Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 3, 1969

Taking A Second Look

Guthrie Dean

After the Roman Catholic Church began to lose ground in England, Germany, and Switzerland during the Protestant Reformation, it decided to launch its own Reformation. And in our generation, since our more "liberal" brethren are losing ground to the "Conservative REformation," they have decided to launch their own "Reformation." (Those who once called us antis, are now themselves opposing certain innovations in the church.) Men like V. E. Howard, head of the World Radio Organization, do not support Burton Coffman and the Manhattan Project. Burton Coffman and others opposed the Church of Christ World's Fair Operation. Gospel Advocate writers and Firm Foundation writers are constantly crossing swords. Will Tatty and others opposed Pat Boone and Jimmy Allen's Campaigns for Christ. Ira Y. Rice, Jr. has published a series of books called "Axe On the Root", in which he denounces his brethren for liberalism and modernism. Brethren Roy J. Hearn and Franklin Camp, started a new publication called "First Century Christian" for the purpose of helping to stem the tide of digression among the brethren. Brother James D. Bales, of Harding College, has a new book out called "The Faith Under Fire," in which he takes a number of brethren to task for their modernism. But the end is not yet. And all I can say is, you've waited a long time brethren, but welcome to the club! Division among God's people is deplorable, but unity in apostasy is even worse. May God hasten the day when all differences will be settled with a "thus saith the Lord," and when, with united hearts and minds, we can go forth together to fight the battle for truth and righteousness.

— 1900 Jenny Lind, Fort Smith, Ark.