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December 19, 1968

Wit And Wisdom From Burnett's Pen

Earl Kimbrough

One of my favorite preacher-philosophers is T. R. Burnett whose philosophic perspective truly enabled him "to meet trouble with equanimity." Here are some of the "Budget man's" briefer witticisms that graced the pages of the Gospel Advocate in its golden era before the turn of the century.

"Some one says that the man who can learn from his mistakes will always be learning."

"A little boy defined slander as follows: 'When nobody ain't done nothin', and somebody goes and tells it."

"In a revival meeting out West, a man confessed so many of his past sins that his wife sued for divorce."

"Brother Jones says it takes a mighty good Christian to keep on loving hard-headed people."

"It is better to be a kicker than a kickee, especially when the kickee has done something for which he should be kicked."

"A modern observer says it takes more to keep up appearances than it does to support a family."

"Brother Jones says some people are so polite they will not hinder the devil."

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