Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 6, 1953
NUMBER 13, PAGE 14-15


Bill Humble, 6646 Rockhill Road, Kansas City, Missouri, July 31: "On July 26 I closed a meeting with the Fulton, Kentucky, congregation. Results were: six baptisms and three restorations. The meeting was especially pleasant from a personal standpoint, since I spent one summer (1945) preaching for the Fulton church while Charles Houser, their preacher then, was away in meetings. Don Kester works with them at present, and he is doing a splendid job. Their auditorium will not accommodate the Sunday morning audiences. The 39th and Flora church, here in Kansas City, recently had 259 in Bible school; an all time record."

Gorin Rutherford, 1619 Jackson, Loveland, Colorado, July 27: "The church in Loveland, Colorado, concluded a ten day Vacation Bible School July 24. The enrollment was 83 and the average daily attendance was 64. August 28 through September 6 will be the date of a meeting in which Luther G. Roberts of Corsicana, Texas, will do the preaching. Three have been baptized recently in Loveland. Two became interested as a result of hearing the Herald of Truth."

Joe H. Morris, 2707 Ky. Ave., Paducah, Kentucky, July 27: "Another fine day at Clements St. yesterday. Though without visible results we closed a good meeting at Barlow, Kentucky, last week. There was not a small audience. I begin meetings at Antioch, Tennessee, August 9, and Walter Hill, Tennessee, August 16. Our Monday through Friday program over Radio Station WPAD is widely heard. It is the most effective program I have ever done in 25 years broadcasting."

Ira B. Sandusky, South Park Church, Beaumont, Texas, July 15: "Our work goes along here in Beaumont about as usual. Of course summer slump hits us as most other places, but still we press on and keep faith and hope up. Began second year here July 1 and brighter prospects than a year ago. Treasurer reports the past year is best in history of the church in offerings and in attendance also, for which we are grateful. We had some 88 respond to invitation the past year-12 of them baptisms — and we think things are in shape to go forward. Bud Irvine was here with us in a gospel meeting the last of April with three baptized and several by transfer. He is to return next year. I was in a meeting at Jasper the first part of April in which three were baptized. Norman Starling is doing good work there. Church sent me to Bandera in June with W. R. Swinney. One was baptized there."

Floyd Embree, 1203 Merchant, Artesia, New Mexico, July 26: "Today there was one baptized and two identified. One was restored last Lord's Day."

One of the local members of the church of Christ in Crystal City operates a nice barber shop and is in need of a helper. Crystal City is a town of 7,500 people and only has two barbers. If interested in a good location write to Edgar Furr. Minister, church of Christ, 417 W. Dimmit St., Crystal City, Texas.

W. E. Fortney, 162 Harrison, Clarksburg, West Virginia, July 27: "The meeting at Wileyville, West Virginia, was successful. Seven precious souls, including some Baptists and Methodists, were baptized into Christ. Good interest prevailed throughout the meeting."

Thomas Allen Robertson, 2425 Belle St., San Bernardino, California. July 28: "On July 19 I brought to a close two years of labor with the church in Ontario, California. I am now working with the church here in San Bernardino, California. The church in Ontario is, as a whole, one of the best in Southern California, or we might say anywhere. Our labors there were as nearly completely enjoyable as is possible in this life. The church there will support the truth to the fullest extent. While we were with the church in Ontario we saw it grow and develop in almost every way. There were one hundred and seven additions — twenty seven baptisms, forty seven restorations, and thirty eight by placing membership, during our stay there. We are looking forward to a pleasant and profitable work with the church here in San Bernardino. The church here seems to be in splendid shape to go forward. Brother Wright Randolph has done a very fine work here for the past almost ten years. As a sound gospel preacher Brother Randolph has few equals and even fewer peers. In the services here last Sunday there were two restorations and two placed membership. Will all my correspondents please note the change of address as listed above."

Robert A. Bolton, Box 245, Lometa, Texas, Aug. 1: "Our first year of work with the Lometa church came to a close with Silas Howell of Llano conducting a ten day meeting in which thirteen obeyed the gospel. During this year there has been four meetings and one lectureship held here, and I have been privileged to do the preaching in meetings in Goldthwaite, Brady, and Elm Grove, Texas, as well as Talihina, Oklahoma, and Sterling, Colorado. The Colorado meeting was a mission meeting supported by the Lometa church. Clemon M. Muse, supported by the Kress, Texas, congregation, is doing an excellent job in Sterling. Last night I began in Bend, Texas, to assist the church there in its meeting until Wallace Layton of Houston arrives Monday night. Our summer schedule of work away from home comes to a close with meetings at Bowser, Texas, beginning August 10, and Melvin, Texas, beginning August 24. The daily radio program over KCYL in Lampasas, 1450 on the dial, at 1:00 p.m., continues to bear fruit by reaching thousands with the gospel of Christ for the first time. We rejoice, but lest we 'grow weary in well doing' we 'press on.' When in Central Texas, visit and worship in Lometa with one of the best 'little' congregations in the brotherhood."

