Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 12, 1970

Depending On Organization

No amount of planning and organization can replace personal, consecrated effort upon the part of the individual in winning souls to Christ. As we see it, one of the great deficiencies of churches almost every where is the failure of the individual to feel a sense of urgency about the souls of men. We can plan and organize, then plan some more — but until people who make up the membership of the local churches realize their own personal obligation and duty to God and their neighbor, the churches will flounder on the rocks of failure and despair. We are careful to plan our worship services and gospel meetings just exactly right — and of course we demand sound, scriptural teaching. Much of it however, goes for naught insofar as teaching and influencing our neighbor is concerning. The great majority never mention Christ to their neighbor, or put forth any effort to get him to services where he can hear the gospel of Christ. Until we — each one of us — face up to the fact that we are individually responsible both to God and man for saving souls for Christ we will never be successful in building up either the church or ourselves in the work of faith. We can organize and plan till Christ comes, but all we will have when he arrives is a long string of ZEROS.

— Jesse M. Kelley