Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 5, 1968
NUMBER 31, PAGE 12-14

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

A Brand New Tract On Dancing:

A twenty-three page tract 5 1/4 by 3 3/4. It is attractive in appearance, well printed and illustrations appear in the text to break the monotony of the printed page. Written by Wm. E. Wallace, this tract is designed to warn and convince young people of the evil of modern dancing. Right off the press--order now. 20c each (orders for less than five 250 each) $15.00 per hundred. Title: "Dancing Is Sex-Bait"

GALE CUMMINGS, Altus, Oklahoma: "The Southeast church, meeting at 1105 S. Navajo in Altus, Oklahoma, had a personal involvement class in September with Yater Tant as teacher. This church also just concluded a fine meeting with Lindy McDaniel doing the preaching. We had good attendance during both efforts and there is every reason to believe that much and lasting good will come from both." Box 955 HERBERT KNIGHT, Paducah, Kentucky: "We have had one baptism and two restorations in recent weeks. Interest, attendance, and the contribution are all on the increase... The future really looks bright for the Clay Street church, and we will continue to sow in hope."

"We enjoy the Guardian. Keep up the good work."--Mrs. Cleo McInturff

"...have read and studied the Gospel Guardian special...and feel it is a very worthwhile compilation of material. You have done brethren a service they should appreciate, in making such issues available."--Robert F. Turner (The Holy Spirit special has been reprinted--250 each, $20.00 per hundred).

TORCH: This is a monthly published by Billy K. Farris and edited by Wm. E. Wallace — $2.00 per year. P. O. Box 9, Lexington, Alabama 35648. Send for sample copy. You'll like this little 32-page monthly. Worth your money.

NEW CHURCH — TAYLORS, SOUTH CAROLINA: "We have received a note from M. C. Reynolds telling of the recently begun work in Taylors, S. C. Brother Reynolds asks that we mention the existence of the congregation there in this bulletin. We are happy to give them what little publicity we can and to encourage any travelling that way to worship with them. The Reynolds and others being know to us personally, we commend the brethren there. The church meets at Wade Hampton & East Main in Taylors, and Brother Reynolds' phone number is 877-O848."--Burris Dale Smelser, Zion, Illinois church bulletin.

"We have received the Guardian for many years and at this time would like to tell you how very much we enjoy the wonderful work that you are doing with the printed page. We have concluded seven and a half wonderful years with the church in Glendale, Arizona which meets at 6801 N. 60th Ave. and have now moved to Portland, Oregon to work with the South East congregation which meets at 7404 S.E. 57th Ave. Since our arrival here in August two have been baptized and two identified." Robert J. La Coste URGENT HELP NEEDED: BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND. The Carl McCullough's have been in Belfast, Northern Ire land for a period of four and a half years. A small group of Christians, well grounded and rooted in the faith, now meet in Belfast. These brethren are fully informed concerning the issues and division in the church. It was necessary they be instructed in our differences because of the three liberal congregations meeting in Belfast as well as others meeting in nearby towns.

Recently it became necessary for medical reasons and on doctor's advice for my wife to return to the States. This means that I also must return sooner than anticipated. At present I plan to be here through March of next year. It is agonizing to be away from your loved one and helpmate, but I spent two years over here during the war away from wife and children and now feel it is not asking too much of me to spend six months away from them in the Lord's army.

Our urgent appeal to you is this, there is an immediate need for one or more families to come to Belfast to work with these brethren. Perhaps you have been considering a work such as this for some time but have delayed putting your thoughts into action. Now is the time to act. Make plans to come to Belfast.

We will also need funds for return to the States. Air travel for two is about six hundred dollars. Crating and shipping household effects and books plus a few miscellaneous items will add another four hundred dollars. A fair estimate of funds for return is one thousand dollars ($1,000.00). Will congregations and individuals please take note of our need and send funds now. If you would like to inquire about me, write the elders of the church in South Houston, Tex. P. O. Box 346 or the elders of the Capshaw church of Christ, % E. L. Laxson, Route 3, Box 188, Athens, Alabama.

Send funds and inquiries about Northern Ireland and the church to Carl McCullough, 99 Onslow Parade, Belfast 6, Northern Ireland.

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA "The members of the Church of Christ which meet at Fremont wish to inform you that our place of meeting has new been changed. Our new address is as appears above. (40955 Fremont Blvd. Irvington District, Fremont, California). This address will also be used for mail purposes. The old address is presented shown above."

LUIS TREVINO IN NEED OF SUPPORT: "This young man is perhaps one of the most valuable Mexican Evangelists within the entire brotherhood. He is too valuable to 'Kingdom Business" to waste his time at secular work. One church recently went out of 'business' causing him to lose some of his support. He needs $45 per month immediately. Write him DIRECT and enclose a check to P. O. Box 453, Douglas, Arizona, 85607. Add him to your budget. He sends out regular reports in English." Charles F. House FROM QUEZON, PHILIPPINES: "Dear Brother Tant, Words fail me to express how I thank you for all the enlightening articles published in your magazine 'The Gospel Guardian'--special number issued June 23 & 29, 1967 which deals about the wrong practice of the liberal brethren. It is now my fourteen years as member of the Church of Christ and preached for eleven years until at present, but had not seen magazine such as 'Gospel Guardian' only until Bro. Castario Gamit and Brother Wallace H. Little given me a copy. Your magazine had been a great help to me in my researched regarding the wrong practice of the liberal brethren. The issue about the 'Institutionalism' is not yet known to the Filipino brethren except for four to five Filipino preachers who are oppose and are just starting to preach and teach against 'Institutionalism'. Majority of the Filipino preacher are supported by the liberal brethren in State. It is a challenge to the conservative brethren to help us spread the truth. And any help you could render to us will be very much appreciated." --Eusebio Balliao, Dipaculao 204-A, Quezon, Phiippines

Hmmm. "Two more articles have been written by the Editor of the Firm Foundation on the Benevolent Societies such as Boles Home. One in reply to Foster L. Ramsey. Brother Lemmons told me in Garland that he intended to fight this through as a principle was involved that had to be defended." --Arnold Hardin, The Persuader, Nov. 3, 1968.

BILL JOHNS leaves the congregation in Cambridge City, Indiana to begin work at Memorial Drive in Newcastle, Indiana. He has done a fine work in Cambridge City and is the right man for the work in Newcastle. The church on Memorial Drive in Newcastle recently made a stand against innovations and suffered the loss of a good many members.

FROM PHILIP MORGAN, Casilla 507, Talca, Chile: "After 4 years in Santiago we have moved back to Talca. This change was made for several reasons. We want to see if the church we started in Santiago will continue to grow without us. I think the time is ripe for this step. And rather than start another congregation, I thought it best to come to Talca, where the church is very weak.

Some work done in Talca has been fruitful, but the active Christians have moved away. They have only been having 1 preaching service. Betty and I are teaching Bible classes now both in the meeting house and in our house. Another reason for our coming to Talca is that on August 13th we began caring for 5 children of a sister who is in the hospital with cancer."

— wew