Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 27, 1970
NUMBER 16, PAGE 10-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al- Gram

William E. Wallace — News Editor

Reporter — Clyde Strickland, 417 E. Groesbeck, Lufkin, Texas 75901 Gospel Meetings Held:

Foy W. Layton of Irving, May 25th — 29th in Granbury. . . . Malcolm King of Cooper in Cove, Arkansas during May. . . . James Trigg of Longview in Monahan, June 1-7 and with Smyrna, Aug. 3-7. . . Robert Turner with Norhill congregation June 7th-14th. . . W. R. Jones of Houston in Gonzales, June 8-12. . . Arnold Hardin in Las Cruces, New Mexico during June. . . Pat Farish of Fort Worth in Weatherford, June 8-14... Roy Foutz of Texarkana, Ark. in Cleveland, June 28th through July 3rd... Jim Everett with Imhoff congregation in Port Arthur, July 12-17... Luther Blackmon at the Red Bluff church in Pasadena, June 21-27.. . Jack Gilliland of Edna in Corrigan, June 22-28... Leonard Tyler of Huntsville, Ala. in Gladewater, June 22-28 at the N. Main and Gay Ave. church. . . Robert Goodman of Pasadena with the congregation in Bedias, June 8-14... Robert Turner with the Kiestview church in Dallas, June 14-21... Hayse Reneau of Gladewater with the church in Mesquite. . . James R. Cope with Caprock church in Lubbock, July 20-26. . . Robert Wayne La Coste of Hereford with the church in Morton, July 13-19. . . Elmer Moore, Kerrville, with Loop 287 congregation in Lufkin, July 6th-12th... W. R. Jones with Ridgecrest church in Orange, July 13-19. . . Homer Hailey with church meeting on Forest Lane at Stultz, Dallas, June 21-28. . . Ben Thomasson with Centerville church, June 28-July 4. . . Tom Roberts of Crockett with church in Decatur, July 6-12. . . Robert McDonald of Baytown with Olsen Park congregation in Amarillo, August 3-9. . . Foy W. Layton in Allen, June 1-7. . . Bob Craig of Austin, in Huntington, July 5-10... Jim McDonald of Lufkin in Madisonville, July 13th-19th.. .Jack Holt at Union Road church in Lufkin, July 20th-26th. . . Jimmy Tuten of St. Louis, Mo., with Timberland Drive congregation of Lufkin, August 3-9. . . Billy T. Jones at Northshore in Houston, August 17-23... Eastside church in Marshall had the following men doing the preaching during their meeting: Jesse Kelley, Carl Vernon, Jack Holt, Hayse Reneau, Ed Brand, James Trigg, John W. Hedge, H. L. Bruce, W. L. Wharton, and Bob Love.

A debate concerning the number of "cups" in the communion, Bible classes, and women teachers was conducted in Dallas, June 15, 16, 18, 19. The disputants were Jesse Jenkins, Denton, and Ronnie Wade of Springfield, Mo. The first two nights of the debate were conducted in the building of the Boulder Drive church, and the last two nights were conducted in the building of the Westside church in Irving.


One was baptized and one restored and identified May 17th at Scyene Road in Dallas. — Three have been baptized in Crockett recently. — One was baptized at Caprock in Lubbock, June 7th. — One was baptized at Fourth and Groesbeck in Lufkin, June 9th Four were baptized and one restored to the Lord in Cleveland recently. — One was baptized and one identified at Bellaire in Houston, June 14th. — Two were identified June 24th and one restored June 28th with the Westside congregation in Fort Worth. — Three were identified with the Bellaire congregation in Houston, June 28th.

In Sympathy:

"Our hearts go out to the family of Brother Elbert Partin in deepest sympathy. Brother Partin passed from this life in the early morning hours of Sunday, June 14,1970. Brother Partin was among the finest men I have ever known. He obeyed the Gospel of Christ nearly eighteen years ago, and as a Christian, he studied the Scriptures faithfully and tried to teach them to his fellowman. Most will remember him as the kind and helpful proprietor of THE HOME BIBLE BOOK STORE, which he operated from Route four, Campswitch Road, Longview, Texas.

"Although his body was plagued with the pain of a continually worsening arthritic condition, which in his final years confined him to a wheelchair at home, he never ceased to do what he could for the Lord whom he loved. He mailed out many gospel tracts, wrote letters and spoke personally to those who did not know Jesus. Verily, even in the condition in which he suffered, he did more for the Lord than many who claim to be faithful and who are in good health.

"Our sympathies, in a special manner, are extended to Sister Ruth Partin, and to Brother and Sister Dave Mullins and children, Bill, Russell, and Don. While we have suffered a great loss, we do not mourn as those who have no hope nor as for one who had no hope (I Thessalonians 4:13-18). Brother Partin is released from the terrible pain which he bore here, and we are sure he is now resting the promised rest of those who die in the Lord. (Rev. 14:12-13)." — Hayse Reneau, In MIRROR OF TRUTH, Gladewater, Texas.

