Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 5, 1970
NUMBER 43, PAGE 10-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al- Gram

William E Wallace — News Editor

REPORTER — CLYDE STRICKLAND R. L. (Bob) Craig, who preaches for the Southern Oaks Congregation in Lake Jackson, Texas, his wife, Ola, and his son, Richard, were injured December 22nd when their car went out of control as they tried to avoid hitting another car which had suddenly stopped in the highway in front of them just outside of Brazoria. Richard was shaken up but was not too badly hurt; Bob received a broken collar-bone and severely pulled groin muscles, and Sister Craig suffered a crushed vertebrae and numerous bruises, especially on her legs. Bob left the hospital on January 3rd, and since the 11th he has been able to teach Bible classes and preach although he does have to wear a figure eight strap on his shoulders.

Ola left the hospital on January 12, but she will have to wear a brace for some three months, "and then see how she is progressing." — From FACTS JOURNAL, Lake Jackson, Texas.

One was baptized and four others were added to the membership of the Scyene Road church in Dallas, Texas, during the month of January. Arnold Hardin labors with this congregation.

Larry Parish, preacher for the congregation meeting at Matthews Street and Avenue I in Bay City, Texas, reports one baptized and two restored to the Lord there in January.

Also, during January three were baptized and five were restored in the Caprock congregation in Lubbock, Texas, where Grover Stevens serves as evangelist.

One was baptized January 11th at the Rivera Street church in El Paso, Texas, where Mack Kercheville preaches. Also, on this date elders were appointed to serve the congregation as shepherds of the Lord's flock there.

Two were identified with the Bellaire, congregation, Houston, Texas, on Sunday, January 25th. W. R. Jones preaches for this congregation. These brethren are to move soon into their new building which is located at Rice and Holly.

Two were identified with the Loop 287 congregation here in Lufkin, Texas, January 25th, where Jim McDonald serves as evangelist.

Elmer Moore of Kerrville, Texas, did the preaching in a gospel meeting for the 16th Street congregation in La Porte, Texas, January 26th through the 30th.

Grover Stevens, preacher for the Caprock church in Lubbock, Texas, was in a series of gospel meetings with the Mesa church of Christ in Phoenix, Arizona, early in February.

W. R. Jones is to be with the West Avenue congregation in San Antonio, Texas, for a gospel meeting February 15th through the 20th.

The congregation meeting at 1013 E. 10th Street in Dalhart, Texas, begins a gospel meeting February 16th through the 22nd. David Bonner of Dumas, Texas, will do the preaching for this effort. Darrel Shaw labors with this congregation as evangelist.

F. J. Collins, one of the bishops of the faithful congregation in Morton, Texas, has been asked to work with the congregation there as evangelist. He has agreed to do so.

Miss Carolyn Osborne of Corpus Christi, Texas, is to become the bride of Robert W. La Coste, preacher who works with the church meeting at 15th Street and Blackfoot in Hereford, Texas, on June 5th, 1970.

W. R. Jones preached in a meeting for the Cyprus Fairbanks congregation in Houston, Texas, in December. Fred C. Melton is the local preacher there. He reports that contributions and attendance records were broken recently. Two were identified with the congregation Sunday, January 25th.

William Wallace, owner and publisher of the GOSPEL GUARDIAN, has agreed to begin work as preacher with the Union Road congregation here in Lufkin, Texas. His work with this congregation will begin on a limited basis for the present due to other commitments, meetings, etc, but about June first he will assume full time responsibilities as preacher there. Elders were recently appointed at Union Road.

My meeting with the Southside church in Sulphur Springs, Texas, the week of January 18th was hindered quite a bit by cold and icy weather. This was my second meeting with this congregation. Barney Thompson is the preacher there. In my meeting with the little congregation in Smyrna, near Atlanta, Texas, January 26 through the 30th, we were encouraged by the enthusiasm manifested and the efforts being put forth by the disciples there to reach the people of that community with the gospel of Christ. The congregation numbers only about eleven souls, but it is rich in faith. D. J. Sanders, Jr. labors with this group, and he is in need of some additional support. I believe him to be capable and worthy of confidence of brethren everywhere. You may write him at Rt. 2, Box 265-C, Atlanta, Texas, for further particulars concerning this work.

Herbert H. Thornton began work with the congregation in Springbranch in Houston, Texas, November 6th 1969, after over five years labor with the good church in Humble, Texas. Since moving to Springbranch there have been six baptisms, one restored, and eleven to place membership. Upward trends are also being made in both attendance and contributions. Brother Thornton's address is: 8602 Lupton Lane, Houston, Texas, 77055. He would appreciate receiving bulletins from brethren who are mailing them out.

Send news for this article to: Clyde Strickland, 417 E. Groesbeck, Lufkin, Texas 75901.


