Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 17, 1969
NUMBER 49, PAGE 10-11

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

RESPONSE TO THIS "TELL-Al-GRAM" FEATURE GRATIFYING: In every mail we receive comments of appreciation for this feature. Many of these comments are thank-you notes for services rendered in this column. We are glad to offer this service to our readers.

JAMES TRIGG: Needs Volumes 4 and 6 of TRUTH MAGAZINE to complete his files. Write him at P.O. Box 5950 Longview, Texas 75601.

CECIL B. DOUTHITT'S STUDY BOOKS: We are selling lots of them. Order a sample of all twelve for only $3.60.

MEETINGS: Robert Crawley at North Birmingham, Alabama April 13-20...Peter J. Wilson at Huffman in Birmingham April 16-23...John Clark at Vastavia Hills in Birmingham May 4-9...James P. Needham in Plano, Illinois April 21-27...C.D. Plum at Imhoff Ave. in Port Arthur, Texas April 13-20...Homer Halley in Sciotoville, Ohio May 12-18...Ray Votaw at North Main in Vidor, Texas beginning April 20...Johnie Edwards in Plainfield, Indiana May 19-25...Connie Adams at Glenwood Hills, Decatur, Ga. April 20-25...John Iverson Madisonville, Texas (Highway 90) April 6-13.

PREACHER LOOKING FOR A PLACE: "Mature man (41) with B. S. in education degree desires to locate congregation unable to pay fulltime preacher. Must be able to obtain elementary teaching position in town." Marshall Norman, 923 E. Hayward, Independence, Missouri. Phone (816) 416-6408.

W. E. COFFMAN: "I began work with the Sunrise Acres church in El Paso in mid-February. This church has not had a full time preacher for the past five years. One family of four and one of two placed membership with us the past few weeks. We are located near Ft. Bliss. If you have friends or loved ones in the service here we will be glad to contact them. You may write me: W. E. Coffman, 8625 Roberts Drive, El Paso, Texas 79904. Telephone (Office 755-5813, home 778-4329)

ROBERT E. McCURDY: "The church which formerly met at Birch and McFadden streets in Santa Ana, California has moved into a new building in Tustin, California." 16481 E. Main St., Tustin, California 92680 CLARE, MICHIGAN: "We the church of Christ at Clare are desperately in need of a full time minister. I am writing you for information as to what procedure to take knowing you are acquainted with many of the preacher brethren. If you cannot help us would you please forward this letter in the right channel where it would get some consideration? No doubt we can get one of the modem preachers, or maybe some would label them liberal. But we are looking for one sound in the faith, free from all the confusion that is rapidly dividing the church. This little congregation was established about 10 years ago. Bro. Fred Dennis of Marietta, Ohio a good friend of mine was responsible for this work, laying $1000.00 on the barrel head to start it. We have managed to do our own preaching until now. And we can still get by. But if we ever expect to grow we will have to have some help...A full time minister. We are located in the heart of the city of Clare about 2,500 population. We own our neat little building of frame construction which seats about 120. Our attendance runs about 35 which comes and goes. Our collection is around $50.00 weekly. Has been as high as 80 or 90 We have on hand over $5000.00 debt free. We have saved this to employ a preacher. But the price of preaching raises faster than we can save. Therefore it will be necessary for a preacher to find some of his support. I believe we could support to the extent of $100.00 per week for two years. Maybe by that time we could fully support a minister. We would like to have a middle aged man with years of experience able to offset the gainsayer. Could I have your assistance?" 2001 E. Ludington Dr., Clare, Michigan. — Harley O. Wortsell

REPORT ON THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS: From Wallace H. Little — "Enclosed are several pictures which you might find interesting. I received them from Bro. Rufo B. Samodal who lives and preaches in the Island of Mindanag. Number 1 shows part of a congregation either just before or just after worship. This is one of the churches where Bro. Samodal labors. The next one (2) shows eight souls after worship, just before baptism. Some of these same appear also in the first picture. Picture number 3 is an outside shot of another church, where Bro. Samodal's brother in the flesh, Wilfredo Samodal preaches. Bro. Wilfredo Samodal is without support, and labors here as he is able.

"As you can see, the churches there are hardly prosperous in the material sense. The poor make up the greater bulk of the members, along with their children. The facilities are anything but the best. But these children of God do the best that they are able.

"...A Bro Romulo B. Agduma, of Cotabato Province, Mindanao, writes recently that he and Bro. Samodal and several others are engaged in profitable studies with a number of liberal preachers, two of whom have learned the truth on the institutional issues and publically announced their change. This, in view of the strong economic hold of the Philippine Bible College over more native preachers in that country, requires considerable courage. It will mean, if it has not already meant so, that as soon as the PBC learns of this 'defection' the support provided these men will be cut off. As married men with families this is a drastic blow. But they took their stand for the truth knowing that such was going to happen...

"Bro. Agduma has put in a lot of time, effort and what money he has in compilation of a thick (78 page) mimeograph pamphlet tracing the history of the apostasy over institutionalism in the US and telling how the Philippines are undergoing the same sort of thing..." (Excerpts from letter)