Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 21, 1969
NUMBER 16, PAGE 9-12

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

THE PASSING OF A GIANT: Everett Austin Wolven September 10, 1911 — July 20, 1969. Jack L. Holt writes: "In the passing of Everett Wolven truly 'a prince and a great man in Israel,' has fallen. When I moved to Indianapolis, in 1952 to work with the Belmont Ave. church, he was one of the elders. When the centralized control issue waxed warm he took a firm stand for the truth. His firm stand encouraged the Belmont church to endorse Charles A. Holt in the first debate on current issues. His influence helped make the Belmont church the great church it is today. The brotherhood owes a debt of gratitude to the Belmont church for its stedfast devotion to truth and its willingness to lead in battles for the right. And much credit for this is due Everett Wolven. Only the Lord knows the souls that have been saved from digression as a result of his labors. The whole Indianapolis area was influenced for good and for God by his life. Along with a host of others, I mourn his passing. He was a friend indeed, and a gallant soldier of the Lord. As one views the sound churches in Indianapolis we can truly say, 'his works follow him.' May the Lord bless and strengthen his family and friends in this time of grief." ...Wolven came from southern Indiana. He became a member of the church at the age of 15 in a little country church outside of Petersburg, Indiana. After moving to Indianapolis in the 1930's he was affiliated with the Blaine Avenue congregation. In 1939 he was instrumental in establishing the Belmont Avenue congregation. He married Gertrude Pope, September 26, 1931 and is survived by this good wife and six children. Two of his brothers, John and Montie are members of the Belmont Ave. congregation.

BOBBY GRAHAM: "I now live in Decatur, Ala. I am working with the Somerville Road church here and to teach in the Athens Bible School this fall along with my preaching."

FREE OUTLINES FOR HOME BIBLE STUDIES: Eight Bible Survey lessons, neatly mimeographed. Write Haynes Reneau, P.O. Box 1226, Gladewater, Texas. They are good! And you can't beat the price.

LUTHER G. ROBERTS: "We are moving the first of September to Freeport, Texas where I am to preach for the church. The mailing address there will be P.O. Box 2646, Freeport, Texas 77541."

THE DANIEL SOMMER "BIOGRAPHY": It is selling. One customer says the first few chapters remind him of "huckleberry Finn." Another writes, "The biography of brother Sommer came in the mail Saturday and I have already read it. It is an interesting account of the life, joys, and trials intermingled in the life of one who evidently preached what he believed and believed what he preached. I enjoyed the reading of the account of his life".

V. C. McCORMICK: "The Harding Ave., congregation is now supporting Bro. Eusebio M. Alagano, in the Philippines on a full time basis and will for one year. They have now started to help Bro. Eusebio Balliao, for the same length of time. Bro. Balliao is in need of another $25.00 per month. Also Bro. Santiago O. Ramos desires support of $85.00 per month (total). Their mailing addresses are as follows: Eusebio Balliao, Dicaulao, A-204, Quezon Philippines, and Santiago O. Ramos, Katiduan, Kabacan, 0-109, Cotabato, Philippines. To my knowledge these are both sound and dedicated men." P.O. Box 101 Portsmonth, Ohio 45662.

JOHN BULLOCK: "Since resigning full time work with the St. Augustine Drive church here in Dallas, I am available for appointment preaching and meeting work. If any church within a radius of 75 miles of Dallas needs my services, please contact me at the address, or call 235-6397 after 5 p.m." 13231 Emily Rd., Dallas, Texas 75240.

KEITH BURNETT: "During June and July there have been two baptisms and two restorations at the Robinson congregation of the church of Christ. On July 20 an attendance record was set since my coming here last June. 95 were present for morning worship. A gospel meeting is planned for the last week in August with brother J. C. Roady of Sullivan, Ind." Robinson, Illinois 62454 % Church of Christ.

