Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 20, 1969
NUMBER 41, PAGE 4,5b

The Unfinished Task


As our nation enters a new period under President Nixon we are faced with problems of almost cosmic proportions. The Viet Nam war, crime in the streets, anarchy in our universities, urban unrest, deteriorating race relations, world unrest, terrifying indications of uncontrollable inflation — all these and a hundred others weigh heavily on the hearts of all of us.

But there is one other consideration in the life of every individual more important and meaningful, carrying a far greater significance, than any of the national problems — or all of them combined. More meaningful for that particular individual, that is. We refer to one's own individual relationship to God. For in the final analysis this is the only thing that counts at all. All else is temporary and fleeting; a hundred years from now not a single one of the billions of earth who are now so totally concerned with wars, riots, or other earthly conditions will care in the least. Yet every single one of these people will be facing an eternity of unspeakable suffering or of indescribable happiness because of what happened during the brief moment of time on this planet he shared with his generation.

The greatest task facing every mortal man is first to "make his own calling and election sure," and then to exert every ounce of strength he has, every bit of influence he can muster, all the resources of his mind, his reputation, his pocketbook — in short, his total being, in an unremitting effort to save others! If there is any truth in Christianity, he cannot do less than this; if there is any real faith in his heart in Jesus Christ, he will not do less.

For many years now, we have published a monthly journal (8 pages) devoted wholly to converting the non-Christian. Its articles are slanted toward the unconverted, and deal with those first principles of the gospel which one must understand and obey if ever he is to serve the Lord. Name of this journal is Truth In Love, and for the last year it has been edited by Jefferson David Tant. He will continue in this capacity, and through 1969 will be bringing to this periodical the very best writing that can be secured on such subjects as faith, repentance, baptism, the one true church, the inspiration and authority of God's words, the necessity of gospel obedience, etc. Many congregations through the years have sent (and some are now sending) this paper to their entire prospect list. And over and over again it has proved to be one of the best and most productive ways they have found yet to interest non-Christians in the gospel, and to bring them to the point of obedience.

Along with this direct-mail type of teaching, we have been highly impressed with the favorable results being secured by a host of brethren who are now using the newly developed IMPAC program in their own, individual personal evangelism endeavors. People who had never been able to make calls, or lead the conversation into the right channels, are now finding they can work with ever increasing confidence and enthusiasm (and wonderful success!) by use of the IMPAC program.

We will be happy to furnish any of our readers full particulars both on the Truth-In-Love journal and on the IMPAC program. A card or letter of inquiry will bring you information.

Readers may also have noticed in our pages a recurring advertisement of The Star Magazine, a publication of the Star Bible Publications of Fort Worth, Texas. We have had some letters of inquiry from a few readers as to why we carry this advertisement, knowing that the magazine is a product of our "liberal" brethren. Our reasons for carrying the advertisement are quite simple: (1) The magazine deals only in those first principle materials which are common to all disciples, and (2) we desire to make a consistent and continuing effort to go as far as we can in improving relations between the two great bodies who are alienated over such things as Herald of Truth, the social gospel, and institutionalism. Any congregation using the Star materials has opportunity to examine carefully every article sent out, and to reject any issue which they believe teaches error.

We believe as the inevitable division develops within the churches presently involved in "institutionalism," and as classical liberalism becomes ever more a force to be reckoned with among them, we are going to see a great many sincere and conscientious brethren willing to give greater weight and place to the traditional and conservative stance to which most readers of the Gospel Guardian have consistently adhered. We want to encourage greater communication and a better understanding all around. For that reason we attend their services when we can do so without foregoing an assembly with conservative brethren; we solicit and encourage conversations with them; we seek to promote study and discussion in the friendliest and most cordial atmosphere possible.

Yes, we are concerned about the war, the race riots, student rebellion, soaring inflation, and all the rest. But infinitely greater than any of these is our pre-occupation with the service of God. To do His will, and to be found acceptable to him after life's fitful fever is ended, this is our task. To be a 'soul-winner for Jesus' is our goal. Earth has no higher or more demanding — or more rewarding.

— F. Y. T.