Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 19, 1969

The Future Of The Gospel Guardian — A Balance Of Influence


On June the 30th The Gospel Guardian will be under new ownership and new management. The paper and the business will move forward with renewed vigor and the business will function expeditiously as a full service publishing house.

While we feel that conservative brethren and sound churches owe a debt of gratitude to the original and former owners, we will not rest on these laurels. Already we are riding a wave of forward momentum and we shall move onward in service to all our brethren of like precious faith.

Centrally Located

We are geographically located to give quick service to the east and the west. This paper serves as a voice to the coasts from half-way between, blanketing the whole country with a clarion voice for conformity to New Testament authority.

Our book store features a large variety of good Bible class literature and our paper is available to brethren who seek to advertise their publications at low cost.

Staff Writers

The Gospel Guardian serves as a medium of expression for the less known; its staff writers are all those of renown and those who are less known who seek a medium for expression of sound thought.


The Gospel Guardian was originally started in 1936 by Foy E. Wallace, Jr. who sought a medium of his own after serving several years as editor of The Gospel Advocate. The original Gospel Guardian was short lived. In 1938 Foy E. Wallace, Jr. started another publication - The Bible Banner. It ran, somewhat intermittingly, until 1949. In the later years of its publication Roy E. Cogdill absorbed the responsibilities of its perpetuity as Foy E. Wallace, Jr., under the financial and personal pressures, began to fade from service to the paper.

In 1949, with the endorsement of Foy E. Wallace, Jr., The Bible Banner became a weekly under the name The Gospel Guardian, with Fanning Yater Tant serving as editor. From personal letters, personal conversations and a longtime close relationship, Tant felt at liberty to edit the article of Wallace which introduced the new Gospel Guardian. The article had been long delayed and was too long for the space available when it arrived. Under deadline pressure the new editor cut paragraphs from the article and inserted sentiments of endorsements which Foy E. Wallace, Jr. had written and expressed to him personally. Inasmuch as Wallace had agreed to express himself in approving terms toward the new editor. Tant believed he was justified in editing the article in a view of the extra-ordinary close friendship he thought he had with Wallace.

Wallace deeply resented the editing of the article and wrote but very little for The Gospel Guardian afterwards. This was the beginning of a multitude of sorrows regarding the relationship between Foy E. Wallace, Jr. and conservative brethren.

The weight of carrying the burdens of the battle against institutionalism and sponsoring churches fell heavily on the shoulders of Yater Tant and Roy E. Cogdill. The Gospel Guardian became the object of a campaign of calumny unsurpassed for intensity in the modern history of the church.

Many, who were sympathetic with the positions The Gospel Guardian defended, tried to remain aloof from identification with the "Guardian" and refrained from association with it. But as the lines were drawn and the sides became crystallized, sound brethren more readily accepted the Guardian as a medium representing their positions.

Through the years no man was more steadfast, dependable and stable than Fanning Yater Tant. When Roy E. Cogdill was indisposed by automobile accident, surgery and tragedy, Yater Tant was there at the helm, with a steady unwavering hand. The brotherhood owes a debt of gratitude to Tant and Cogdill for absorbing the heaviest blows of the liberals over the past twenty years. They of course enjoyed the company and cooperation of many other of like precious faith and ability, men who were equally effective.

The pressures on The Gospel Guardian were greatly relieved when other worthy papers appeared - The Preceptor, Truth Magazine, Searching The Scriptures. After the battles of the 1950's when churches generally were aligning on one side or the other, and conservative churches constituted the minority, there began with the 1960's, a time of progress for conservative churches. In these 1960's there has been among us a healthy balance of influence provided by the four papers - a healthy influence, a good situation. This writer has been personally aware of and appreciative of the balance of influence provided among conservative ranks by the four papers.

Truth Magazine

Truth Magazine announces that it will began weekly appearance in October. We welcome this step. As a weekly it will provide an even better balance of influence. In any centralization there is potential danger.

So the happy situation is that of a balance of influence in journalism and business whereby all the major papers function in journalism and finance in the best interests of all. The Gospel Guardian welcomes the prospects of Truth Magazine becoming a weekly, and encourages all our subscribers to subscribe to it also. Like Time magazine and Life magazine, we both have our place. In our time of journalistic smut and error, our homes, every home, need at least The Gospel Guardian, and Truth Magazine. And they ought to have the Preceptor and Searching The Scriptures too.

Tant As Editor

The Gospel Guardian sails on. Yater Tant continues to serve at the editorial helm. After twenty years of such service it is certain that he has aroused adverse feelings among many. On the other hand, he has won the admiration of multitudes. I find that his critics are found chiefly among the "powers that be," while on the "grass root" level there is great enthusiasm for his work. Whatever his mistakes may have been, we all make them. I am confident that his experience, his background, his ability, and especially his new resolve will create in all of our readers a greater appreciation for his work. Stay tuned to The Gospel Guardian and observe our course toward greater service to conservative brethren.

— W.E.W.