Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 16, 1968
NUMBER 3, PAGE 9-10a


Put me on your mailing list. Thanks, Floyd Chappelear.

Floyd D. Chappelear - 1101 Dyson - West Columbia, Texas 77486

John Bullock, 13231 Emily Rd., Dallas, Texas 75240: Since my last report we have had 4 baptisms, 10 restorations, and 5 identified here at St. Augustine Drive, for which we give the Lord all the glory. This brings to a total of 64 responses during the past 8 months. The Lord willing, I will preach in a meeting for the Chandler Rd. church in Tyler, Texas, May 6-12. We invite all brethren in this area to attend this effort put forth by this new congregation. When in the Pleasant Grove area in Dallas stop by for a visit with us.

Charles House, P. O. Box 1031, Douglas, Arizona 85607; Today I received a letter from Fidel Cisneros, P. O. Box 344, Tecate, California 92080. Fidel preached 4 or 5 years in Sonoyta, Sonora, Mexico, until a year or so ago. Some of you still probably remember him. In recent months he has been living in Tecate and worshipping with the faithful church there...Fidel wants to begin a new work at Sasabee, Sonora, one of the border towns near the Douglas-Agua Prieta area, where my wife and I have recently moved.

Fidel has no support at all and is walking by faith, in the hope that if it is God's will that he will have the support he needs to maintain his wife and 1 teen aged boy, still at home. He will need $200 per month.

Since he does not speak nor read English he depends on me, as well as others, to translate for him. His attitude and Spirit are fine. In the opinion of brother Gomex, preacher in Tecate, and me, we think he is ready to start this new work and is worthy of full support.

If you can support this man, please send your help DIRECT to him. Also, please let me know and I will write him in order that he can make his plans definite for the move to the new field, or, his supporters can write him in Spanish.

God bless you and thanks deeply for your interest in the Mexican people.

Future Gospel Meetings:

Dave Bradford will preach a meeting for the Southwest church in the Atlanta, Georgia area, May 6-12...Gainsville, Georgia, is the sight of a lectureship series to be held the week of the twelfth of May...Lawrenceville, Georgia, June 9-16 with Gary Ogden preaching...Franklin Puckett will be with the church in Murray, Kentucky, May 13-19...Roy Foutz will be with the Wendall Avenue church in Louisville, Kentucky, June 23-30...Leitchfield, Kentucky, is the sight of a June meeting with James Cooper...The Haldeman Avenue church will have a meeting June 9-16 with Bob Crawley preaching.

New Congregation In Iowa

Glenn H. Meyer, Route 2, Bancroft, Nebraska, 68004: For years the church here has been divided over church supported institutions. Recently several of us have withdrawn and started a new congregation, dedicated to the truth as revealed in God's word. There are presently five families worshipping together. We have a rented building which is more than adequate. We are presently looking for someone to work with us in preaching the gospel. He would need to be supported by some congregation. From contacts we have made, we feel that the support could be raised if we can but find a capable man.

If anyone would be interested in the work here contact Carl E. Embry, 2541 S. Helen, Sioux City, Iowa 51106 or contact me (address above). For information about the work contact Frank Driver, 322 Pearl St. Collins, Colorado, 80521. We feel much good could be accomplished by the church here, and now is the time to really push the work.