Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 18, 1971
NUMBER 44, PAGE 8,9b

Can I Worship With The Liberals?

Tom Wheeler

I presume that most readers agree that a Christian cannot worship with man-made denominations without being a partaker in their evil deeds. So, named denominations are not under consideration in this article. What we have in mind is the church that has become denominational in ark everything but name.

People go away on vacation or even an extended business trip and return with comments that go something like this. "You wouldn't believe what the church is doing over in Empty Hollow." "I didn't know the church at such-and-such a place had gone as far off as they have." "My eyes were really opened over at Blank and Blank." These comments could go on endlessly, but this will get the point across.

I know that all of these things (of which they speak) are going on, for I have either seen them personally or have read about them from a reliable source. My question is; can I participate in the worship service if I know the people I am meeting with are involved in unscriptural works?

Let us say that I go to a strange town and find a building with a sign over the door that reads; Church of Christ. (Most of the Christians I know would leave immediately if they heard a piano playing inside.) I walk into the foyer and look at the track rack and bulletin board according to my usual custom. I soon learn that they are making up a special contribution for some man-made benevolent institution. They send a token contribution to the "Herald of Truth," and a representative from "World Radio" is coming the first Wednesday in next month and will be allowed to address the adult class. I see a sign with an arrow pointing to the fellowship hall (or whatever name they use for the recreational area). Their tracts are all written by liberals and there is some literature about the "Christian'?'" college in the area. None of these things represent "sound doctrine." Should I worship with them, or leave?

How can I worship (participate jointly with them in the acts of worship) with them without giving sanction to their evil deeds? They will pray for the advancement of their cause. They do not know, or will not recognize God's purpose for the church and its members, so they will be praying for the advancement of their cause. I can't pray with them. Most agree that we couldn't lay by in store so we will not go into that. Songs are designed for several things, but let us talk about the one at the end of the lesson. They choose "Come, Come Today." They are inviting people to come obey the "first principles" and join with them in denominational error. Now the song doesn't say a thing about denominational error, but those who come will be considered a part of that local "ekklesia" and join in their unscriptural practices. I can't sing with them.

I can't eat the Lord's Supper with them either, for by this time I am so upset over their unscriptural practices that I can't have fellowship with them in the remembrance of this great sacrifice.

I believe when we leave home we should know where faithful brethren meet and make sure we are there to meet with them at all regular services and others that they might be having. We should be interested enough in this part of our service unto God that we check ahead of time. Many make motel reservations before leaving home, have the car checked, make sure they have all of their recreational gear, and don't forget the travelers' checks and/or credit cards. But what about God's family; where do they meet? Oh, if we don't find them in a few minutes, we can have a good excuse to relax on Sunday.

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