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June 27, 1968

Can You Help This Man?

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(Editor's Note: We present herewith a letter received last fall by Brother Roland H. Lewis of Florida College in Temple Terrace, Florida. Writer of the letter, Ray A. Jacobs, is well and favorably known to brethren in the Philippines who are contending for the truth. He is felt to be worthy in every respect. But let his letter tell the story. If any of our readers feel disposed to help at all, we suggest you contact Brother Lewis at Florida College and tell him what you can do.)

Church of Christ Sal-lapadan, Abra

Philippines September 11, 1967

The Admission Florida College

Temple Terrace, Florida Dear Sir:

I was very glad to receive your good letter and the information papers. Thank you Mr. Roland H. Lewis for your kindness to give my request about your school.

To fulfill the requirements, I'm very sincere and humble to note little about my family background, personality, interest, and sincere purpose to come and study at your school if admitted.

For almost 15 years I'm member and six years active preacher of the church of Christ. All members of my family are belong to Christ now. One of my brother is also a preacher for eight years now. I was grown in a Christian fine family, never learned to smoke, drink liquor, and in company with persons whose characters and reputations were questionable.

I'm preaching in the mountains of Abra a hundred and fifty miles away from home (Solano, Nueva Vizcaya), The Lord has sent me for the headhunters and idol worshippers. This is the second place where I opened congregation of the church of Christ. This work began last year (1966), now it has more than 30 members. I preached first in La Union 100 miles away from here. I preach without support but work and eat with the people.

The way of living in this area is very primitive. Most are still uncivilized. They are active with their principles and traditions of life. They hunt people and take some part of the body and offer to their gods. The development of health, community, cultural and social matters are their basic needs. Bible principles and doctrines are very important. Well trained social and Bible workers are in demand for this place. And if all these problems be only solved, I'm sure and hope their traditions and principles will be eradicated. Who? will come? Whose responsibility?

Now the above question is still hard, but if I can have enough knowledge and be trained more. I hope everything is solved. Therefore, as Christian and children of God it is your and mine responsibility to civilize, to educate them with Bible principles. I'm really trouble and guilty if we can't solve this. Matthew 28:19-20 says, "Go teach. preach, and baptize."

Now what I've in mind is to come at your school to study more, to be trained well in all angles of studies possible so that in my return I may well teach my fellowmen. I need more to study the Bible and secular subjects.

My admittance at Florida College to study the Bible and other important subjects will be the admittance of the whole brotherhood in the mountain of Abra into heaven, because after all, I can be more useful to them. No doubts why can't I don't fit into the environment of Florida College. Florida College has an excellent Christian environment, this is very important to my training.

My I know about your offer of the availability of scholarship and student aid. My plan is to work while at school because no one could help me, even the congregation I'm working with now. If possible, I'll work and study, only for the above problems I'm facing now. I want and it is my great desire to help my fellowmen in Abra in my return.

Brother Roland H. Lewis I'll pray and plead for your consideration to please see my situation. May God open your kind heart.

Sincerely in Christ, Ray A. Jacobs

Salapadan, Abra Philippines

September 12, 1967 Registrar

Florida College Temple Terrace, Florida

Dear Sir:

We have the honor to recommend brother Ray A Jacobs to study at your school. And if he'll be admitted he'll be our pride because later he can be more useful to us to evangelize our fellowmen here in Abra. We need more to be taught with Bible matters and doctrines as well as material needs.

We are now more than 30 members of the church of Christ since brother Ray came to teach us last 1966, but we are unable to support him at school so we plead to your kindness to please help him in school if possible. He is only our hope for the head-hunters and idol worshipers in this place. He needs more to be trained. His character is excellent, no question about him, he is honest, kind and sincere to his ideas, we trust him and honor his works. We need him to study more. We plead for his support at school, if possible he'll well work while he studies. The church here can't support him, no one could do also. He can be useful after more studying.

May God open your heart. God bless you and your work.

Very truly yours, Elder Imman Jefferson, Deacon Alfredo Wadwadan