Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 26, 1951
NUMBER 12, PAGE 14-15


More On Africa

J. C. Reed, Stanton, Texas The recent letter from brother George Hook stating that S. D. Garrett had been teaching premillennialism at Wuyuwuyu in Southern Rhodesia made very interesting reading to me. Brother Garrett has in the past worked with some of the brethren whom brother Caskey was defending, and has been in full fellowship with nearly all the workers in Northern Rhodesia. He had charge of brother W. N. Short's printing while brother Short was in the States about two years ago. While Garrett was printing "Rays of Light,' a gospel paper for the white people of South Africa, he printed frequent articles from R.. H. Boll, E. L. Jorgenson, and other well known premillennialists.

During a discussion we had last year (the night of May 21, 1950) brother Short was subjected to some criticism for having called on S. D. Garrett to preach at Nannwianga. Brother and sister Short both warmly defended Garrett, and denied that he was a premillennialist. Brother Short said he had known Garrett for ten years, had worked closely with him, had often discussed the doctrine, and knew that Garrett was not a premillennialist. And all the time he was talking I had incontrovertible evidence in writing (and still have it) that Garrett was a premillennialist and had been teaching that doctrine for a long time! Brother George Hook's letter stating Garrett's position was simply a corroboration of what I had known for quite a while.

Please remember that I have tried to make it clear that the workers in Africa are divided into three classes: (1) those faithful brethren who have vigorously opposed premillennialism; (2) several who have not believed the doctrine, but have not opposed it, and have collaborated with those who did teach it; and (3) several others (including S. D. Garrett, A. T. Phillips, and J. C. Shewmaker) who have actively taught premillennialism.


Another Preacher Changes

Luther G. Roberts, Clovis, N. M.

At the services of the Sixteenth and Pile Streets church in Clovis, New Mexico, July 8, 1951, brother and sister Boyd C. Glover made confession of the sin of opposing and disfellowshipping the churches of Christ that use the class system of teaching in their work and identified themselves with the church in Clovis which uses the class system of teaching. Brother Glover has been the preacher for the Eastside Church of Christ, which opposes the class system of teaching, for some three years. He is a young man of excellent character, and is also an excellent preacher of the gospel. He is well educated having graduated from Abilene Christian College in January, 1949. He has also done graduate work in Eastern New Mexico University.

It was a big sacrifice in some ways for brother Glover and his wife to make this change. But this is an indication of their sincerity and earnestness as members of the body of Christ. He is a faithful worker, a clear thinker, and is honest with himself and his Lord. Although I and some others had talked to him about the class system of teaching, brother Glover made the decision to make this change by his own study of the class system of teaching.

Since I moved to Clovis in February, 1948 to preach for the 9th and Connelly Streets church, now the 16th and Pile Streets church, several members of the church that opposed the class method of teaching have left that congregation and identified themselves with the congregation where I preach. Among the number was the assistant preacher and his wife who made the change a few weeks ago. This was brother and sister C. W. Sorgen. Brother Glover would like to give his full time to the preaching of the gospel and by all means should do so. Any church in need of a preacher would be fortunate to secure him. I commend him heartily to the fellowship of the churches for his fine Christian character, and for his work's sake. Any church interested in contacting him may do so by writing him at 611 East 11th, or calling him at telephone number 5113, Clovis, New Mexico. Or you may write or call me at 2312 Axtell, or telephone numbers 4860 or 6846, Clovis, New Mexico.


From Grant's Pass Oregon

"Because of misleading information which has recently been published concerning the congregation worshipping at 112 Evelyn Avenue, Grant's Pass, Oregon, we wish to make the following statement:

"We do not oppose Christian colleges, and we do use preachers who have attended and graduated from the same.

"The present minister of this congregation does endorse Christian colleges insofar as they abide in the doctrine of Christ. He has been with us nearly five years. Some of the preachers who have preached for us are: Maurice Meredith, Hugh Boydston, G. Henry Towell, Hugh Tiner, Rue Porter, J. C. Roady, Maurice Tisdale, M. Lloyd Smith, Walter Teel. Two young evangelists who are now attending school occupy the pulpit when they are available —Royce Reynolds, and John York.

"We trust this will correct any misleading statements that may have been published concerning the congregation here. We wish to blend all our efforts toward the salvation of souls in this section while it is day. If you are interested in moving into this section of the country, we will welcome you to work and worship with us according to the New Testament pattern in simplicity and love."

Grant's Pass Church of Christ 112 N. E. Evelyn Avenue Grants Pass, Oregon Elders:

Wallace Rice Cecil Roberts Glen W. Lundy Minister:

Glen W. Lundy


Forrest D. Moyer, 1502 S. Third St., Tucumcari, N. M., July 10: "It was my privilege to preach in a meeting in Alpine, Texas, June 24 through July 1. Brother Larry Etheridge directed the song service. There were 14 responses to the invitation."


John W. Wilson, 1355 Roxbury Drive, San Bernardino, Calif., July 10: "Just closed a 15-day meeting in Pixley, Calif. There were eight baptized and two placed membership. Elbert Johnson is the faithful and able preacher and helped in every way to make my stay both profitable and pleasant. He loves the truth and stands for it. I am to return in March, 1952. Kenneth W. Wilson, our son, led the singing in an able manner. If you need me for a meeting in 1952, please write me. All of my time is spent in meeting work. Every call will be appreciated and much of my time for next year is still not promised, Let me hear from you."


