Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 23, 1953
NUMBER 11, PAGE 14-15


W. E. Fortney, 162 Harrison, Clarksburg, West Virginia, July 15: "The meeting at Garrell's Run, W. Va., was successful. Eight precious souls were baptized into Christ."

Choice L. Bryant, 165 S. Fiftheenth St., Salem, Oregon, July 14: "I am in the beginning of a protracted meeting in Baker, Oregon. There were two baptisms during the two weeks I served the Southwest church in Phoenix, Arizona, as visiting evangelist June 21 through July 1. There was one baptism at Central in Salem while I was home the first two Sundays in July. I am to be in Vancouver, B. C., July 21-31."

Floyd Embree, 1203 Merchant, Artesia, New Mexico, July 12: "From June 7-14 I was with the church in Medford, Oregon. This congregation is about two years old but has progressed much. They have a nice building which will adequately care for more than 300. They are supporting Brother M. E. Tisdale and are making their influence felt in Medford. Two were baptized during the meeting. Brother David Allen of Brownwood, Texas, preached here in my absence. There were two baptized here, and several restored and identified. Two were baptized last Lord's day."

Ralph R. Givens, 555 Twelfth St., Yuma, Arizona, July 13: "Within the past two weeks five have been baptized and two restored."

Joe H. Morris, 2707 Ky Ave., Paducah, Ky., July 13: "With home forces leading the Clements Street church closed a very fine mission meeting in the Oakdale section of the city last Friday night. Brother C. M. Leneave our song leader directed the songs. There was not a small audience. Three were baptized and one restored. Too, we enjoyed a good day at Clements Street yesterday. I begin a meeting at Barlow, Ky., tonight. Our audiences here defy the torrid heat."

Frank Trayler, Chaplain (Maj.) USAF, Box 207, Boerne, Texas, July 12: "A service is conducted for members of the church at 1:00 p.m. each Lord's day in Chapel No. 4 (Bldg. 6417) at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. Although I am based at Kelly Air Force Base, I hold the service. Parents and friends of 'Airmen' should advise them of this service."

J. David Taylor, Box 242, Gould, Oklahoma, July 9: "Gould church of Christ closes a fine Vacation Bible School and Singing School combined, assisted by this writer-evangelist July 10. Brethren Floyd Hoover, Hedrick church; George Wilkins, Eldorado church; and Raymond Copening, Duke church, have rendered fine assistance."

Max L. Johnson, 921 S. W. 18th St., Fort Lauderdale, Florida, July 6: "The writer began work with the only congregation in this city July 5. There was one baptism at the morning service. The congregation seems anxious to do things for the Lord in this community."

Sam Medford, Rt. 1, Box 456, Creswell, Oregon: "Grover W. Holton of Fort Cobb, Oklahoma, is full time preacher at the London church now. He is with the exception of a six months period, the only regular preacher London has ever had. The church is the oldest in the state and was organized about sixty five years ago. The church is very well pleased with Brother Holton's preaching. The writer was guest speaker at the Keizer church at Salem recently where Richard Berry is the regular preacher. Brother Berry has been there less than a year and the attendance and membership has a little more than doubled. The writer was also guest speaker recently at Roseburg where they are without a regular preacher temporarily. A Gospel meeting has just closed at Cottage Grove with Henry A. Lynch of Gainesville doing the preaching. There was one baptism. Richard Morrison is the regular preacher."

Milton E. Truex, Box 183, Piggott, Arkansas, July 13: "Saturday evening, July 11, I baptized a man. Sunday evening, July 12, I baptized three ladies. I have baptized 33 people since I last reported to this paper. We are enjoying work here in Piggott. As a rule we are having over three hundred out for Bible study. We hope to reach four hundred soon."

Keith Thompson, Jordan, Ontario, July 8: "The churches of Christ in Ontario are presently engaged in one of the most energetic efforts in their history. We are attempting to strengthen the existing congregations and establish new ones wherever possible. Brother Roy E. Cogdill will be spending the greater part of his time in future months preaching in these endeavors. Brother Cogdill just concluded a meeting with the Jordan church in which two were baptized, one restored, and the church greatly edified. He is now engaged in a gospel meeting with the church at Griersville, located several miles south of Meaford, Ontario. Following the Griersville meeting Brother Cogdill will begin at Meaford and continue there for two weeks. While in the Meaford area he is preaching daily over the radio station at the nearby city of Owen Sound. Then Brother Cogdill will go to Ice Lake, on Manatoulin Island, for a meeting with the church there. He will then return to the United States for several meetings and come back to this province in the fall for more meetings. Much good has already been accomplished and we look for even greater progress in the future. Brethren, pray for the work in Ontario."

Lectures On Roman Catholicism

M. L. Sexton, Haynesville, Louisiana Brother O. C. Lambert of Decatur, Alabama, will be in Haynesville, Louisiana, from August 31 through September 6 to deliver a series of lectures on Roman Catholicism. The church in Haynesville is inviting all who can to come and be with us for this meeting. The members of the church will furnish lodging for as many as possible at no cost. You will furnish your own meals. If you can come write to M. L. Sexton, Box 705, Haynesville, La., so reservations can be made for you. Do this as soon as possible.

The subjects are as follows: August 31 — The Falling Away and the Restoration; Paganism; Fraud; Falsehood and Forgery. September 1 — Hierarchy, Sacraments; Confessional and Purgatory. September 2 — Mariolitry; Saints; Images and Sacramentals. September 3 — Superstition; Ignorance; and Foolish Doctrines. September 4 — Un-scriptural; Anti-scriptural; Tradition; Canon Law; Catholic Morals. September 5 — Catholicism — A Threat To Our Free Institutions. September 6 — Summary: Apostolicity; Unity; Holiness; Infallibility.

Tice Elkins, 4428 Gresham St., San Diego 9, California, June 15: "When you see this in print, the writer will be back in the Southwestern General Hospital, El Paso, Texas. The heart ailment for which I came to this place has been corrected, and seems to be going strong again. But while the altitude did that for me, the climate, or rather the damp, foggy air, has caused what appears to be a return of the trouble in my chest and throat which brought me to New Mexico several years ago. I am convinced that I cannot overcome that without specialist treatment in a hospital, and reservations are being made for me there. Wife and I will, go there by train next week, and she will go on after a few days to our home in Alamogordo, New Mexico. My address while in El Paso will be Southwestern General Hospital, El Paso, Texas."

John T. Overbey, 15th and Deleware, Tulsa, Oklahoma, July 8: "We have had fine interest in the church here these past few weeks and have baptized about sixteen or eighteen during the months of May and June. I am at this writing in a meeting at Valdese, North Carolina; will be at Wilksboro July 16-26; and then at Hickory, North Carolina from July 27 through August 5. These meetings were arranged by Brother William Wallace of Hickory and I am being supported in them by the 15th and Delaware church."

R. R. Givens, 555 Twelfth St., Yuma, Arizona, July 8: "Conditions have changed somewhat for the better. We have baptized about twenty since the first of the year, most of them men and women, and at present we have several other good prospects. We have the building air conditioned now and it surely is wonderful. Interest is fine in every respect."