PREACHER WANTED: "The church in San Angelo, Texas is in need of a full time gospel preacher. If you are interested in a good work and the only conservative church from Abilene to Del Rio, Texas, please contact J. I. Keeney or Robert O. Bingham 653-4636, 653-8410, 949-7901, area code 915."

JACK L. HOLT, has accepted a $1.00-a-year assignment with the Gospel Guardian as a special public relations man. He will be available for book orders, subscriptions, literature sales — he will be our agent in these business matters. Any criticisms, suggestions, advice and such like addressed to brother Holt will get to us, here in the office. So when you see him running around the country feel free to approach him. He will be glad to listen to you and take your orders! We are proud to have brother Holt with us. He has shown a disposition through the years which is patient, mature, sound and understanding. He'll be writing more for the paper and counseling with us regarding business and policy. His address: Box 395, Richardson, Texas 79580.

WALLACE H. LITTLE: "Sometime ago you printed my notice concerning the sins of bro. Habbabbuk D. Capilitan who at that time was attempting to obtain support in the U. S. for his work in the Philippines. Today, I received news from a very reliable source that he has repented of his sins and made correction. As you were kind enough to print the first notice I hope you will also print this one too. I am grateful to God that brother H. D. Capilitan has corrected these wrongs, in so far as he has been able to do so. I Pray that he will continue to walk uprightly in The Kingdom and might be such that it is acceptable to God." 19 MAS (MAC) Kelley AFB, Texas 78241 CMR Box 41259.

BILL PIERCE is scheduled for three weeks of meetings in Norway where he worked for many years. He is in need of support. This notice sent in by his friends. Write Bill Pierce at Box 13 Rt. 5, Hillsboro, Ohio.

ROBERT WAYNE LaCOSTE scheduled for meetings August 3-10 in Cody, Wyoming, August 13-20 in Grover City, California...we couldn't get the information in for advance notice, due to our special issue.

AN ANNOUNCEMENT FROM B. G. HOPE...ABOUT ENGLAND: "Mr and Mrs. Fred E. Pollock and daughters, Mary Ann and Susan, will arrive in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England July 15. Fred is on a special assignment for Proctor and Gamble. They have bought property and plan to live there a few years at least. Mary Ann will return to the states in August to enter Florida College. As far as the Pollocks know "they" will be the Church in Newcastle. They will immediately assemble in their home at the customary hours for religious services. Their address after August 15 will be 4 Carlton Close 3 Kenton Park Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. Should anyone know of a church member in or near Newcastle, please contact the Pollock's. Mrs. Pollock is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Hope of Beaver Dam, Ky."

MARIETTA, GEORGIA: "After three years of meeting in the old YWCA at 181 Church Street in Marietta, we will soon be moving into our new meeting house. We hope that his move will be made by August or September, though delay in arrival of our pews could postpone our move. If you plan to worship with us in the near future, we suggest that you telephone one of the brethren listed below and inquire about our meeting place at that time. Our new building is located at 2651 Powers Ferry Road in Marietta, less than 5 minutes from 1-75. Take the Dobbins AFB — Lockheed exit and follow this exit road east till it dead-ends into Powers Ferry Road. A left turn here will take you to the building very quickly. If you know of anyone who is stationed at Dobbins Air Force Base or who is working at the giant Lockheed of Georgia plant, please tell them of our meeting place and send us their address here. We welcome them and you to worship with us. To learn the exact date of our move, telephone one of the following: Hugh W. Davis, 428-4658, C. H. Bankston 422-6334, Grady Palmer 427-5009." Hugh W. Davis 310 Little Road Marietta, Georgia 30060.

DAVID TANT reports on a meeting in Haynesville, La. conducted August 3-12 with sons and sons-in-law of brother and sister S. B. Hartsell preaching. He adds, "I think this is a fine tribute to the many years of faithful service to the Lord of the Hartsells. He has served as an elder for perhaps 30 or more years. The speakers were Calvin Allen, David Tant, Huey Hartsell, John Iverson."