Esten Macon, 4707 Twelfth Ave., Chattanooga 7, Tenn., July 11: "Fine audiences characterized the meeting at Buna, Texas, June 17-27, where Glen Wise is the loved minister. One was restored and many visitors heard the gospel for the first time. This was my second meeting at Buna. My 1951 meeting schedule has been filled. The work at 47th Street goes well.'


Joe H. Morris, 2707 Kentucky Ave., Paducah, Ky., July 12: "Brother Robert Presnell of Rich Pond, Ky., and I closed a fine meeting at Polkville, Ky., last night with two baptized and one restored. Brother Presnell is a good song leader. The Bowling Green churches supported the meeting well. Our new building at Clements St. goes up on schedule. We plan to be in it about the middle of November. I begin a meeting at Rockvale, Tenn., July 16 and at Florence on July 23.'


Edward J. Craddock, 1714 Cass St., Nashville 8, Tenn., July 11: "The brethren have kept me busy the first six months of 1951 in Florida, Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee. Just closed with the Radnor church in Nashville, Thurston Lee, regular preacher, Sammy Smith, song leader, with four baptisms, two restorations. Brethren from 35 congregations, 10 states, attended and encouraged the work, making the 71st meeting I've conducted in and adjoining Nashville. Preached for my home congregation, Twelfth Avenue church, Sunday. A man and wife were baptized. Begin a meeting Sunday, July 15 at Booneville, Miss.'


C. C. Doggett, Grider, Ky., July 13: "Just returned from a good meeting with the Corinth congregation located near Wilkerson, Miss., in which three were baptized into Christ, and one restored. This meeting was in the extreme southwestern corner of the state. Much of the preaching in this and the surrounding territory has been of the soft and compromising type. Never have I engaged in a meeting where there was better attendance, attention to the preaching, or better order. Many visited from Natchez and from the towns of Ferriday and Monterey across the river in Louisiana. I hope to be back with them again next year. After September 1, I shall move to Spring City, Tenn., where I shall preach for that congregation during the coming year.'


Walter W. Leamons, Junction, Texas, July 10: "Brother Marshall Davis is preaching in a good meeting at London. Brethren Edgar Furr and Austin Taylor are to begin a 10-day meeting at Cleo on August 17. My family and I Llano St. I preached Sunday at Eldorado, Segovia and are happy to be settled in our own home here at 909 N. Cleo and am scheduled to return to all three places next Lord's day."


R. A. Craig, Shelbyville, Ky., July 9: "I was at Nicholas-vine, Ky., last Sunday. Will be at Fairmount next Sunday and at Elizabethtown the following Sunday. Our Vacation Bible school at Shelbyville was a success-84 present on the last day. We hope to begin at Lawrenceburg, Ky., soon. There seems to be very little interest in planting the Cause in the towns in this section of the state. Churches are spending large sums of money, but none of it is going into the work here.'


A. B. Finley, Box 1255, Goldthwaite, Texas: "The Lord's work here is progressing nicely. Our spring meeting is now history with five responses to the gospel invitation. My son, Ernest A. Finley, of Wichita, Kansas, did the preaching and he has been asked to return in 1952 for another meeting. We are looking forward to our next meeting July 20, with brother Roy L. Foutz of Tulsa, Oklahoma, doing the preaching. The new building, which is not yet two years old, is now free of debt. Last Lord's day a new record was set in Bible school attendance. A young man was baptized at the close of the evening service. When traveling this way this summer, stop and worship with us. A hearty welcome will be waiting for you.'


L. L. Gieger, 1205 S. W. 36, Oklahoma City, Okla., July 10: "It was my privilege to assist the church in Charleston, S. C., in a series of meetings from June 20 to July 1, in which one was baptized. Brother James E. Laird and his faithful wife are doing a great work with this little band of devoted disciples. The meeting was supported by the Capitol Hill church here as a part of of its program to help in areas where the church is numerically weak. Charleston, of about 150,000 population, has a congregation of about 135 white people, and a small congregation of colored people started about a year ago. Some 13 years ago five or six faithful ones started worshipping in a home, then secured a room in a public building, and about a year later purchased their present lot, which is ideally located in the best section of the city, and erected a small meeting house. When brother and sister Laird moved there they were 100 miles from the nearest churches—Columbia, Augusta, Savannah. During the less than three years they have been there, a colored congregation has been established and a full-time preacher secured; a congregation at Georgetown, 60 miles distant, has been started and brother Smith drives there from Charleston every Sunday morning to preach for them; two other churches have been started, each composed of a few members. One of the Nashville churches pays for a four-day-a-week radio program over a local station, and the brethren truly have a mind to work. They need a larger building and certainly deserve any help that can be given them. Were their present building enlarged and brick-veneered they would be in position to really make progress. The church there is new and the deep-rooted prejudice so apparent in some sections is not prevalent yet. You may write brother Laird at 35 Piedmont.'