Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 26, 1969
NUMBER 9, PAGE 7b-8a

"Baby Sitting Service"

John W. Hedge

In the church bulletin published by the Church of Christ, 6755 San Joaquin, Sacramento, Calif; issue of May 4th, is found the following news item:

"Youth Group News"

-The Young People of north Highlands (church) are working with christian teenagers in Sacramento for the Herald of Truth program. They have set a goal of $400.00 which will pay for this program for one month. Last Sunday night a small group from North Highlands met with our young people to discuss ways to meet this challenge."

-The girls of Central Youth Group have formed a babysitting service to help support this radio program. All money received from this baby sitting will be turned over to the Herald of Truth fund. Mothers if you need a babysitter (and you will be helping out in this endeavor) please contact Mary Buenrsotro. (363-3823)

Many years ago I recall that the Christian Churches introduced various ways of "raising money for the church." They had pie and cake sales, mock marriages, rummage sales and various other ways of "raising money for the church," but I do not recall that they offered "a baby sitting service." Maybe they didn't think of this plan — so it remained for "The Youth Group" of the Central Church of Christ of Sacramento, Calif; to make the discovery. The boys of "The Youth Group" of the Central church may as well join the girls by offering a "lawn mowing service' to those needing their lawns mowed. The aged women may also "help this endeavor" of raising money for the Herald of Truth program by offering a sewing service" to those who need such. The farmers may jointly cooperate in this program by tending "the Lord's ten acres" and grow vegetables to sell to those who need such. With all these various ways of raising money to help finance the Herald of Truth program, plus the help received direct from church treasuries, it should not lack for ample support. Do the elders of the Highland church in Abilene who sponsor Herald of Truth program of preaching endorse these ways of obtaining support for it? If not they should not hold their peace — they should refuse to receive and use it. If they do receive it without protest, silence will give consent that they endorse this method of raising funds to help support it. There are no limits for the liberals in the churches — they go from one extreme to another — and yet they are constantly condemning "extremists" except those of their type.

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