VESTAL CHAFFIN, 200 Carrington Way, Marietta, Georgia 30060

"On June 28th, I completed four years of a very pleasant and profitable work with the Shively church in Louisville, Kentucky. On July 1st, we moved to the above address to work with the Powers Ferry Road church, here in Marietta. The church here is less than four years old. They have a very beautiful new meeting house, and the work is self-supporting. We are looking forward to a good work with the church here. I still have time for a meeting some time this fall. If you are passing through this section, stop and worship with us."

Larry A. Bunch:

"After 2 1/2 years at Lawton, Oklahoma, I have moved to Houston, Texas to work with the church in North-shore, meeting at 13510 Rochester. My address is 509 Evanston, 77015."

H. L. BRUCE, P. O. Box 9071, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909

"I have recently moved here from Mt. Pleasant, Texas and have purchased a house at 1099 Wakita Drive. The local congregation is small, zealous, and at peace. We are now in a new location, having moved from the Holiday Inn to an office building at 6323 East Platte, in the Eastgate Shopping Center. Brethren are constantly being attracted to this resort area. Some are tourists, some are military men or college students. Yet others are interested in the employment advantages here. (Colorado Springs has over 400 industries in the area.) If you know of brethren who are living here or are coming our way, be sure to put us in touch. We want them to know about us, and us them. Also, Pueblo, Colorado, a city with an estimated 95,000 population is just 45 miles from here. Pueblo should have some conservative brethren there. However, if any are meeting there, I haven't talked with anyone who knows about it. If any of you know of loyal brethren in the Pueblo, Colorado, area, would you please put me in touch with them. I would like to know their name and street address. This seems to me to be a very good field and I am definitely interested in seeing the gospel preached there after the New Testament order.

"I am to begin a gospel meeting August 2, with the Woodlawn congregation, near Steens, Mississippi. Brother Hoyt Houchen is to be with us in a meeting here in late August. Things really look good in this area. Opportunities are unlimited; there are so few loyal Christians. When visiting, vacationing or moving to our area be sure to worship with us. Pray for our efforts in the Lord's work here."

Glendale, Arizona 85301

"We here at 7161 North 55th Drive, have just completed a good meeting with brother Garreth L. Clair from Brawley, Georgia.

"Brother Clair has done an excellent job of proclaiming the truth. There were three souls added to the Body of Christ through Immersion.

"The work here is progressing very well. We have recently improved our building facilities and re-painted the outside of our structure.

"Brother Clair has worked with us two years regularly before he returned to help us in the meeting. We heartily recommend Garreth as an able, as well as tireless proclaimer of the pure gospel.

"When in the Phoenix area feel free to come and worship with us. We are always happy to have visiting saints stop for a while." — M. L. C.

Haliburton, Canada:

"The church in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada, has been meeting since January. Brother Jerry M. Sayre and his wife are sacrificing a great deal to labor in this difficult but promising area. They need our prayers. The work is small, but the gospel has born fruit, (2 baptisms) and brother Sayre is hopeful that several promising prospects will yet obey the Lord.

"The unity of brethren in this section of Canada is impressive. Congregations from 40 to 230 miles away (Jordon) supported the meeting which we were in recently. Please do not forget to pray for brother Sayre and the Lord's people in Canada." — Larry Ray Haney, 602 W. Lee St., Plano, Illinois JAMES L. DENISON, 3402 Henderson Boulevard, Tampa, Florida

"On May 6, H. E. Phillips of Tampa closed a four day meeting with us. The theme of the meeting was `Duties and Responsibilities of Membership.' During the meeting there was one confession of sin. In the twelve weeks since the meeting we have had a total of ten additional responses — three baptisms, four restorations, and three to place membership. On April 26, I closed a meeting with the Marietta Congregation of Jacksonville, Florida. During the meeting there were three confessions of sin. On Wednesday night after the meeting closed a man and his wife were baptized as a result of the meeting. On July 11, I closed a meeting with the Greenhaw Congregation of Newport, Arkansas, with two baptisms."

Preacher Needed:

"We at Myrtle Beach read and enjoy the 'Guardian' very much, as it is helpful in many ways. We are in need of a preacher here, and it would be most helpful if you would mention it in your 'Tel-Al-Gram' section." — Gary D. Nunn, Rt. 1, Box 48, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29577.

News From The Northeast

By Elvis Bozarth Note: Elvis Bozarth replaces George Eldridge as our news reporter from the Northeast. Eldridge has moved to Louisiana.

