Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 23, 1969
NUMBER 37, PAGE 10-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

REPORT FROM NIGERIA - FROM A NIGERIAN: "Last June I started a monthly Gospel magazine which is solemnly committed to propagating the gospel and exposing of errors in doctrine and practice. Now the question of financing it is seriously posing itself.... From all indications the Nigerian civil war is tending toward an end...Before the war began, liberal brethren from America had started to corrupt that area with the building of schools and Hospitals with church funds. I pray the war might serve to put a check on this. Few copies of the Gospel Defender have been sent to the brethren in the area...Right now in Lagos, the influence of the liberals has been working harm on some of our brethren...Those of the liberal cleavage have planned to launch a paper of their own...In this situation I am the more persuaded that the Gospel Defender should be kept going, and be meet to weather the storm. But I need help of interested Christians to back it up." Excerpts from a letter by Ezekiel A. Akinyemi, P. 0 Box 4064-UCI, Ibadan, Nigeria, written to Tommy Davis, P. O. Box 547, Shepherdsville, Ky. 40165.

A NEED IN FORT WALTON BEACH, FLORIDA: "This small church had its start about two years ago with two two years [they] have grown to about thirty five members...We have recently bought some fine lots and hope to be able to build on them in the near future. We are need of some help and if some congregation would like to help in a worthy cause we think their money would be well spent...The church here is in the process of trying to build and are not able to give even part time support. The Myrtle Grove church at Pensacola, Fla. is giving me one hundred and fifty dollars a month toward my support. I can keep body and soul together with that and my pension, but could use one hundred dollars per month in addition to that to be able to live comfortably. That would be a total of five hundred dollars per month and out of that I would have to pay all expenses...The church is in need of some kind of mimeograph machine if some one has a used one they are no longer using we would be thankful for the use of it 'til we could see our way through to buy our own." Excerpts from a letter by Jessie C. Franklin, 48 Memorial Pkwy., Fort Walton Beach, Florida, 32548.

B. G. HOPE: "Since I began work here, October l, three have been restored and one baptized. The opportunities in this area are great. I have found that the church here is made up of dedicated people as a whole. They appear to be very zealous and cooperative in their endeavors." Rt. 3 Box 318, Beaver Dam, Ky. 42320.

A NEW TRACT ON GIVING: "What Every Christian Should Know Concerning Giving" by an old-timer. Jesse Kelley says that this is the best thing he has ever read on the subject. It is a 28 page tract with illustrations in the text. Sells for $15.00 per hundred or 20 in quantities less than 100. We believe this little publication will help some "tight" contributors to loosen up. Order from The Gospel Guardian Company.

The Following Pages Of Our News Section Is Devoted To Information About The Forth Coming Bible Land Tour. Ferrell Jenkins Answers Your Questions. The Information Will Be Interesting To All, Whether You Plan To Make The Trip Or Not. People Are Beginning To Sign Up For The Tour. Hope To Hear From You Soon.


SPECIAL REPORT ON THE FORTHCOMING BIBLE LAND TOUR: - From Ferrell Jenkins Answers To Questions About The Bible Lands Tout - Considerable interest has been shown in the 1969 Gospel Guardian Bible Lands Tour to be led by Ferrell Jenkins and William E. Wallace. There are a number of questions that are frequently asked and we believe that those who have contemplated going on this tour will be interested in the answers.

1. WHY HAS MAY 5-23 BEEN CHOSEN AS THE DATES OF THE TOUR? These dates have been carefully selected because of the ideal weather expected and to avoid the large Easter crowds. We have a tour of 19 days; preachers will be away only two sundays.

2. WHAT IS THE WEATHER LIKE? The average monthly temperature for the places we will visit is as follows during May: Rome (66); Cairo (76); Beirut (72); Jerusalem (67); Tiberias (79); Athens (68); Geneva (56). In Palestine the temperature will vary a great deal depending on the altitude. There should be no rain while we are in Palestine. It is best to wear clothes in layers so that when the weather becomes hot the sweaters, jackets, etc. can come off. It may well be 90 to 95 degrees in the middle of the day in Egypt, Sea of Galilee area, Jericho, etc. It may be a little chilly in Jerusalem at night. I usually wear the oldest winter suit I have for departure and take two summer suits. Some men just take slacks and sport jackets.

3. IS IT SAFE TO GO TO PALESTINE? That is a strange question. Many of the people we meet in foreign countries wonder if it is safe to visit New York, Chicago, Washington, Louisville, etc. All they know is what they hear in the news, and that is about all we know about the Israeli-Arab conflict. Existing conflicts have not involved tourist areas. The several governments involved, including our own, will cancel tourist activities if necessary. While nothing can be guaranteed, we believe that it is safe to visit Palestine. Should we learn otherwise the tour will be cancelled.

