Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 8, 1970

"Now Cut That Out"

H. L. Bruce

One doesn't have to listen to the "Thirty nine year old comedian" very long until he finds occasion to tell some one, "Now, cut that out." How he says it makes it humorous. As I ponder this the humor wears off, and the thought occurs as to how many grave and serious problems could be solved by a proper and accurate application of this principle.

I recently observed a sign where the Pope is pictured as having said, "The pill is a no - no." I could not help but think how much better it would have been to have told what Jesus said about pre-martial sex. As to the implications of birth-control, where is the passage which expresses the Popes' concept? Of course, the Pope doesn't think that he needs a passage. His ipse dexit is enough. People need to "cut out" listening to the Pope. Jesus will be our Judge. (Acts 17:31) He will judge us according to His Word.

Our brethren need to learn the utility of cutting out a lot of things. As a matter of fact we need to avoid everything that is hurtful to the cause of Christ. For instance, there are those who are hyper-sensitive and hyper-critical. They go about with their feelings ruffled and their tongue aflame. A lot of times those who preach and teach the truth are their victims. In my judgment, if brethren would "cut out" some of this hyper-critical — hyper-sensitive non-sense the preacher shortage would not be what it is today. The Lord's work is too important for a man to have to spend his time appeasing the hyper-sensitive or trying to satisfy the hypercritical. If you fall into either of the afore mentioned categories, why not grow up and cut that out.

If brethren would cut out their disrespect for Divine authority the church would be spared much of its present shame. Our problem will not be solved in learning to condone error, but rather in learning to respect that which is written. Instead of preaching to loyal brethren that they should be pacifist, we should tell brethren to stop their disrespect for the will of God.

Time, space, judgment and ability fail me to try to pursue the problems that would be solved in the application of this principle. Every problem from existentialism to institutionalism — from instrumental music to Neocasuistry could be solved in application of this principle. If we could just pursue the course of wisdom, discretion, fortitude and understanding to know seriously when to apply the process of elimination, we would not only be in better standing with right thinking brethren, but more important: the Lord.

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