Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 22, 1951

Porter To Meet Abercrombie

H. A. Pincer, Jr., East Point, Georgia

Through the dates of December 4, 5, 6, 7, brother Curtis Porter will meet Cecil Abercrombie in debate on the class question here in the East Point church building. Sessions will be at night.

For a number of years J. A. Dennis, an anti-class preacher, has accused the churches in the Atlanta area of being afraid to meet the anti-class position in public discussion. His challenges have been general, and his attacks decidedly bitter. Two years ago at the close of the Puckett-Crowder Debate on the music question a local anti-class preacher, McCallum, gained the floor and issued a challenge to our brethren. This move was to leave the impression that we occupy the same relation to "Sunday School" that the Christian Church does to instrumental music. This move on the part of the anti-class faction was intended to rescue a lost cause and to soothe the conscience of the Christian Church, and to gain recognition for the factious, anti-class group. In private conversation with Dennis at Taft, Tennessee, brother Frank Puckett later found that the presentation of this challenge was by prearrangement between Dennis and Crowder. (I wonder if Crowder's brethren knew this.) After the Puckett-Crowder Debate, Dennis was invited to speak to the students of the Atlanta Christian College where Crowder is president. This is another indication of the unholy alliance between Dennis and Crowder. Dennis said that he "let them have it on the music question," but judging from what he has said over the radio I think that we may safely conclude that he also told them that they were no worse than his "Sunday School" brethren. At any rate this is his belief.

Thus, a little more prominence is added to this debate as it will also serve to show the Christian Church people that Bible classes and instrumental music are not on a par. Word has come that the Atlanta Christian College student body will attend the debate. Let us hope the information is well founded.

Because of a bad heart Dennis cannot do the debating himself, but he will moderate for Abercrombie. Everyone who knows W. Curtis Porter will rest assured that the truth is in capable hands. John Dillingham will moderate for brother Porter. The debate will be printed if there is a demand for it. A number of homes will be opened to visiting brethren. Visitors from out of town who wish a place to stay during the debate will please contact the writer at 913 South Church Street, East Point, Georgia.