Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 29, 1970
NUMBER 38, PAGE 10-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al- Gram

William E Wallace — News Editor


Preaching The Word:

Arizona: FLOYD THOMPSON, of Fairview in Garden Grove, California, at 5th Avenue and 12th Street, Yuma — January 12-18, 1970.

California: BILL CASSIO, of Sunnyvale, at Escalon, November 19-26, 1969. . . . TOMMY McCLURE, of Antioch, at Venice, January 5-11, 1970. . . . FLOYD THOMPSON, at Spring and Delta, Long Beach — February 22-28.... ROBERT F. TURNER, of Burnet, Texas, at Ontario — March 2-8.

Preachers On The Move:

VOYD N. BALLARD, from Glendale, Arizona to Atwater, California. . .. ROBERT S. SWAIN, from Orcutt, California to Pine Mountain Valley, Georgia. . . ELVIS BOZARTH, from Montebello, California to Berea, Ohio. . . . The following two fine young men are both of the Mt. View Avenue church in San Bernardino, and are beginning their first full time local work on January 4, 1970: DAVID WEBB to Glendale, Arizona and RONALD ADAMS to Orcutt, California.


Fremont, California — December 13, 1969 — "In September I accepted an invitation to work with the brethren in Fremont. It is a small group, but a zealous and willing one. They recently purchased a former store building in the Niles district of Fremont. We have the use permit and are now meeting in it. As soon as the city grants us our building permit, we will begin remodeling that we hope will eventually give us about seven classrooms and an auditorium seating approximately 150-200, in addition to two dressing rooms, cry-room, and study. I am teaching school while working with these good people. The address of the building is 205 "I" Street, Fremont." — EDWARD A. BROUILLETTE, 2849 Burdick Way, San Jose, California 95122.

Montebello, California — December 17, 1969 — "After 18 months with the Poplar Street church in Montebello, California, we are moving to Berea, Ohio. My meeting work this year has been with the Clairemont Mesa church, San Diego; Pico Rivera, Calif. (a work of the Montebello church); 69th Street, Chicago; White Street; Champaign, Illinois; Fontana and Elsinore, California; and Pioneer Rd., Bakersfield, California. This is one less meeting than 1968 — in keeping with my promise to my family to be gone less." — ELVIS BOZARTH, 387 Nobottom Rd., Berea, Ohio 44017.

San Diego, California — January, 1970 — GORDON WILSON, of the Clairemont Mesa church in San Diego, spoke at the East San Diego church (60th & University), January 8, 9, and 10, on the theme: "The Bible And Science versus The Theory of Evolution." — R. A. B.

BY THE WAY: "We have not succeeded in solving all our problems. Indeed, we feel that we have not completely solved any of them. Such solutions as we have found have served only to create a whole set of new problems. In many ways we are more confused than ever, but we believe that we are confused on a much higher level about more important things!"

REPORTER — CLYDE STRICKLAND I am happy to undertake this task of reporting the news from among the churches and the preachers of the gospel of Christ in the grand state of Texas. I shall try to be accurate in my reporting and do just as good a job as it is possible for me to do. However, in order to be able to keep abreast of the news of interest to the readers of the GOSPEL GUARDIAN, I shall need the co-operation of the brethren throughout this state. Congregations, elders, gospel preachers, and others are asked to send me their bulletins and whatever other news which they may have, gospel meetings, baptisms, restorations to fellowship, new buildings, new congregations, moves of preachers, etc.; your sending such to me will be of much help to me and will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

James Trigg, Longview, Texas did the preaching in a gospel meeting in Jacksonville, Texas, November 30th — December 5th, in which eight souls were restored to the Lord and to the fellowship of the congregation.

Jesse G. Jenkins of Denton, Texas, was with the Southern Oaks congregation in Lake Jackson, Texas, for a gospel meeting Dec. 8th through the 14th.

I am to be with the Southside church in Sulphur Springs, Texas, for a meeting January 18th — 23rd; then, beginning January 26th through the 30th, I am to be with the new congregation in Atlanta, Texas.

W. R. Jones reports one baptized at Bellaire in Houston on Sunday, January 4th, 1970. There was one baptized and one restored at Southside in Pasadena, Texas, January 4. Robert Goodman is the preacher there. Robert W. La Coste, who preaches for the congregation meeting at 15th St. at Blackfoot, in Hereford, Texas reports that four have been added to their working forces there since September; two were added there the first Lord's day of January.

