Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 19, 1970


Edgar Furr

In the Sunrise congregation here in El Paso we have a number of people who can speak fluently in different tongues; Low German, High German, Japanese, Portugese, French, Spanish, a little Greek, Latin and the sign language of the deaf — all of which are unknown to me. None of these people claim Holy Spirit Baptism as a reason for being able to speak in these languages; and Paul forbids the use of such languages, according to I Cor. 14, because everyone in the congregation can speak English. All of this writing, claiming Holy Spirit Baptism evidenced by "tongue speaking" is just so much humbuggery. Inasmuch as we have one deaf family, the sermons are translated to this family by a woman who is able to do so.

Words are symbols of ideas. In Genesis 11 God created different languages. There is no such thing as a tongue or language "unknown" to everyone on earth. Today, Latin is referred to as a "dead" language, (not in common usage) but is not unknown to everyone.

In Col. 3:16 hymn singing is commanded to deliver a message of teaching and admonition. An instrument of music cannot deliver a message, but rather interferes with the message being delivered.

When we come together we have a song and a sermon; and this is done unto edifying. If one of the audience cannot speak the tongue of the assembly and hath not an interpreter, let him keep silent and speak to himself and to God; I Cor. 14:26-28.

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