Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 26, 1970
NUMBER 29, PAGE 8b-9a


Mike T. Rogacs

Today's popular philosophy of "modern thinkers" seems to have been expressed very well in a "pop song" of a few years back. The lyrics of particular interest were: "Go where you want to go, do what you want to do." The tune, as I recall, was quite catchy; so very much so that the philosophy has caught on. The words, "It's my body and I'll do what I want with it," and "It's supposed to be a free country, isn't it?" echo like a broken record from the lips of many who seek "freedom" from what has in times past been considered as normal moral values and society conduct. For these creatures, to follow such "normal" patterns tends to restrict their precious freedom.

While casually looking at a picture reprint of one of this nation's scenic four lane highways, it occurred to me to apply such philosophy to driving an automobile: why not let any driver who wishes go where he wants to go and do what he wants to do? It is easy to see that such application would be disastrous. The reason for white and yellow lines and median strips with signs indicating "Keep Off Median" and "Do Not Pass On Yellow Line" is to aid you in driving so that you may be able to reach your destination without harm. In fact, if you and the other driver observe all messages from lines and signs, neither of you will be harmed.

Obvious is it not? Yet can you imagine someone thinking that these lines are only hindering his freedom to travel (it's a free country isn't it!) and therefore proceeds to wander all over the road - in every lane? Could you picture a driver entering an exit ramp to a busy freeway in the name of freedom of movement? The simple fact is unless signs and lines are observed to the best of everyone's ability, someone is going to harm himself and others — all in the name of freedom.

The same reasoning applies to moral guidelines. Certainly, every man has the right to attain whatever goal he has in mind, just as the traveler has the right to go anywhere on his vacation. Yet, just as the yellow and white lines direct you down a safe pathway, the guidelines of society and of God are there to show you the safe pathway towards your goal in life.

Going further with our reasoning, what will happen when one — in the name of freedom, again — ventures out of lines from the normal flow of traffic? The answer is, he will harm himself and others. Those who advocate free sex do not stop to consider that promiscuity promotes venereal disease which often leads to death. This disease can and does infect both the male and the female in sexual relations with side effects upon the child whose mother was ridden with the disease. Those who advocate the use of drugs of all types run the danger of losing sanity, harming or killing innocent bystanders (or partakers), and even the loss of their own lives. Surely it can be easily seen that this is like entering an exit ramp!

Such applications can be far reaching. Demonstrators violate the freedom of movement of other citizens and often so do picketing labor unions — with both examples of "freedom of speech" stopping the speech of others with destruction of property and of life. Drinking of any kind of liquor impairs one's thinking ability and again often ends in cruel words and actions which were unintentional. Can we not understand that this is passing on a yellow line?

Immorality is a freedom of all lanes. It can only end in a catastrophe. But, that is what we get when a generation rejects the word of God and the rule of governments which are ordained of God: and that my friend is what has caused today's twisted philosophy of the "modern thinker."

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