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May 15, 1969

Born Many Years Too Soon

Earl Kimbrough

It is both interesting and enlightening to read the comments of men in one age juxtaposed with later developments concerning the same subjects. "Born Thirty Years Too Soon" has afforded readers of the "Out Our Way" comic panel many moments of pleasure by allowing them to view themselves through the big end of time's telescope. Similarly, the following comments on the subjects indicated may prove interesting and enlightening.

Baseball. "If the devil can get people crazy on baseball, it will be no time till the games will be played on Sunday. The people who go during the week will soon learn to go on Sunday." (John T. Hinds, Gospel Advocate, 1910.)

Music and Dancing. "But my brother (would you believe it!) a popular preacher has come out in two numbers of the 'E. Reformer,' in favor of instrumental music in churches, and social dancing in our families....0, say! has the object of this warfare (with sectarianism), for more than a quarter of a century, been to introduce instrumental music into our meeting-houses, and the elegant, healthful, inoffensive, improving practice of social dancing into our families? 'Tell it not in Gath, publish it not in the streets of Askelon, lest the daughters of the uncircumcised triumph." (John Rogers, Millennial Harbinger, 1851.)

Doublebubble? "Times are hard, and money scarce! Yet the people of this country are still able to pay $900 a day for chewing gum." (T. R. Burnett, Gospel Advocate, 1896.)

Student Discipline. "The discipline seems good. The work seems thorough. At noon we watched (the students) file into the dining room. Some were running. If they did not get in before 'grace,' they were shut out and missed their dinner. Each took his place and not a word was spoken till time for thanksgiving. If any violated the rule they were sent out and missed their dinner." (J. M. McCaleb, regarding a visit to Tuskegee Institute, Gospel Advocate, 1910.)

Moving Pictures. "Unfortunately, the moving-picture, which represents the ingenuity of mechanical skill, seems to have turned or been turned to the devil's account in the main. An occasional show as a matter of recreation could hardly have been condemned. But it has become such a fad that even religious people are crazy on the subject." (John T. Hinds, Gospel Advocate, 1910.) — P.O. Box 83, Tuckerman, Ark. 72473