Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 27, 1968


Fanning Yater Tant

Warning. We have a lengthy letter from the elders and preacher at the 5th Avenue and 12th Street congregation in Yuma, Arizona, warning against the hurtful extremes in both teaching and practice found in the congregation meeting at 2345 1st Avenue in Yuma. The letter is signed by the elders, Floyd Embree, Leon Leffel, and Paul Brumback; also by the preacher, David E. Curtis. These brethren ask any who might be interested to write to them at the 5th Avenue congregation. They will give particulars of their reasons for issuing this warning. If you are curious about the church at 5th and 12th, here are some men who have held meetings for them and are familiar with their work: Floyd Thompson, Ted Bollier, R. L. Morrison, Hoyt Houchen, O. D. Dial, Claude Trues, Homer Hailey, Choice L. Bryant, and Ralph Givens.

Conversation at Abilene. It happened last winter at the A. C. C. lectureship under the big tent. George Dehoff.."Yater,did you go to the get-together over at Arlington?" Tant: "No, George, I was not there.- Dehoff "Neither was I, and I simply cannot understand why I wasn't invited. I heard the meeting was to be for 'brethren on both sides' — and nobody in the church has been more 'on both sides' than one!"

They want an "0-L-D" man. "We are trying to find an older man — or — or possibly one thirty or more years old! who might be interested in coming to Florida this summer. Will you put this short notice in the Guardian, and thank you very much. The church here wants to contact a man as soon as possible." D. E. Lively, P. O. Box 657, Ruskin, Florida.

We know of no church in the land that has done, and is doing, a more constructive work as a "Bible college" than the church in Kirkland, Washington. We have asked Lowell Williams, capable gospel preacher who works with this congregation to outline for us in a series of articles the kind of work they are doing. He has written the articles, and they will be forthcoming on these pages soon. Look for them. This is a highly interesting and stimulating program they have going out there! We believe many churches could profit from such activity.

Apostolic Times. "I have five volumes of the Apostolic Times (James A. Allen's paper) They are from May, 1941 through July 1954. They are in good condition; and I would like to sell them to some one who writes for the Gospel Guardian, The Preceptor, Searching the Scriptures, or Truth Magazine. I would want $18.50 for the entire lot.' Alonzo Morris, 209 Chapel Avenue, Nashville, Tenn. 37206.

We get so frustrated! In the Firm Foundation earlier this month Reuel Lemmons printed Gayle Oler's nasty little article "How Shall They Return" and along side of it a response by Bryon Vinson. We commend him for printing them — but we get is FRUSTRATED over the obstinate blindness of Brother Lemmons (and others) in repeating over and over and over again that the current division has come over certain brethren trying to make "their opinions" into law "for the rest of us." If it has been said once, it has been said ten million times (a most reasonable figure; only one thousand times each for ten thousand brethren): "The division in NOT, NOT, NOT, over somebody trying to force his "opinions" on somebody else!" The brethren who oppose Herald of Truth and church contributions to colleges and institutional orphanages do so on grounds of FAITH and CONSCIENCE. It is a gratuitous insult to keep repeating that they are "trying to force their OPINIONS on others." We get sick of it after a while. And if this is a sample of the kind of thinking Brother Lemmons has AFTER listening to the speeches at Arlington, then we see little grounds for optimism as to any future healing of the breach that has developed.

The Real Secret.

Charm and wit and levity May help you at the start.

But at the end, it's brevity That wins the public's heart.

R. Cheney