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September 19, 1968

The Box-In-The-Vestibule Again

Frank Reeder

In the Gospel Guardian of June 27, Brother Shewmaker has an article critical of Brother Tant's suggestion of a box in the vestibule. Brother Shewmaker's article reminds me of my wife's grandfather's joke about a man fighting: He said the man said "The first lick I missed him, the second lick I hit him in the same place. It seems to be that Brother Shewmaker missed the point and then hit again in the same place or a complete miss. Brother Tant is not trying to get brethren who believe it wrong to support human institutions from the church treasure to do so. He has suggested a plan by which churches which do support such could do so without forcing members who do not believe in such contributions doing that which is wrong or else.

Where does the Bible say put money in a box? Where does it say put the money in a plate? I have known of churches putting the money on the table and some members didn't believe in the collection plate. Brother Shewmaker is not going to keep all churches from contributing to unlawful things. But why should he object to their using a box instead of a plate? The box and the plate are not what is wrong: But if individuals are going to support such let them not try to force others to donate to them.

They could try to "live peaceably with all" — Romans 12:18.

Brother Tant does not envision brethren who believe church support of institutions to be wrong supporting them by putting the money in a box.

The box in the vestibule was suggested for those who are going to donate to institutions, regardless. If individuals who believe it right to make such donations wished to do so they could without taking money from the treasure that some contributed that do not believe in church support of them. I said when a church here in Abilene was divided that those who wanted to do so could have given to H. O. T.

As to homes, I have changed my thinking some.

If Brother Tant should publish what I think (I was told one should never think, one gets into trouble by thinking), but if Brother Tant should publish what I think about some so called rest homes he might be sued. Rest Homes are not what I call them. Who rests?

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