Preaching The Word:

California: OTIS MOYER, of Lancaster, will speak at Rose & Ibbetson in Bellflower, Thursday, February 19 on "The Problems of Drugs And Intoxicating Drink." . . . FLOYD THOMPSON, of Fairview in Garden Grove, at Spring & Delta in Long Beach, February 22-28. . . ARNOLD HARDIN, of Scyene Road in Dallas, Texas, at 1838 No. Shaffer in Orange, California, February 22 thru March 1. . . ROBERT TURNER at Oxnard, February 23 thru March 1, and at Ontario, March 2-8. . . W. L. WHARTON at Clovis, California, March 29 thru April 5. . . JESS GARCIA, of Elsinore, at Fontana, April 5-10.

Oregon: JIM KENT, of Sunnyside, Washington, at Dallas, Oregon, February 22 thru March 1.

Washington: PETER J. WILSON, of Market Street in Salem, Oregon, at Sunnyside, Washington, March 30 thru April 5.


Newbury Park, California — January 18, 1970 — As of this date, the Newbury Park church will be meeting in the CHILD CARE RANCH, 216 Borchard Road, Newbury Park. Meeting times are as follows: SUNDAY: 10:00 A.M., 11:00 A.M., 6:00 P.M., THURSDAY: 7:30 P.M.

Susanville, California — January 19, 1970 — "The church in Susanville is seeking a gospel preacher to work with them beginning sometime this Spring. If interested, write to the church of Christ, P. O. Box 283, Susanville, California, 96130, or call 916-257-3870." — DENNIS KILGO.

Fontana, California — February 6, 1970 — "During this past November, we were able to make the final payment on the meeting house here. For this we are thankful to the Lord. The church has now begun helping with the support of two gospel preachers in other places: RAMOND ROARK in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, and JESS GARCIA in Elsinore, California.

"The church here has also begun a systematic personal work program for building up members and reaching the lost. During January, the first full month of the plan, 50-74 and maybe more visits were made to homes by workers in the interest of the cause of Christ.

"We are also pointing toward the appointment of elders and deacons sometime during this calendar year, and at the present, prospects of accomplishing that goal are bright. To God be the glory." — CALVIN C. ESSARY, 9132 Sierra Avenue, Fontana, California 92335.

Fairview in Garden Grove, California — February 1, 1970 — "The elders have scheduled a singing school to be held here during spring school vacation, March 23-27, Bro. R. J. STEVENS, preacher with the Mt. View church in San Bernardino, and an accomplished music teacher, will be the director for the school. " — From THE FAIRVIEW BANNER.

BY THE WAY: "What is likened unto dead flies in ointment? On which side is a fool's heart? Answers to both questions are found in Ecclesiastes 10:1-2."

DEBATE: March 9, 10, 11, 12 — 7:30 nightly — Pensacola, Florida: "The Godhead" and "Formula of Baptism." D. L. Welch of First Pentecostal Church and A. W. (Al) Watkins of Church of Christ.

A SPECIAL FOR OUR SPECIAL SUBSCRIBERS: "MATTHEW 24," An Exposition by J. Marcellus Kik. This book is out of print but we received several dozen copies from a publisher's storeroom. Nothing better in the way of a sound exposition of Matthew 24. While they last, $2.00. Hardback. 115 pages.

CORRECTION: A couple of weeks ago our type-setter garbled Jack Gibbert's name.... it came out as Biggert, and the proof reader missed it! Sorry GIBBERT, you certainly are not a biggert.

EUGENE BRITNELL: "The special issue of the Guardian on premillennialism and related ideas (Vol. 21, Nos. 12, 13, 14) is an excellent work and should be used by churches everywhere. The reprint is even better than the original edition. We offered this issue to our Sunday night radio audience and so far we have mailed out about 700 copies. We are receiving requests at the rate of 35 to 95 per week. We are heard in at least twenty states on KAAY, 50,000 watts, 1090 kc, at 8:00 p.m. Sunday."

ROLAND W. FRITZ: "We have baptized 12 in the last four months here. We are receiving contacts regularly through our weekly radio program (Sounding Trumpets, WGL 1250 Kc. 8:45 A.M. Sunday) and our weekly newspaper ads in the Fort Wayne News Sentinel. There are a number enrolled in our correspondence courses and presently we are conducting 4 home Bible classes weekly. This congregation supports me full time and is sending funds regularly to two evangelists and helping in the support of two others occasionally. We are sending men to two smaller congregations to preach (5 per month) and others occasionally go out preaching. We have 10 men who preach of our number and others (3) who only claim to be able to give talks who do very well. There are 23 adult male members, 28 female adult members, and 12 young members. Our attendance is running about 85.

