Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 27, 1968

Gospel Guardian Gram

CLINTON D. HAMILTON, Ph.D., leaves Florida College to serve as Dean of Broward Junior College, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Those involved in FC interests will feel the loss of this member of a long-standing team. Dean Hamilton leaves FC seeking new challenges and he is the kind of man that can handle just about any task with which he is an excellent manner.

PREACHERS QUIT: In a time of "preacher shortage" we hear of more preachers dropping out, or turning to secular activity for support. One typical preacher reaction to church trouble came to my mailbox: "We were very deeply hurt by the events out there, to the point that I doubt that I'll ever 'depend' upon the brethren for my support and livelihood again." We need some preaching and writing on the ethics of church-preacher relations, or on preacher-church relations in time of trouble. James P. Needham has a most excellent series on church and preacher problems appearing in TRUTH MAGAZINE. It is worthy of publication in book form.

ECCLESIASTICAL OUTCASTS: There are so many ministers and priests working for 0E0 (Office of Economic Opportunity) that the initials have taken on a new meaning. 0E0 now means the Office of Ecclesiastical Outcasts! — R. Sargent Shriver, former director of the 0E0. Quoted in "Church and State", June 1968.

EIGHT BAPTISMS, THREE RESTORATIONS in a meeting at Belmont in Indianapolis May 19-26. Homer Hailey did the preaching.

TEACHER TIP: I like the Abingdon Tripod and Charthead set of Bible land maps. Best I have seen. Far better than the older type classroom maps.

Set includes eight maps with folding tripod that extends to 7 1/2 feet high. $27.50. Order from the GG.

IMPAC: A corporation separate from The Gospel Guardian Company has been formed in Tampa, Florida to handle the Impac business. Impac sales are flourishing. Many are testifying to Impacts worthiness. Others have some reservations about it. All who investigate are impressed, and find that it works! Watch GG ads for details about Impac.

BOB OWEN has been promoted to administrative assistant to the president of Florida College. (Owen's voice is heard on some of the records in the Impac kit).

CHRISTIANITY TODAY, June 7, 1968 carries opposing viewpoints under the title "Perspective on Arab-Israeli Tensions". The articles are quite enlightening as to Premillennial and Protestant thinking, regarding the Near East.

— Wew