Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 26, 1969

Editorial Notes

NO PAPER NEXT WEEK: Our agreement with the Post Office Department requires us to omit publication of the paper the first week in July and the last week in December. So, the next of The Gospel Guardian will be dated July 11.

IN THIS ISSUE: Our front page article, "The Unholy Alliance," is an excellent presentation in the realm of church and state relations. Burl E. Russell has been studying, working and writing in the field of church and state relations for many years. His articles have appeared in many journals. Your attention is called to the continuing problem of the state and Roman Catholicism in alliance.

"Seven Spiritual Wonders" by Harold F. Savely will provide preachers with a springboard to a good sermon. It will impress all with the wonders of God's way.

"No Great Work" by Tommy McClure deals with the idol of institutionalism. His main point is expressed in the statement, "I have often said that some of our institutional brethren put their human organizations (the idols of their hearts) on a par with the Church of Jesus Christ.."

"Baby Sitting Service" by venerable John W. Hedge compares present day funds-raising projects with the promotions of the "Christian Church."

"Can A Bride Forget Her Attire?" by Bill W. Moore sounds a note of warning to God's people who are falling because they have forgotten the Lord.

Thomas F. Shropshire reminds us of the worthy principles of the pioneer spirit in this time when we are content to live in a "tailor-made" society.

"A 'King James' Preacher — What Is It?' asks Dick Blackford. He says some worthy things to those who would restrict the use of other translations.

Larry Ray Hafley, a versatile writer, inspires us with his presentation of "The Spotless Son of Mary."

"Building The Church According To The Pattern" by Johnie Edwards is a fine presentation of the subject, and will serve as a good sermon outline.

We send forth this issue of The Gospel Guardian with a lot of good material! We owe a debt of gratitude to the many sound preachers and capable writers who send us material. Keep those articles coming brethren!

YATER TANT BACK IN THE EDITORIAL CHAIR: While brother Tant was running around in Europe and the Middle East the issues for June were prepared by yours truly, William Wallace. Editor Tant is back in his editorial chair and is ready to lead on with some very excellent issues of the paper. The first issue in July will appear as the beginning of a new working arrangement. This writer will serve as the owner, publisher and "executive editor" of the paper. Fanning Yater Tant will continue as editor. We have a very good working relationship and some exciting challenging, and worthy plans for the future. Watch for announcements of things to come.

— Wm E. Wallace