Support For Spanish Preacher In Las Vegas, New Mexico, Stopped For Lack Of Funds

Mack Kercheville, El Paso, Texas I have just received a letter dated July 15, 1953, from the elders of the Anglo church in Las Vegas, New Mexico, stating that they had been forced to terminate their support of Brother Joe Gomez, the Spanish preacher there. For some time now the Anglo church has received contributions from various churches over the country for the preaching of the gospel in both English and Spanish in and around Las Vegas. But, now because of the needs of the English speaking field, and because of a lack of funds, they have had to drop their help for the Spanish speaking work.

Brother Gomez is asking the assistance of brethren in this matter. Not only the church at Las Vegas, but other small Spanish speaking churches in that area are in need of help. I visited these brethren personally last fall and feel that they are worthy of your cooperation. One or two congregations are already helping by sending contributions directly to the Spanish brethren. The Spanish church in Las Vegas has elders and deacons and the brethren there are perfectly capable, in my opinion, of receiving funds for their own work and reporting to the contributors. I recommend that brethren everywhere, especially those who have contributed so generously to the Las Vegas field in the past because of their interest in the Spanish work, give this need special consideration. For more information get in touch with Brother Joe Gomez, 1427 Eighth St., Las Vegas, New Mexico. It would be fine also to contact the Anglo church there (8th St. Church of Christ) for their recommendation in the matter. Please don't send any money to me for this work. Send it direct to the brethren in Las Vegas.

Ernest A. Finley, 250 N. Millwood Ave., Wichita, Kansas: "In three months we will have completed our third year of work with the congregation here at West Douglas. The association has been most pleasant. We averaged 186 in our Vacation Bible School, about forty higher than last year, and an all-time record. Five have placed membership with us in the past two weeks. I do not have all of my time filled for meetings in 1954. I would especially like to hold meetings in the northwest, either Washington or Oregon. Brother A. Hugh Clark is to conduct our fall meeting in October. Our smallest daughter, Anne, who was critically injured recently when a tree fell on her, has completely recovered in so far as we can tell. We appreciate deeply the many prayers that were said in her behalf."

J. T. Marlin, Box 917, Sweetwater, Texas, July 30: "One was baptized at 4th and Elm Sunday. I am to be with the Meads Chapel congregation, Nashville, Tennessee, August 16-25."

M. C. Cuthbertson, Box 6343, Tucson, Arizona, July 27: "Country Club Road church has had one of the best months in the work here. Some new records established in attendance and contributions, even though it is summer when these things are low as a rule. Six have been baptized; six by membership, and one fine man came from the Christian Church. I did the preaching during the last half of June in a meeting at Flagstaff, Arizona. Two were baptized during this meeting. Brother A. E. Harper is doing an excellent work with the church there. I begin August 3rd with the Culver City, California, church to continue for two weeks."

James W. Reynolds, Pueblo, Colorado, July 27: "The meeting with the church in Rocky Ford, Colorado, came to a close July 15. The interest was fine throughout the meeting. This congregation has made fine progress in the last twelve months. Milton Simmons is the preacher there. In the last six weeks five have been baptized, seven identified, and three restored in our local work here in Pueblo. Worship with the Broadway and Orman church of Christ when in Pueblo."

Dennis Kellogg, Box 363, Holliday, Texas, July 26: "Brother Paul Southern did the preaching in a meeting here the first ten days of July. Three were baptized, three confessed error, and one placed membership. Brother Southern certainly did some fine teaching and endeared himself to all of us. He promised us some time for another meeting in 1955. I have just returned from a gospel meeting with the church at Teague, Texas. We had three responses there, one baptism and two confessions of wrongs. The average attendance for our 7:00 a.m. services was sixty nine. Brother David Parker is their beloved preacher."

W. G. Poplin, 1918 Rose Ave., Santa Rosa, California, July 20: "Brother Sherman Cannon of Modesto, California, recently was with us at Ukiah, California, in a two weeks meeting. Much lasting good was accomplished. One 75year-old lady was born into the family of God. For the past two years there has been unrest in the congregation because of misunderstandings between some of the members. This trouble has now all been cleared away, and peace and harmony prevail. I shall have time for one meeting in late summer or about the first of the year, at small expense to the congregation served."