Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 1, 1970
NUMBER 34, PAGE 10-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al- Gram

William E. Wallace — News Editor

URGENT — ALBION, MICHIGAN Elvis Bozarth, 15124 E. Mystic Dr., Whither, California 90604: Bro. Ray Warren Of Chicago And I Recently Visited With Brethren In Albion, Michigan. A Former Report By Brother Warren Told Of The Recent Move From The City Of Almost All The Members. The Financial Situation Is Now At The Crisis Stage. Six Monthly Building Payments Of $100.00 Each Are Needed To Prevent Losing Their Meeting Place. Write Brother Wade Seagraves. P. O. Box 85, Albion, Michigan Now And Tell Him Of Your Willingness To Help .

Robert A. Bolton

Preaching The Word:

Arizona: H. ED McCASKILL of Las Cruces, New Mexico at Northside in Tucson, November 2-9.

California: DONALD GIVENS at Napa, October 19-26; PETER 1 WILSON of Salem, Oregon at Cotati, November 10 — 16; CHARLES A. LIMBURG, who has recently moved to Tustin-Santa Ana church, will do the preaching in a meeting there, December 7-12; The "lectureship" originally scheduled at Montebello for December 1-6 has been cancelled.

Oregon: JIM HESTER of Venice, California at Canby, November 12-19.

Washington: AL CRAIG of Salem, Oregon at the Sierra Vista church in Enumclaw, November 17-23.

Debate Scheduled:

As a result of a recent confrontation and a challenge by DON COUNTS of Norwald, California, a debate between HOMER WALKER of Bakersfield and a "One God Holiness" preacher is scheduled for December 8-9 in Norwalk. No further information is available at this time.

New Meeting Places:

The congregation which formerly met on South Butler in Compton, California has moved its meeting place to 12408 Long Beach Blvd.. in Lynwood. California. they are meeting in the Western Conservation Club building and KEN CHEATHAM is the preacher.

Floyd Thompson To Undergo Surgery:

Bro. FLOYD THOMPSON of Santa Ana, California, who for many years has been the regular preacher for the Fairview church in Garden Grove, California, is scheduled for major surgery (removal of his gall bladder) Monday, December 1, after he closes a gospel meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Saturday night, November 29. I am certain that hearing from his many friends around the country would help cheer him on to a speedy recovery. Cards and letters may be addressed to him at 429 Eastside, Santa Ana, California 92701. — R.A.B.


(NOTE: The following interesting item is copied from the CLOVIS REMINDER, Bulletin of the church in Clovis, California where O. MAX BRADFORD is the preacher. — R.A.B.)

The Rev. (?) Richard C. Ogdon, Jr., pastor (?) of the Congregational Church in Vergennes, Vt., has introduced a new way for his parishioners (?) to contribute to the church. He has installed a credit card machine inside the main door of the church house. Now, all his people have to do is use their credit cards.

Ogdon said, "Vergennes is literally flooded with credit cards, and since we are moving into a credit card age, there's no reason the church should remain aloof." He said also, "Since credit cards are used for everything from a haircut to ice cream cones, I can't see any reason why Sunday collections or other church contributions can't go on the credit card, too."

Sounds pretty good, doesn't it. But it seems to me there is something lacking in the credit card system of contributing. To me there is something warm and gratifying in planning (purposing) and giving according to that which I have received (prospered), from a heart filled with real love for the Lord and His cause. The credit card system leaves me cold.

BY THE WAY: "A college education never hurts a man, provided he is willing to learn something AFTER he graduates!"

BEGINNING A NEW WORK IN NEW ENGLAND — On November 9, 1969, a group of Christians met in Framingham, Massachusetts to worship. This is the only sound church to our knowledge in this state. We are meeting in the Framingham Civic League Building, located at 214 Concord Street, Framingham. We have started this work with four families and attendance of nineteen. It is our desire to have the readers of this paper know of this effort. You may know people living in this area who would like to worship with us. Let them know and have them contact one of the parties below. If you desire for us to make contact for you, please forward the name and address. We feel there are members of the church in this area who would desire to worship with us if they had knowledge of this effort and the stand we take.

The following families are members and can be contacted for directions or more information. Mr. & Mrs. Bill Blackburn, 164 B Bishop Street, Framingham, Massachusetts 617-879-1444. Mr. & Mrs. G. R. Dickson, 788 Neponset Street, Norwood, Massachusetts 617-769-2291. Mr. Si Mrs. Douglas Jones, 27 Oak Street, Holliston, Massachusetts, 617-429-1015. Mr. & Mrs. Harold H. Ritchie, 28 Apache Road North Bellingham, Massachusetts, 617-966-0127.

CALL FOR MARSHALL, TEXAS: A new congregation will begin meeting in Marshall in January. Wallace H. Little, retiring from the Air Force after 27 years of service, will move to Marshall to start a church. About 20 people will meet to form the new congregation. There is no church in Marshall opposing institutionalism or sponsoring church type of cooperation. For a long time brethren have wondered why no conservative church in Marshall. Beginning in January the Marshall area of East Texas will be blessed with a work contending for the New Testament pattern as to the work of the church. Brethren who read this can help. . . especially those in Texas. We need the names of individuals in Marshall you know who would be receptive to a contact regarding to the new church. Also, $300.00 in monthly support for brother Little is needed. Who can help? Write Wallace H. Little, 19 MAS (MAC) Kelly AFB, Texas 78241, CMR Box 41259 San Antonio, Texas 78241 (until January 15, 1970). Brother Little's ability and dedication as a gospel preacher is known by many. — W.E.W.