INFORMATION WANTED: "Would someone please give me the scriptures that teach that a Christian should kill those whose political beliefs are different from his. I have three teen-age sons, and before I send them to Viet Nam to kill Communists, I want to be sure that it is right." Ralph Edmunson, Box 423, Searcy, Arkansas 72143 PREACHER WANTED: "The Blue Ash Church of Christ wil be in need of a gospel preacher as of October 1st. Anyone interested in the work here, write to: Church of Christ, 4667 Cooper Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242 or call 791-3527."

CHARLES G. MAPLES, Sr. reports that he is now laboring with a group of faithful brethren in Red Bay, Alabama meeting in a "nice new building on the East Side of the city on Highway 24." P.O. Box 339, Red Bay, Alabama 35582.

HONOR TO THE TREASURER: One of the unsung heroes in the local congregation is the treasurer. He takes care of a work that calls for integrity, patience, promptness and considerable time. The treasurer is the one who represents to the business world the business affairs of the church. The manner in which he handles his responsibilities can be a credit to the congregation. Quite often he is frustrated by such problems as poor business management in the leadership and a lack of funds. One who sticks with the work of a treasurer through the years, maintaining his equilibrium and providing equitable service is certainly due the appreciation and commendation of his brethren. Preachers are in regular contact with the treasurer. Yes, yes indeed. It is in the preacher's interest to get alone with the treasurer! Seriously, in twenty years of working with a number of local congregations treasurers have delivered my wages promptly, regularly and faithfully, and most of the time cheerfully. In my first fulltime local work the treasurer paid me in cash, from the collection basket. As I stood at the door shaking hands with the folks as they left the building, th. treasurer would sidle up to me, open a side pocket in my coat, and pour in coins and bills totaling $40.00. Often there was more silver than paper. He would always give the side pocket a little pat as he turned to walk away. I didn't really fact, I just shook hands a little tighter and a little more enthusiastically.

KENT ELLIS: July 29th I moved to Bryan, Texas to work in this area and with the Twin Cities church. This church is about five years old, composed of 22 members who live in Bryan and College Station. These "Twin Cities" combined contain 50,000 people. This is the only church here contending in all respects for the faith once delivered.

The Twin Cities church has been meeting in an old vacated Jewish synagogue for several years, but recently has moved into a new building at 3610 Plainsman Lane. This is one block west of East 29th street, one of the three main north-south thoroughfares in Bryan-College Station. This is in a newer residential section of Bryan, convenient to residents of both cities and to students of Texas A & M.

We would like to have the names and addresses of anyone you know living in this area who you think would be interested in the truth. If you know of Christians coming as students or to work for A & M this fall, please let us know. We would be happy to arrange transportation to services for any student without such. - 1912 Vinewood, Bryan, Texas 77801 WEST MEMPHIS CHURCH OF CHRIST: On April 14, 1968, a faithful congregation was started in West Memphis, Arkansas. The Church meets in a small building at 402 East Broadway. Worship services are at 10 o'clock on Sunday mornings. 6 o'clock on Sunday evenings and 7:30 Wednesday evenings. Brother John W. Smith does the preaching.

Since that first Sunday morning, the Church at West Memphis has continued to grow in number and in knowledge. We have purchased a two acre plot of land within the city limits and we hope to build a building in the very near future. When and if you are in our community, please come by and worship and study with us. Call 735-6732 or 735-1620 BEHIND IN NEWS: The combining of three issues for the special issue has caused delay in our presentation of your news items. But we will each up! And beginning in September we will be set up locally to have the news in the mails the same week we receive it.

ORDER EXTRA COPIES OF THE SPECIAL ON THE "LAST DAYS" - 25 cents each or $20.00 per hundred. Good for giving to people who are excited about the events in the Middle East - to those who think modern Israel has some special part to play in God's plan for man - to those who look for a millennium - to those who are captivated by the teaching of Garner Ted Armstrong, Jehovah Witnesses, and others of like persuasion. This special will help counteract false teaching about the second coming of Christ. Extra copies now ready for mailing.