Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 18, 1971
NUMBER 40, PAGE 9b-10a

Signs Of The Times

Garreth L. St. Clair

The great danger facing many Christians today is compromise with the prevailing customs. What we mean by this statement is that too many church members are willing to compromise principles of revealed truth for unity. Such an attitude has been gaining wide acceptance in the church for the past two or three generations, and is now being severely felt in some congregations of God's people from coast to coast. We have of late been seeing increased acceptance of customs and attitudes which were unheard of in churches 25 years ago. We point out some of these things below:

Acceptance Of Immoral Dress And Sex Ungodliness:

One of the most open and often seen violation of New Testament principles of morality and decency is immodest apparel, such items of wear as the mini-skirt, micro miniskirt, topless apparel (I don't think church members have started wearing these yet, but if the trend continues in some congregations, "watch out").

The acceptance of some well known church of Christ ministers?????? of sexual ungodliness among men, is another area of deep concern by many sane thinking men and women in the church of Christ. If such men's mouths are not stopped, what effects will this have on the church members who are weak anyway? I am sure that we can see such ungodliness on the part of professed church members in nearly all congregations. If we continue to shun these areas in our teaching and preaching programs, we can simply look for the condition to become even worse in coming years.

Liberalism And Modernism:

The developments of liberalism and modernism are well established in some congregations today. Not only is this being accomplished but these liberal and Modernistic congregations are seeking to liberalize and modernize their conservative neighbors (gain control of their work). Liberalism and modernism in general terms is an approach to the Bible which questions the accuracy of its contents where they disagree with certain religious practice or action of the congregation or its members. There are deeper and more elaborate ways to explain liberalism and modernism but this simple definition will suffice. We ought to recognize the dangers confronting us in this area (Liberalism and Modernism) and be prepared to stand militantly against it, Jude 3; I Tim. 3:15; 11 Tim. 4:1-8.


II Peter 1:10 — "Wherefore the rather brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure ..."

— Browley, California 92227