Darwin Ken recently moved from Woodville, Texas, to work with the South Houston church of Christ. His address there is P. O. Box 345, South Houston, Texas, 77587.

Len Wright Jr., a fine young gospel preacher who grew up here in Lufkin, Texas, has moved to Burkeville, Texas, to work with the church of the Lord there. He will receive some of his support from the Loop 287 Congregation here in Lufkin.

Thought picked out of the Hereford, Texas, DEFENDER: "The man who is interested in blowing his own horn is seldom interested in harmony!!"

Keep the news coming in, please. Clyde Strickland; 417 E. Groesbeck; Lufkin, Texas 75901.

ATTENTION SOUTHEASTERN STATES — ALABAMA, GEORGIA, FLORIDA, SOUTH CAROLINA and NORTH CAROLINA — Jefferson David Tant, son of the editor of this journal, has accepted the position of news reporter for the southeastern United States. He will publish reports regularly in The Gospel Guardian, including notes and various items of interest. Please place him on your mailing list for bulletins. For efficient service in the publishing of news, send your items direct to him. His address: 3230 Chamblee-Tucker Road N. E., Atlanta, Ga. 30341.

EVANGELIST NEEDED: "Small South Central Arkansas congregation needs sound, mature, well grounded man who will be able to teach and help us. Can furnish $450.00 month, will help raise additional support for right man. Contact Union Heights Church of Christ, P. O. Box 434, El Dorado, Arkansas 71730."

PREACHER WANTED: "The church which meets at 1112 N. 16th St. in Pekin, Illinois is looking for a faithful gospel preacher to work full time with us. The church here is self-supporting. We average about 100 in attendance on Lord's day morning. If interested write Church of Christ, 1112 N. 16th or phone 346-3957 after 4 P.M."

Warren R. Cheatham Reports

The first meeting of this congregation was March 13, 1968. At that time we had 45 members. By the first quarter in 1969 we had grown to a membership of 68. We are slightly above that as of this date. Our contribution average for 1969 was about 510 per week indicating the sacrifice of the members. We now have one and one third acres of land valued at $35,000 with an outstanding indebtedness of $21,000 as of this date, (Jan. 1970).

We were incorporated "The Miller Avenue Church of Christ" in accordance with the State of California laws on March 25, 1969. We are scripturally organized with 4 elders and 2 deacons.

We have a remaining balance of bonds to sell in the amount of $60,000. They bear interest of 7% per year, payable twice a year — with a payment due Jan. 15, 1970 which we will pay to anyone who will purchase now. Example — a $1000 bond would pay $35.00 immediately. Bond sizes are $100, $250, $500, $1000.

Building costs are rising sharply and we need a meeting place NOW — You can help us greatly by buying a bond. For information write or call Warren R. Cheatham; 1436 S. Stelling Road, Cupertino, California 95014. Phone 253-7677.

PREACHER NEEDED: "The Church of Christ meeting at 3370 Broad Street Extension, Sumter, South Carolina, is looking for a man to work full time beginning in June 1970. We are a small congregation. If interested write: Woodland Church of Christ, 3370 Broad Street, Ext., Sumter, S. C. 29170.

M. F. MANCHESTER: "I have been with the church in Marked Tree for a little over three years, and would like to make a change after school is out. I have been preaching since 1933. Have labored with different churches from two to over five years at one place. Any congregation in need of a preacher may write me at Box 311 Marked Tree, Ark. 72365. Phone: Area code 501, number 358-2196."

BIBLE LAND TOURS: A number of tours are in the making for the spring and summer months. Watch the pages of the Gospel Guardian for ads and information. Write us for details. One tour which we have not yet mentioned is one to be led by Ellis Crum, publisher of the Sacred Selections song book. He has two tours on tap: March 13 for 15 days and one departing June 17 for 22 days. Write him % Sacred Selections, Kendallville, In. 46755.

Public Debate:

Subject: Instrumental Music in worship or praise.