A NEW CHURCH IN LITTLEFIELD, TEXAS: (32 miles from Lubbock) "Recently brother Ned Fairbain and wife disassociated themselves from the old church in Littlefield — which for years has maintained a liberal attitude toward the scriptures — to form a new work. The Fairbains and two other families compose the congregation at present. They are meeting in the Seventh Day Adventist building of their own. During the week of Nov. 10-16, this writer assisted them in a meeting — which was conducted in the Junior High School auditorium — and preached over the local radio station each morning. The way will be slow and hard, but their zeal is feverish; their courage undaunted. Why not write to Ned Fairbain, 1200 E. 12th Street, Littlefield, Texas expressing your appreciation for his stand, and encourage him in this endeavor. And if any of the Guardian readers know of anyone living in the Littlefield area these brethren need to contact, the information would be appreciated." Harold Fite, 5438 33rd St., Lubbock, Texas 79407.

DARWIN KERR is moving from Woodlake, Texas to the South congregation in January. His new address will be 407 Avenue, H., South Houston, Texas. He will be following Ray Votow who leaves to resume work in Africa.

FLORIDA COLLEGE LECTURES: Are you planning on attending? Attend if possible! You will gain much by the lectures and visits with brethren of 'like precious faith' from all over the country. January 26-29. See you there?

DLO COMING SOON? What is DLO? You will approve of it. Stay tuned to The Gospel Guardian, well present DLO In a couple of weeks.

GARY, INDIANA — We had good meetings at Ft. Wayne and Greenville! Four were baptized at Ft. Wayne, and, one at Greenville. However, at Greenville we broke the attendance record two nights (Wed. & Fri.). David Tant and others came up from Atlanta on Thursday evening (about 150 miles). The church in Greenville (Taylors) would like to have a good mature man to preach regularly, but he would have to raise most of his support elsewhere.

We had two baptized in our meeting here (Glen Park) with Jere Frost. In my meeting at Connersville, Ind. we had three restored and one baptized with excellent interest and good attendance.

"Weyerhaeuser Company has opportunities for college graduates with degrees in engineering, forestry, chemistry and the sciences, and accounting, with or without experience. The Company's operations in Plymouth consist of a 2,400-man complex in which pulp, paperboard, paper and plywood is manufactured, supported by 600,000 acres of timberlands in eastern North Carolina. The church here has its own building, with a membership of seven families. Faithful Christians with the above qualifications are invited to write: Robert E. Herndon, Personnel Manager, Weyerhaeuser Company, Plymouth, North Carolina 27962 or phone me collect, 919-7932111 or 793-4366 (home)." — Robert E. Herndon A REFRESHING REPORT ON A KENTUCKY PREACHER: It was very refreshing to see the beautiful pictures of buildings where the saints meet in South central Kentucky. Also, the feature article on Bro. Kelly Ellis of Danville, Kentucky. There was mention in one of the articles of other faithful gospel preachers such as Charles Brown, Harold Carter and others. I am writing in regard to the work of Bro. Harold Carter in the churches of this area. Having known the work and untiring efforts of this brother it seems worthy of note that he has published no articles, desired no public acclaim for his work but has diligently contended for the faith for over 16 years.

Bro. Carter has probably baptized more people in this area than all the other preachers put together and has probably preached more sermons that are generally regarded as "hard" than any man alive today. I have heard him preach when he knew that meetings would be cancelled especially those of the liberal persuasion. Also, he is content to preach without pay because he believes in working for a living and to use his terms "I can preach the gospel today — and my family won't go hungry tomorrow." He further repeats, "I am afraid to preach to please men."

To illustrate the work of the soldier, he has baptized more than 50 in the Eubank congregation, during the past 3 years. He has worked with more small congregations and I heard him say on one occasion that he baptized 7 people in a place where there had not been a baptizing for more than 9 years.

Yes, I believe that this man is worthy of mention because of his ability — he has a BS, MA, and Specialist Degree in Education and is principal of the local high school. The area supports his educational views because he violently fights dancing, sex education, etc. and it seems that he always wins the fight.

This is the only man that I know on earth tonight that will fight educationally, and for the cause of Christ and will not accept defeat.

Book Report By Carl Alien

IT'S A PLAYBOY WORLD Author — William S. Banowsky

"This is an articulate analysis of the playboy philosophy and its powerful influence on today's society. Dr. Banowsky was drawn to this study in preparation for a public debate with the Religion Editor of Playboy Magazine and he speaks with authority and honesty of the inconsistencies in the popular philosophy and its distortion of the basic ideas of freedom, individualism, tolerance and even pleasure itself. He recognizes its dangers and proposes an alternative direction for genuine freedom based on the vibrant insights of Jesus Christ."

The core of the "PLAYBOY MAGAZINE" is sex. Hugh Hafner has a magazine — PLAYBOY — "with almost twenty million readers every month and on the American campus, is something of an oracle. Aside from the Reader's Digest, which has a considerable edge in age and the advantage of being printed in several languages, PLAYBOY is the most widely circulated American magazine in all of Western Europe." "LIFE magazine says that more than forty billion dollars a year is spent on the pursuit of pleasure, an amount greater than is spent on education and religion combined."

Even though research for the book took the author into worlds not invaded by most — and should not be — individuals, it is written on a high and scholarly level. If you read this book you will not be taken into the mire of the flesh and dragged through the streets of filth. This book is plain, forthright, scholarly and should be read by all who are living in this modern society.

It is not often that I recommend a book to be read by everyone; but, the problems that are dealt with in this book are related to EVERYONE. It is refreshing to see the evidence that what is affirmed by the Bible is OBVIOUSLY the right way.

This book sells for $3.50 and may be ordered from the Gospel Guardian Co., Box 470, Lufkin, Texas 75901.

Carl A. Allen, Box 724, Lufkin, Texas 75901