Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 16, 1968

Needed: Liberals And Golf Balls

Harold Dowdy

Relative to brother Tant's recent suggestion that we might play a game of golf with the liberal preacher now and then, I have some problems. First, I have not played golf in so long that I have misplaced all my Spalding dots. And second, we must have a different breed of liberal down here in Florida and Georgia than you do out West.

Look at my problem. Say we are on the way to the country club with the liberal preacher and he stops by our place of worship and puts his lock on the door. I probably couldn't break 80 on the links. Yet some did do the lock bit, a few days ago, and would you believe they were from Valdosta?

If on the way to the coffee shop the liberal preacher should stop by the house of some of the brethren and ask them to with-hold their contribution in order to put pressure on me to leave town, I would probably not even be able to eat a doughnut with my Sanka. Would you believe in Deland?

Perhaps the preacher would stop by some "prospect" of mine who was just learning about baptism, and the liberal tell him that I "didn't love little orphans." Why that preacher would have to use five spoons of sugar even if he sipped it daintily, for him to be sweet enough for me. Would you believe Jacksonville?

But I can see some problems even if you fellows send me some sweet liberals and tough gold balls. I might get enough golf that it would cause me to think that the Harpers and Tottys were my friends and that the Griders were enemies of the truth.

It seems to me that we have gained back the ground that we now hold because we met the liberals with a "Thou shalt not pass" attitude both in public and private. However...if you have the names of some liberal preachers who have been won with playing games, send their names, loan me a golf ball and I'll have a go at the front nine.

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