacher's study, nursery and four rest rooms. One of the classrooms is what some would choose to call a chapel, with a seating capacity of about eighty five. The building should be complete by March 1st.

Moore - Wallace Debate

Thomas B. Warren, Fort Worth, Texas October 6-9, it was my pleasure to moderate for Brother Elmer Moore, Jr., in his debate with Mr. J. M. Wallace of the United Pentecostal Church, Inc. I believe that this was the most one-sided debate I have ever heard. Mr. Wallace was ignorant both in the scriptures and otherwise. Brother Moore was never seriously challenged in a single argument which he put forth.

Following is how a portion of the debate went. It will be sufficient that readers may understand how the entire debate was.

After taking the position that there is only one person in the Godhead and that Jesus is that one person, and that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one and the same person, gave the following answers to questions: (1)"Jesus Christ is a mediator between men and whom?" Wallace's answer: "God." The contradiction here is self-evident.

(2) "In John 1:1, was Jesus with the Word or was Jesus with God?" Wallace's answer: "Jesus was with God."

(3) "Is the Father of Jesus someone other than Himself, or is He His own Father?" Wallace's answer: "Jesus is not His own father; His father is someone other than Himself. The Holy Spirit is His father." It will be noted that this answer was given AFTER saying that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one and the same person.

On Holy Spirit Baptism: 11) "Which puts one into Christ, water baptism, Holy Spirit baptism, or both water baptism and Holy Spirit baptism?" Wallace's answer: "Both." (2) "When Jesus said in Mark 16:16, 'He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved,' did He mean that everyone who believes the gospel and is baptized in water shall be saved, or have remission of sins?" Wallace's answer: "Yes, that is what He meant." (3) "When one repents and is baptized in water in obedience to Acts 2:38, does he gain remission of sins ?" Wallace's answer: "Yes."

(4) "When the Samaritans believed and were baptized in water according to Acts 8:12, were they saved?" Wallace's answer: "NO." The candid reader will need no one to' point out the inconsistencies here.

This was brother Moore's first public discussion, but he handled himself like a veteran. I feel certain that much good will come from it.