OHIO: James D. Hensley has moved from Amberg, Wisconsin to 1518 E. Third St., Port Clinton, Ohio to work with the church there. Ellis Webb of Broad St. in Columbus is to be in a five night meeting in Port Clinton, July 13-17. .. The Southwest church in Berea conducted a highly Successful VBS June 22-26 with an average attendance of 123. Austin Mobley of Tallmadge, Jim Ward of Brown St., Akron, James Lovell of Thayer St., Akron, and Ronald Chaffin of Uhricksville assisted the following Berea members in teaching classes: Elvis Bozarth, Phil Waddle, Bobby Hughes, Joan Carroll and Doris Otto. Materials used was: God's Wonderful World," an excellent series on Evidences available through the Gospel Guardian Company. . . The church meeting at 1847 Burbank Rd., Wooster conducted a VBS July 20-24. . The Northend church, 1228 Cottage St., Ashland, had Ferrell Jenkins of Tampa, Florida preaching July 27-30. This church was formed in January of this year by members leaving the liberal church in Ashland.... Elvis Bozarth preached in a meeting with the church in Brunswick, July 13-19. There were six restored and one baptized. Bruce Taylor of Wadsworth is the regular preacher. . . James Needham of Orlando, Florida preached in a well-attended meeting at Berea, May 18-23. There were two baptized and one restored. Berea's next meeting is September 13-18 with Robert Jackson of Nashville, Tenn. . . The Southeast church, 853 E. Archwood, Akron, conducted a VBS July 20-24. Morris Norman is the regular preacher. . . The church meeting at 737 Southeast Ave., Tallmadge, conducted a VBS August 3-7. In addition to the local preacher, Austin Mobley, the following area preachers will assist: Elvis Bozarth, Ronald Chaffin, James Lovell, and Morris Norman. . . . During June at Berea one was baptized, two restored and placed membership and six withdrawn from. Sins that formed the basis of the withdrawals were: forsaking the assembling together, being a stumbling block to a minor son (Mt. 18:4-6), drinking, slander, gossip, murmuring... The Berea church, due to other commitments, is having to discontinue in August their $40 monthly support of two gospel preachers. Anyone who can assist with this, please write to: Ronald Chaffin, 825 N. Main St., Uhrichsville, Ohio 44683 and G. O. Winland, 208 Maple Ave., New Martinsville, West Virginia ( preaches at Lewisville, Ohio) . . . Billy Murrell is planning to move this month from his work with the Highland St. church in Hammond, Indiana to work with the church in Barberton, Ohio... George Eldridge has recently moved from Hilliard, Ohio to Lafayette, Louisiana. .. Carol Bates has just moved from Bedford, Ohio to work with the church in Sunnyside, Washington. . . . Herschel Patton of Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. preached in a meeting at 132 N. Main St., Fredichton, Ohio, July 20-26. The regular preacher is Bill H. Reeves.

MICHIGAN: Excel Ray Warren is planning to move on September 1, from his work with the Grand Avenue church in Chicago to the South McComb church in Roseville, Michigan.... All the members have either moved away or fallen away at Albion, Michigan except for the couple instrumental in starting the church there in March, 1966, Wade and Joyce Seagraves. Elvis Bozarth, Rolland Dritz (Northside church of Fort Wayne, Ind.) and Ray Warren all recently met at Albion to discuss the future of the work with the Seagraves and with the mortgage holders on the property. It was decided that efforts should be made to keep the property (an adequate building with less than $8000 balance) in the hopes we can get a gospel preacher to move there. We will need to raise about $30 monthly to keep up the interest on the mortgage. Due to the nature of brother Seagraves work Ray Warren was asked to handle the business matters for the church there. If you can help with the interest payments or know a preacher who is interested in moving there, contact brother Warren at 1639 N. Parkside, Chicago, Illinois 60639 (ME 6-3591), or this news reporter...

ILLINOIS: Marshall Stubblefield wants to move from the Chicago area to his home area in Rogersville, Tenn. to do the fulltime work of an evangelist. Marshall and his wife were both reared in Rogersville and will do well among their kind of people. He is 31 years old and has two sons, ages 9 and 5. They have been members at Grand Avenue in Chicago; Congdon, Ave., in Elgin, Ill., and helped to establish the church in 1967 now meeting at 530 S. Williams St., Palatine, Ill. He has preached in that area by appointment for the past four years. He is quitting a good paying management position to devote his time to preaching. In addition to the churches mentioned as references, this news reporter and Grady Bailey, 144 Parker St., Erwin, Tennessee are well acquainted with both brother Stubblefield and the work at Rogersville. If you can assist him in this effort with monthly support and/or moving expenses write him at 407 Walnut Dr., Streamwood, Ill. 60103 or call him at 312-2038 as soon as possible. . . Bill Allen has recently moved from the work at Medina, Tennessee to work with the church at Franklin Park, Illinois.

Send your news and bulletins to me at 387 Nobottom Road, Berea, Ohio 44016.

ROY L. FOUTZ, 2301 Franklin Drive, Texarkana, Arkansas.

"Our work here continues in a very encouraging way. We had a fine meeting, in early May, with W. L. Wharton. I have recently preached in meetings in Spicewood, Texas and Cleveland, Texas. I will be with the Blue Ash church in Cincinnati, Ohio in a meeting August 17-26."

Jamestown, N. Dakota:

"The report of July 16 showed the population of Jamestown to be 1800. To be correct it should have been 18,000. I was thinking this could make a big difference when the time rolls around for some support in the work here in a year from now. If you will, please make a correction. . . ." — John W. Pitman, P. O. Box 229, Jamestown, N. Dakota 58401.