4. WHAT SHOTS ARE NECESSARY? Your physician should be contacted with regard to this matter. Only the smallpox vaccination is required and it is all that I recommend. It must be recorded in a special booklet available from your local health office.

5. HOW MUCH BAGGAGE IS ALLOWED? Each person is allowed 44 pounds. The secret to successful traveling is to pack light in one suitcase. A camera bag or a large ladies handbag will probably not be weighed.

6. WHAT TYPE OF CLOTHING SHOULD BE TAKEN? This is discussed briefly under question one, and is explained in detail in the informational bulletin sent to those who make their reservation.

7. WHAT IS THE COST OF THE TOUR? $998 includes all costs from New York and the return. All transportation, hotels, tips, 3 good meals a day, and guided tours are covered.

8. WHAT ADDITIONAL COSTS WILL ONE HAVE ABOVE THE $998? You will have to pay extra for smallpox vaccination, passport photos, passport (about $11.00),visas ($11 this year.

These will be secured by Travelmaster Tours for you.), airport taxes (about $10), travel to and from New York. You will probably qualify for the excursion air fare which is economical. You will note that in our tour this year we have no optional cost. Every day is filled with activity.

9. IS IT DIFFICULT TO SECURE A PASSPORT? Not really. The main item needed is a properly prepared birth certificate. Securing the passport is probably the most important thing one does in getting ready to go. Preparations should begin early. After you have your passport the necessary visas can be secured for you by Travelmaster Tour. This is the company which makes our travel arrangements.

10. HOW MUCH SPENDING MONEY SHOULD ONE TAKE? This is purely personal. It depends on how many gifts and souvenirs you want to bring home. You will find jewelry and other items economical.

11. WHAT ABOUT CAMERAS? If you like to make pictures you will love this tour. It is suggested that you take a camera that you have carefully tried. It is best to buy your film here before leaving. I prefer Agfa-chrome. Agfa and Kodak film can be bought anywhere we go in case you run short.

12. WILL BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND THE PEOPLE? Certainly! The touring people, the guides, and those who work in the hotels and restaurants speak English. We'll have some fun out of their curious expressions, but this will be one of the joys of the tour which we will long remember.

13. CAN OLDER PEOPLE MAKE THE TRIP? Roughly half of those who go are retired. There is a good bit of walking but our senior citizens seem to take it about as well as the younger set. An opportunity to rest can always be found for those who tire easily.

14. CAN YOUNGSTERS GO? Anyone who can pay may go, but my personal suggestion is that those who are below high school level will not get the greatest possible good from the tour.

15. IS THERE READING THAT ONE CAN DO TO HELP PREPARE FOR THE TOUR? We can supply you with a list of good books that will be helpful in getting ready for the tour. Some who go have done reading ahead and others have not. In our lectures during the course of the trip we seek to relate what has been seen to the Bible. Sometimes this is done in our hotel, and at other times it is done right on the spot. I highly recommend that you get a copy of THE WYCLIFFE HISTORICAL GEOGRAPHY OF BIBLE LANDS ($8.95 from The Gospel Guardian Co.) and read about the areas we will visit. It is also good to use a concordance and look up Bible references to the places and then read the account.

16. WILL WE BE ABLE TO WORSHIP? The advantage of traveling with Christians is that provisions will be made for our worship periods.

17. IS IT POSSIBLE TO FINANCE THE TOUR? Alitalia Airlines (largest in Italy) arranges financing for those who want it. With 10% down the balance may be paid in up to 24 monthly payments with low interest. When you make your reservations just indicate that you would like to know about the "Go now - Pay later" plan and all necessary forms will be sent to you.

18. HOW MANY GO ON THE TOUR? This varies with each tour. We are estimating that between 20 and 30 will go on the tour in May, 1969.

19. WHAT ABOUT CUSTOMS? Each person is granted a $100 exemption upon return to the U.S. For more complete information write the Bureau of Customs, Treasury Dept., Washington, D. C. 20226, and request a booklet entitled "Custom Hints." Our groups have never experienced any difficulty along this line.

20. WHAT QUALIFICATIONS DO FERRELL JENKINS AND WILLIAM WALLACE HAVE FOR LEADING THIS TOUR? This is the third tour conducted by these men. (Second for Wallace--wew). They have made special studies of each place to be visited, and have toured them before. Thus they know how to tell you what to expect and how to relate what you see to the Bible.

21. I WANT TO GO, SO WHAT MUST I DO? It is necessary to make a deposit of $125 in order to hold a place for you on the tour. In the event of sickness this is returnable. Your check should be made payable to Travelmaster Tours, Inc. Tell us if you want to know about the finance plan. Just fill out the form below and mail today. If you don't have a complete itinerary we'll be glad to send a copy to you.