One of the congregations we have had a part in starting is at Bronson, Michigan. Frank and Nora Vanover of Bolivia N. C. asked me to assist them. I took it to the church and they decided to send me twice monthly at first, and now have been sending three men per month there and at least two per month to Albion, Mich. Lee Shepherd is supporting himself while doing the work of evangelist at Bronson. Brethren from Bluffton, Indiana have had part in starting and stabilizing the Bronson work. At the start, Bronson had 11 members. They recently had 5 more baptisms. Though they are in the process of withdrawing from 5 unruly members, they still have 13 faithful adult members and their children. Alden Fritz, a nephew of mine, from South Bend, Indiana, has also assisted in preaching at Bronson. The brethren are doing well there." 5410 Forest Ave., Fort Wayne, Ind. 46805.

TIGRETT, TENNESSEE: The Tigrett Church of Christ held a five night meeting Feb. 9-13 with a different speaker each night. The speakers were Mason Harris, Olen Kern, Walton Weaver, Harold Trimble, and Don Bassett. The theme was "Christian Hindrances." Walton Weaver, 1324 Boyte Cove, Memphis, Tennessee.

FROM AUSTIN TAYLOR, UVALDE, TEXAS: "The gospel, in song, is having a great influence for good. Until about one hundred years ago there was little singing done in the U. S. About that date, good people began to form such songs as 'Nearer My God to Thee,' Jesus Lover of My Soul,' Rock of Ages,' What A Friend We Have In Jesus,' and some other good songs, and since that time there has been more singing done and more people led to obey Christ, here, than in any other country in the world. It requires much devotion and effort to prepare songs for Christians to sing with the spirit and understanding; which adds to the Christian life, joy and happiness. We should all learn to sing and make melody in our hearts to the Lord. We cannot sing like angels, we cannot preach like Paul, we can sing our love for Jesus, we can say He died for all."

COMMENTS: From Billy W. Moore: "I have been a reader of the Guardian for many years, and I continue to enjoy it and always look forward to receiving it each week." . . . From Granville W. Tyler: "I appreciate the good work being done in your good paper." . . . From C. R. Kreis: "Enjoy the 'new' changes but more appreciate the 'old' stand for 'the faith once delivered.' May God bless you and family and the Guardian with many years in his vineyard." ... Mrs. Winnie Kilpatrick: "I really enjoy the Gospel Guardian. It is a fine paper." .. . Francis A. Gray: "I do not wish to miss a single issue of your valuable magazine. I read every article with relish and keep every copy of the Gospel Guardian." . . . Willis Pack: "This is the best paper I receive. I look forward to receiving it." . .. Earl E. Simmons: "I have enjoyed reading some of the articles, and some I do not agree with all that is said. I do believe the publication is better since it changed hands." . . . Eddie Seely: "I like (it) too much to be without." . . . David O. Lanius, Jr.: "The paper is very informative and keeps us up to date in what's going on around these states." . . . Billy Ashworth: "As a long-time reader of the Guardian, I do not want to be without it. I always enjoy it, and appreciate the good it has accomplished over the past few years of controversy among the saints of God." . . . C. A. Burcham: "Thank you for good service. I appreciate the good work you are doing with the Guardian and the bookstore." . . . Walton Weaver: "Keep up the good work with the Guardian." . . . Earle H. West writes a letter of professional criticism regarding our printing, which is appreciated. Since Jesse Kelley took over the printing of the paper we have had two such letters from qualified men with an "eye" for the mechanics of printing. Personally, I believe brother Kelley continues to upgrade the printing of the paper as he continues to make changes for the better. He and I appreciate suggestions and criticisms for the improvement of the paper, but so far as I am personally concerned the Gospel Guardian is better than ever before in appearance, and it is due to Kelley's workmanship. But we invite your suggestions and criticisms. What say ye? — W. E. W.

THANKS! — Guthrie D. Dean — "This week's Gospel Guardian is the best yet. The composition, printing, and appearance are most attractive."

Preacher Available

JESSE M. KELLEY, P. O. Box 1511, Lufkin, Texas — "A sound and reliable gospel preacher is available for local work. He is a middle aged man and is an exceptionally effective personal worker. I highly recommend him to any sound congregation desiring the services of a gospel preacher, Write me at the above address or call 832-0509, Lufkin, Texas, and I will put you in touch with him."

To Whom It May Concern:

This is to inform all that may have knowledge of the problems that have existed between the churches meeting at 3900 S. Pine and at Central in Ocala, Florida that efforts have been made to correct these problems — confessions have been made of wrongs committed and forgiveness granted. It is our desire that peace and harmony may prevail and that the cause of Christ may grow.

Central church of Christ church of Christ 2967 East Silver Springs Blvd. 3900 S. Pine