Place: Dalhart, Texas (1013 E. 10th St. — building of the church of Christ)

Time: April 20, 21, 23, 24, 1970. (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday) 7:30 each night. DISPUTANTS:

Dwaine E. Dunning, preacher for the church of Christ (instrumental music) of Bridgeport, Nebraska and professor of Bible in the Platte Valley Bible College of Scottsbluff, Nebraska. (a 4 year college)

David D. Bonner, preacher for the church of Christ (non-instrumental music) meeting at 6th and Meredith, Dumas, Texas.


First two nights: April 20 & 21. The Scriptures authorize Christians to praise God with singing (vocal music) and there is no authority for Christians to use mechanical music (such as pianos and organs) in the praise of God. Affirms: David D. Bonner; Denies: Dwaine E. Dunning Third & fourth nights: April 23 & 24. The use of (mechanical) instruments are justified in the praise of God by Christians. Affirms: Dwaine E. Dunning; Denies: David D. Bonner

COMMENT: These same two disputants debated in the Platte Valley Bible College last November 5, 6, 7, 8, in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. All who attended the debate agreed that it was a profitable discussion and that neither disputant said a cross word about the other during the debate. The disputants have a high regard for each other's convictions and although they surely do vehemently disagree on the debate propositions, still they did become the warmest of personal friends in the previous debate.

Some who attended the former debate in Nebraska and had been taught that debates are just "fusses" where men "get man" and "have more heat than light" had to admit that such just isn't so, and consequently went away pleading for others to attend and knowing that whoever started such rumors was ignorant or afraid for his position to be tested in debate.

Available Preacher:

J. W. Middleton; Sr. — I have been preaching for thirty-eight years, and I know that I am a better preacher now than I have ever been. I have never done any advertising, but have just worked in the vineyard. I should like to work with some congregation, preferably in Arizona or California but not close to the coast. We prefer a dryer climate. We do have at least half of our support. I have worked in Idaho, Oregon, Texas, California, and have conducted meetings in Montana, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Washington, Arizona, and of course in the states where I have done local work. But I have never learned how to be a long winded preacher.

In addition to the above mentioned places, I have also preached in Old Mexico. I am not so fluent in Spanish now, for I have been away from the language for some time. So far as I know, I am in good health, and am as active as a youngster. My address is Bridgeport, Texas, 76026. Phone 817-748-2266.

Nine Rules For Converting Nobody

* Let your supreme motive be popularity rather than salvation.

* Study to please your congregation and to make a reputation rather than to please God.

* Take up popular, passing, and sensational themes to draw the crowd, and avoid essential doctrines of salvation.

* Denounce sin in the abstract, but pass lightly over sins that prevail in your congregation.

* Preach on the loveliness of virtue and the glory of Heaven, but not on the sinfulness of sin and the terrors of Hell.

* Reprove the sin of the absent, but make those who are present pleased with themselves, so that they enjoy the sermon and not go away with their feelings hurt.

* Make the impression on worldly church members that God is too good to send anyone to Hell, even if there is a Hell.

* Preach the universal Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man so as to show that no second birth is really needed.

* Do not rebuke the worldliness of the church but fall in with the amusement policy. Instead of meeting for prayer, let people "sit down to eat and drink and rise up to play."

— Charles G. Finney, via "Baptist Tribune"

Gospel Meeting:

Church of Christ, McLewis (4 mile west of Highway 62 overpass on south side of Interstate Highway 10)

Orange, Texas Different Area Speaker Each Night:

Jan. 26 — Dale Varnum; Southside; Beaumont, Texas Jan. 27 — Bill Crews; Central; Beaumont, Texas

Jan. 28 — Connard Estes; Osborne Road; Bridge City, Texas.

Jan. 29 — Jack Thompson; North Main; Vidor, Texas Jan. 30 — Glen Wise; Milam at Lansing; West Orange, Texas

JANUARY 26 — 30 7:30 P. M.

Come Study With Us!! I'd Hate To Hate

I'd hate to hate my brother, And that without a cause —

To hate the hate of Vengeance;

Regardless of God's laws.

To murder him in substance, With hate all stored within;

So much the bitterness ore'flows, And others see my sin.

Someone has said that the vessel;

In which our hate is stored, Suffers far more damage;

Than the vessel upon which it's poured.

So I'd hate to hate my brother, It would pierce me through and through,

And I'd much rather choose that you hate me Than to choose that I hate you.

Mrs. John W. Wilson